Apr 12, 2021 I Nick Redfern

Roswell: More Reasons Why Aliens Never Fell to Earth

My previous article on the Roswell controversy of early July 1947 - at the Foster Ranch in Lincoln County, New Mexico - focused on a portion of the Japanese part of the story. It's a story that revolves around (A) Japanese documents captured at the end of the Second World War - on huge Japanese balloon arrays - and (B) Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, someone who was directly tied to both the Roswell event and Japanese balloons. I should stress (and I will in this article) that this is far from being the only Roswell-Japan connection. As you will see right now, a very curious UFO-themed story surfaced in the United States in May 1949. It caught the attention of the FBI, an agency that had been keeping a careful watch on the subject since the summer of 1947, when the flying saucer exploded on the world stage. On May 26, an FBI document – captioned “Flying Discs” – was written and revealed the facts concerning a strange saga. It stated: "Walter Winchell forwarded to the Director a Western Union telegram he had received from Robert Ripley [of 'Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!'] which stated that he, Ripley, had the only authentic Japanese flying saucer ever recovered in this country. Mr. Winchell noted on the telegram, "To J. Edgar Hoover – True?" “This matter was discussed with Colonel [deleted], OSI-USAF, who advised on April 27, 1949 that he had interested himself in the flying saucers and related subjects and that in so far as could be determined by him through his sources in the Air Force, which are excellent, there is no authentic information available concerning the phenomenon of flying saucers. He advised he would check with the authorities at Wright Field to determine if any information is available concerning the recovery of a Japanese flying saucer." The document continued:

“Colonel [deleted] has now advised that there is no information available in any arm of the Air Force to the effect that any flying saucers of any kind have been recovered in the United States. Colonel [deleted] stated delay had been encountered in determining this fact inasmuch as inquiries had been directed through individuals known to him and trusted by him and not through the usual channels from which he possibly would receive a stock answer.” It turned out that this particular Japanese saucer was nothing of the sort. It was a good-natured hoax, mixed with a liberal degree of misidentification and exaggeration. Rather ironically, however, the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations became very worried by this prank. The OSI’s concerns were that (A) the truth of the Japanese link to Roswell might come tumbling out; and that (B) members of the public who might stumble on the remains of Japanese Fugo balloons - which were still being occasionally found across the United States, for years after the war was over – could mistakenly interpret them as flying saucers. And, in a worst case scenario, blow themselves to pieces if the bombs were still in working order. It’s most intriguing, therefore, that the OSI suggested it would be very wise to take seriously any and all reports of debris "remains of Japanese balloons [which] might cause flying disk hysteria."

Nick Redfern

The FBI drew parallels between Fugo balloons and flying saucers midway through 1947. Dr. Lincoln LaPaz was up to his neck in those same balloons during the Second World War. Roswell fixture, Bill Rickett, hung out with LaPaz in New Mexico, as the good doctor sought to secretly solve certain aspects of the Roswell crash. And, we know that the Air Force was also making a Fugo-UFO connection in 1949. From the very earliest days of Ufology, Japan’s balloons and flying saucers were regular bedfellows. Now, let's take a look at two more Japan-Roswell connections. One of those who saw the Roswell bodies was Melvin E. Brown, a man who was stationed at the Roswell Army Air Field at the time of the mysterious crash in early July 1947. Tom Carey and Don Schmitt reported that Brown's father, Beverly, described the dead crew as having "big heads with slanted eyes." In her interview with ufologist Tim Good, Beverly made a very intriguing and revealing statement. She said that the bodies her father saw back in ‘47 "…looked Asian [italics mine]," but had larger than normal heads and lacked any hair. “They looked a yellowy color.” There is also this from Beverly to Tim: “…they could have passed for Chinese [italics also mine].”  It is one thing to say that the bodies looked somewhat Asian; however, specifically stating that the bodies which Melvin Brown saw "could have passed for Chinese" strongly suggests they were extremely human-looking.

One final thing: the Foster Ranch - where all of the drama went down - is located in Lincoln County, New Mexico. It so happens that also in Lincoln County is Fort Stanton, In the Second World War it held Japanese people. Over the years physically handicapped people were held at Fort Stanton. Japanese people and handicapped people are the key to finding the truth surrounding the victims of the Roswell incident. Although all of the documentation on Roswell has vanished, I know I'm right.

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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