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Sheep Circles, Marsupial Frogs, Lizzie Borden House Sold and More Mysterious News Briefly — April 13, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — April 13, 2021

In Rottingdean, England, a man out biking was shocked to encounter a sheep circle – a concentric moving crop circle of live animals (see photos here) – that he eventually figured out was caused by the sheep following a sheep snacker as it dispensed their food.  This looks like the perfect solution for school cafeterias trying to protect workers during social distancing.

A Boston Dynamics' robot dog, Spot, has been has been equipped with a tank of beer for dispensing brews and some special AI code that allows it to recognize an empty beer cup on the floor, position itself over it, and urinate beer into it. That explains the picket line in front of Boston Dynamics made up of abandoned dogs.

When rare black toads annually return to a high desert basin between the Inyo and White mountain ranges in California for their annual mating, egg-laying and tadpole raising, they are protected from danger by students at nearby Deep Springs College who keep cattle and people from disturbing them. Look for the rest of the story in a new frat comedy – "Amphibian House."

Necessity is the mother of invention, and invention is the mother of humans according to a new book which claims the ability to invent is uniquely human, sets us apart from animals and has turned our species into the “scientific and technological masters of our planet, eclipsing all other species.” “Hold my tiny beer and watch this,” said roaches.

A new species of marsupial frog – the females carry their eggs and tadpoles in a pouch -- has been discovered in a humid tundra and mountainous woodland area of the Cordilleras de Colan, an Amazon region in the north of Peru close to the Ecuador border. That sound they make isn’t croaking – it’s females carrying a pouch of tadpoles saying “Oh, my baa-aack!”

California SuitX says its high-tech exoskeleton body armor that protects a person while giving greater levels of strength and endurance will be available to the public one day soon at hardware stores. Home Depot employees need to get ready to be asked, “Does this suit make my butt look fat yet incredibly strong?”

Elon Musk has changed his Twitter bio to add "Imperator of Mars" to his other title, "Technoking of Tesla" -- 'imperator' means an emperor or commander in ancient Roman history. If Elon were a braggadocios kid today, his mother might admonish him for getting too big for his own emoji.

Researchers have demonstrated how infrared radiation (i.e. heat) coming from the human hand can be used to decrypt secret messages and create passcodes that cannot be cloned or reproduced, creating a power-free, multi-functional decryption system controlled by the human body instead of a computer. NOW will you start washing your hands?

In a Philippines jungle, a newly discovered plant species, Phyllanthus Balgooyi, was found to naturally suck high amounts of metallic elements from the soil and bleed metallic sap, and it may one day be farmed as an alternative to environmentally destructive mining. Just make sure you tap the right tree or you may break a tooth eating that stack of syrup-covered pancakes.

The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast and Museum – better known as the Lizzie Borden House -- in Fall River, Massachusetts, has been sold to U.S. Ghost Adventures, which is celebrating the acquisition with a contest offering transportation and a complimentary two-night stay as the prize. No, you can’t bring your ax – even if it’s your companion tool.


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