Apr 21, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Mysterious Seal Mutilations in Canada Baffle Investigators

Cattle mutilations found in western U.S. states are often blamed on aliens, cults or secret government tests. Livestock mutilations in Puerto Rico, Central and South America and other places are often blamed on Chupacabras. Neither has been proven and these mutilations generally go unresolved. Now comes a report from Canada of mysterious seal mutilations that don’t seem to have been done by humans or animals. Aliens, eh?

“I was in disbelief … I’ve never seen anything like it. I don’t like to see any animals suffer. I was just really disturbed.”

What Kimberly Hayman told the National Post she saw on a beach on Nova Scotia’s Big Glace Bay was 10 headless seals — all with holes in their torsos. The heads were nowhere to be found and the corpses had no odor -- shades of bloodless goats in Puerto Rico. The shock caused her to pick a different place for her morning walk the following day – unfortunately, her trip to Dominion Bay turned into more of the same horror when she found 11 more headless seal. (Gruesome photos here.)

seal 442615 640

“The carcasses have a distinct similarity to them.”

The National Post contacted Fisheries and Oceans Canada, which said it had heard these reports as well as other, and that Nova Scotia’s Marine Animal Response Society (MARS) is investigating this in comparison to other cases in nearby Cape Breton and Sambro shores in April 2020. Marine mammal zoologist Dr. Anna Hall says she’s seen this along eastern Vancouver Island shores and those seals were confirmed by recordings to have been done by humans. However, another spokesperson for MARS pointed out one significant difference – the seals in Vancouver still had their heads. MARS’s executive director and marine mammal biologist Tonya Wimmer thinks the Nova Scotia seals were killed by something else.

“From the images and information we’ve received, many of the holes are where the umbilicus would have been and is likely scavenging by other animals.”

What about sea ice decapitation, Dr. Hall?

“I would be very surprised that this many seals would be decapitated by sea ice. I’ve never heard of that before.”

OK, which one is it?

“The cause remains unknown.”

That opens the door for the king of unknown animal mutilations – the Chupacabra. Although Canada is far from the Caribbean, Central and South America, it has some Chupacabra reports. A mysterious animal attacked dogs and cats in British Columbia for six months around 2010 and blamed on Chupacabra. A strange animal resembling the U.S. Southwest version of the Chupacabra was recorded in Obatanga Provincial Park in Ontario in 2011. Two nurses in Kitchenuhmaykoosib in northern Ontario found a bizarre dead with a long hairy body, bald skin on its head, feet and face, a hairless white face and fangs which could not be identified, so naturally Chupacabra came up as a possibility.

robbe 3080471 640
Did you say Chupacabra?

“The sheer number of animals discovered within such a short time frame — 21 animals in three days — suggests that there is a possibility that those numbers could actually be higher. It seems more likely that there is a human element to this, and I would really hope that DFO will take the appropriate steps to determine definitively what the cause of death of these animals were.”

Dr. Anna Hall hopes it’s humans so it can be stopped. Kimberly Hayman hopes she never finds another headless seal with a hole in its chest. Cryptozoologists hope someone finds proof. And of course, a few are holding out for aliens.

Oh, Canada!

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