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Murder by Laxative, Ingenuity Flies Again, Space Piano Man and More Mysterious News Briefly — April 26, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — April 26, 2021

A treasure hunter in Western Massachusetts was called in by a family that believed there was a box of money hidden in their house since the 1950s and proceeded to do what no one could for over 60 years – he found the metal box under attic floorboards and the family now has $46,000 in old, hard cash. In 1958, that amount of money would be equivalent to $421,603 today so now they’re looking for a time machine hunter.

NASA's mini helicopter Ingenuity successfully completed its third flight on Mars, traveling 64 feet and hitting a top speed of 6.6 feet per second (4 mph). that achieves NASA’s first goal of Ingenuity being able to outrun a Martian on foot.

Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi will be leaving the International Space Station this week, but first he played a mini-concert on a Yamaha electric keyboard a medley of songs from the 1984 J-pop album “NO SIDE” by artist Yumi Matsutoya with the Earth appearing in the ISS window behind him. NASA had to shut it down when, out of habit, one of the American astronauts tried to hold up a lighter.

New research found that since 1995 the ongoing swap of the north and south poles sped up to 17 times the previous 15-year period and the cause was climate change melting ice in the polar regions and shifting Earth’s weight from land to water. Santa now has a new reason to put deniers on his ‘naughty’ list.

Mysterious antique glass vials from a medical kit belonging to Ogata Koan, a leading physician in 19th century Japan, that were jammed shut have been analyzed using muons that generate different kinds of light depending on the substances they hit and were found to contain mercuric chloride, which the doctor apparently used to treat many illnesses including constipation – despite the fact that mercuric chloride is highly poisonous. Kind of gives a new meaning to the ‘ex’ in Ex-lax.

Modern Farmer reports that if cats and dogs made up their own country, they would rank fifth in terms of meat consumption, so two startups are growing cell-cultured meat in their labs specifically to be used in pet foods. Don’t tell the dogs or they may switch from drinking out of the toilet to something stronger.

Fifteen people in France who spent 40 days in a cave with no clocks, lights, electronic devices or any ways to contact the outside world have emerged healthy, but some of them say they want to go back to complete unfinished projects. Their families never should have let them watch cable news.

In the northern part of the Emperor Seamounts, an underwater mountain ridge in the northwest Pacific Ocean, researchers found a new species of finned octopus called the Grimpoteuthis imperator dumbo octopus – they’re called ‘dumbo’ because the fins make them look like the Disney flying elephant of the same name. The octopuses probably wish these researchers were more up on current Disney movies.

Researchers from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) discovered that ivy growing on the outside walls of a house can act as free air conditioning and heating -- cooling a building by up to 12.9°F (7.2°C) in summer and holding in heat in the winter. Make it poison ivy and it’s also a great security system against burglars.

For the first time ever, researchers in Minnesota on the Voyageurs Wolf Project were able to attach a collar camera to a lone wolf and capture footage of a typical day in its life as the wolf ate a deer bone, laid in the grass, caught and ate fish and did other things in its natural habitat. The wolf must have known about it because the camera never caught it changing into its sheep clothes.

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