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Strange and Bizarre Aliens That Were Only Ever Seen Once

Some types of aliens – such as the human-like Space Brothers and the insect-like “Grays,” – are seen time and again and across decades. And sometimes even across centuries. There are, however, a few bizarre beings that put in very brief appearances for startled eyewitnesses, and soon vanish, never to be seen again. And that’s the theme of today’s article. I’ll begin with the saga of the Flatwoods Monster of 1952. It’s a perfect example. Within the domain of Ufology the saga of the so-called Flatwoods Monster, or Braxton County Monster, of 1952 has become legendary. It’s a story that has been extensively investigated by Frank Feschino. In his 2004 book, The Braxton County Monster: the Cover-Up of the Flatwoods Monster Revealed. Feschino noted: “On the night of September 12, 1952, a shocked American public sought answers when strange unidentified objects were seen flying through the sky over Washington, DC, and the eastern United States.” He continued: “One of the strange objects crash-landed on a rural hilltop in Flatwoods, West Virginia.” Feschino also noted that a group of schoolboys were witness to the descent of the device and, with two adults, “headed off to look for the object.”

According to the witnesses, however, far more than a UFO was seen. A definitive monster, estimated to be around twelve feet tall, was about to put in an appearance. UFO authority Kevin Randle said: “What they saw was not an animal, but some sort of creature, at least in their perception…They could see no arms or legs, but did see a head that was shaped like an ace of spades. That was a description that would reoccur with all these witnesses. No one was sure if there were eyes on the creature, or if there was a clear space on the head, resembling a window, and that the eyes were somehow behind the that window and behind the face.” Unique? For sure. Not surprisingly, the group fled, terrified to their collective core. And although a veritable posse returned to seek out the beast from the dark skies, it had utterly vanished. And never returned. The legend, however, most certainly remains, nearly sixty years later. The people of Flatwoods have not forgotten that trauma-filled night in September 1952.

On November 17, 1958, a bizarre UFO encounter occurred in the wilds of Scotland, and involved two members of the British Territorial Army. As part of their training, an Aberdeen-based unit of the TA had been dispatched to an area near Balmoral Castle, Scotland to take part in weekend maneuvers. During the exercise, two of the group were deployed to guard a small hilltop and, fully equipped, set about digging themselves a trench for cover. In the early hours of the morning, both men heard what they described as a strange “gurgling” sound. It was coming from a nearby group of trees, a couple of hundred meters from their position. Somewhat curious, they set out to investigate, when two huge figures – with glowing green eyes and fiery, red mouths – emerged from the shadows and proceeded towards them. Both witnesses were horrified to see that the creatures were more than seven feet in height. Naturally overcome with terror, the Territorials hastily retreated. As they ran, they heard a “swishing noise,” and, glancing over their shoulders, saw a gigantic, disc-shaped object in the sky which appeared to be following them. Reportedly “pulsating,” the UFO swooped low over their heads and disappeared trailing a shower of sparks. They chose not to tell the officer in charge of the operation of their extraordinary experience.

The Pascagoula River Alien.

Now, let’s take a look at a certain case from October 10, 1973; an alien abduction case that is particularly intriguing. The reason why? Well, because the aliens were not your average little entities with big eyes. They were very different – and not seen again. On the night in question, two men – Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker – were fishing on the banks of Mississippi’s Pascagoula River. That is, until approximately 9:00 p.m. rolled around. Parker and Hickson suddenly noticed a light in the distance. It was following the river and appeared to be coming in their direction.  As the light got closer, they could see it was actually a brightly lit, somewhat egg-shaped craft, from which came a deep, throbbing hum. Such was the intensity of the hum, it provoked intense nausea in both men. Confusion quickly followed. The pair watched in horror and amazement as what was described as a “hatch” opened and a trio of very strange-looking creatures exited the hovering object. Even stranger, the three things floated from the craft, across the waters of the river, and towards Hickson and Parker. This particular breed of E.T. was unique: they were described as humanoid, with mask-like faces, and heads from which three carrot-style points protruded!. On top of that, they had large crab-like or lobster-like claws. See what I mean about never having been seen before? Or after! When the things from another world were practically on top of terrified Parker and Hickson, both men were rendered into a state of paralysis. Suddenly, the entities seized the pair, who were manhandled onto the UFO. Like most abductees, Hickson and Parker were quickly reduced to the equivalents of lab rats. When the trauma-filled encounter was over, the pair was dumped back on the edge of the river.


Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.
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