Apr 22, 2021 I Nick Redfern

Paranormal Creatures That Have Terrifying Holds Over Us

Today's article is the third and final one on the similarities that exist within the domains of Cryptozoology, Ufology, and the paranormal. One such similarity is a particularly intriguing one. It's the way in which these "things" seem to make us feel deeply unsettled by their presence(s). I'll begin with the Loch Ness Monster. One would imagine that most people would love to catch sight of a Nessie. They probably would – at least, until they actually see it/them. Then, it’s a very different kettle of fish. It’s a little-known, curious, and intriguing fact that many witnesses to the Nessies do not always react with amazement, incredulity, or excitement. No, the response to encountering a Nessie – and particularly so up close and personal - is very often an acutely different one. People talk of the beast being "an abomination," "something abnormal," "a loathsome sight," and "something which still haunts us." Others have commented that after seeing the creature, "we were all sick." That they felt "appalled." That "my dog…lie crouching and shivering." One said: "I never wish to see the like of it again." There is, then, something decidedly wrong about the Loch Ness creatures; something that provokes reactions far beyond those one might expect – even when encountering something fantastic and unknown.

Much the same goes for the matter of the Men in Black. People aren't just frightened by them because they are very good at intimidating people (which they most assuredly are). Rather, it's the appearance and mannerisms of the MIB, that I can only term "things." Their skin is very pale (as in extremely pale, and almost white as milk). Their eyes are huge and staring. Many of the MIB are hairless. Not because they like the style, and, as a result, they shave their hair off. But, it's as if they have never had hair. Any. At all. There's no five o'clock shadow, even. Nothing. Moving on: it's hard to gauge their ages. Some of them look like they've had plastic surgery, but in a fashion that almost makes them look like living mannequins. They are, at times, robotic in their movements. No wonder those angles of terror, of fear, and of matters-all-disturbing, keep on surfacing and making people feel decidedly sick. Want another example? You have it. It was a warm and sunny morning on April 13, 2018 when I headed out of DFW Airport. It didn’t stay that way, however. By the time I got to Eureka Springs, Arkansas – the site of the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference, where I was due to speak - the temperature had plummeted, the sky was gray, and, now and again, we even had snow, which is a fun and welcome novelty for someone who lives in Texas! It was a well-attended event, and I finally got to meet in person good friend Cat Fleming. She's the vocalist with the Louisiana-based metal band Our Precious Demise. Cat and I spent most of the time together, when I wasn’t lecturing, that is. My lecture was on the weirder side of the Men in Black mystery. One of the weirder things I've found is that many witnesses to the Men in Black talk of their their sickening odors. Yes, really.

One of the witnesses was a man who was at the gig and who had a very strange story to tell. He didn’t go into much detail, but he told me that he was involved in an MIB case back in the late 1970s that had one particularly disturbing aspect to it: the two MIBs smelled terrible, as in sickly from head to foot. This led the witness to suspect that the pair of Men in Black had a rampant infestation of…well…something. This was particularly intriguing, as I had received, on several occasions, reports of the MIB exuding sickening and offensive odors. On top of that, in my files I have four reports of those dark-suited things smelling like nothing less than dirt. On occasion, the odor was of rotting meat. It was those clearly-not-normal-odors that provoked a great deal of sickness (and a disturbing feeling, too) for one and all. And now, finally, let's turn our attentions to the well-known phenomenon of the Dogman - the closest thing to what can only be termed a modern-day werewolf. Linda Godfrey, the leading figure on the subject of the Dogman, says that: "The earliest reported sighting of a werewolf-like creature in Wisconsin" occurred "...on two occasions behind St. Coletta Institute, Jefferson County, by a night watchman. The creature stands upright and utters a Word-like sound, 'Gadara.'" To come face-to-face with a monstrous, werewolf-type thing - speaking in a growl, no less - is probably not what most people would like (but, I would, though). We have yet an encounter that doesn't amaze or excite the witnesses, but that makes them feel downright scared, sick, and somehow outright "wrong."

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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