Apr 27, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

More Mysterious Cattle Mutilations in Oregon With No Explanations

If you see something, say something … or, if you’re a cow, moo really loud.

That’s how desperate law enforcement officials are feeling in Oregon – especially in Crook County in the center of the state – after months of mysterious cattle mutilations continue with no clues as to their causes. Skeptics are quick to debunk extraterrestrials as the cause and generally point to predators, while a growing number of people wonder if this is the work of a cult … in particular, the greatest cult of all time – the U.S. government. And yet … the mystery continues.

“There were no apparent animal or human tracks immediately surrounding the carcass, and only minimal blood in the area. I know from personal experience that, if an animal is killed or scavenged by predators, there is typically a large bloody messy area surrounding the carcass.”

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Any news?

Crook County Sgt. Timothy Durheim is one of many local law enforcement officers to investigate a recent increase in cattle mutilations and he told the Blue Mountain Eagle the latest one he encountered at the McCormack Ranch on Southeast Bear Creek Road was like so many others reported -- straight incisions, udder removed, circular cut around the anus, reproductive organs removed without puncturing the gut, left cheek, left eye and tongue removed, puncture wound between the neck and shoulder but bite marks … and no blood. Casey Thomas, manager of the GI Ranch on Lister Road in Paulina, two mutilations within a week. One was a Black Angus cow with hair removed near the stomach, all four teats cut off, left cheek, tongue and sex organs removed, and a mysterious prick mark. The second had a left cheek removed and a 2-inch patch cut into the hair on its neck. Photos were sent to Prineville veterinarian Taylor Karlin.

“I wish I had an answer. We’re kind of at a loss.”

Karlin told the Blue Mountain Eagle she is hoping for some fresh samples of flesh, hair, blood, etc. – anything she can analyze in a lab. While she’s at a loss, podcaster and skeptic Brian Dunning isn’t. He explained to the Blue Mountain Eagle:

“This is almost certainly the same kind of bird predation we’ve seen in so many similar cases.”


“Most particularly birds, and also some insects, will always go first for the exposed soft tissue: eyes, tongue, lips and mouth area, genitals. The animal is dead with zero blood pressure so there is never significant bleeding from postmortem wounds. The body is in the process of drying and decaying, so skin pulls tight from around the excised area, giving the impression of a perfect surgical cut.”

That sounds logical, although it would seem a cattle veterinarian would also know this and local vet Karlin doesn’t think these mutilations are natural. While Dunning debunks the aliens and religious cults causes, Nick Redfern points out that internal files show government interest in cattle and their diseases – particularly when suspected to have been caused by foreign biological agents – have been going on for decades, and the UFOs sometimes reported coming after the mutilations may be government black helicopters. Crook County Undersheriff James Savage, who has been involved in many of these cattle mutilation investigations, told Oregon Public Broadcasting he’s tired of it and wants answers and resolution … but he needs help.

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What can we do?

“Don’t be afraid to call. If you see something, a suspicious vehicle or person in the area, also report it to us so we can try to run that down.”

And don’t forget to moo really loud.

Paul Seaburn

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