Among encounters with the hairy hominids known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot, there have at times been some pretty bizarre behavior that has shown up in the reports, and one of these is their apparent propensity for occasionally throwing rocks or even boulders. Rock throwing in Bigfoot is not particularly common, but it features in a range of reports and is considered an established unexplained Bigfoot behavior along with the likes of wood knocking, in which sticks or logs are banged against trees, what is called rock clacking, in which rocks are smashed together to create noise, and cryptic stone piles that are sometimes stumbled across in the wilderness and are attributed to the creatures, possibly for the purpose of marking territory. In rock throwing cases the rocks thrown can range from mere pebbles, to softball sized, all the way up to larger boulders much too heavy for a human being to even manage to move, much less toss, and no matter the size of the rocks thrown it is always a sobering, frightening experience. It is unknown why these mysterious creatures might want to throw rocks, but there are certainly a range of reports describing this. Let's look at a few examples.

One report from the site The Crypto Crew concerns a witness only known as “William,” who was allegedly out hunting with his brother-in-law, JT. At the time they were excited because they had acquired permission to hunt for deer on a tract of prime private land that they had never hunted before, so at the time they were scouting the area looking for good spots. They were circling the edge of the woods along a large cornfield when they got the distinct sense that they were being watched and followed, although neither of them could put their finger on what it was, just a sort of eerie certainty that someone or something was out there with them. They tried to ignore it and write it off as nerves, but as they headed back towards their truck a bizarre sequence of events would play out. The witness says of this:

As we were going to our truck, we had to cross this narrow pathway with high sides on our left & right. After thinking about it, it was the perfect ambush site. When we got a little into this pathway, we could hear growling coming from the high ground above us on both sides. Then a large rock about the size of a standard cinder block came crashing in behind us. We stopped, frozen in disbelief. JT asked me if I heard that, which I gave him the yes signal. At this time we still had our face masks on so we promptly took them off. That's when there was another growl, only this one was much more threatening. We left without pause and never did go back to that farm. I told the farm owner about our experience & he affirmed that there had been strange things going on there since he was a small child. He told me of a Bigfoot sighting that his family had encountered only a couple months prior to our event.

Whatever was out there sure didn’t seem to like company. Another report comes from the files of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), from the summer of 2014 in Kalkaska County, Michigan. The witness had been staying at a remote cabin with his family, and he made preparations for the trip back home with his grown son after the others had already left. The cabin is described as lying amongst tall pines, mixed hardwood forests, marsh and swampland. Before leaving, he always hosed the cabin down with bleach to clean it off, and as he did this his strange story would begin. He says that his cabin had been hit before by mysterious rocks, but this time was very intense. He explains of the harrowing sequence of events:

It was getting late in the day, there was about a half hour to 45 minutes of daylight left, when I heard what sounded like a stone or something hitting a fallen over shed that was to my left & behind me about 10 to 15 feet away. That caught my attention right away because I had thought just before that something or somebody may be messing with me because as I would turn to my left to reach down to pump more pressure in the pump sprayer I noticed a small stone about the size of a nickel slowly come to rest a couple of feet from my pump sprayer. I took a long steady look around me & saw nothing that stood out, but I was on a mission - I wanted to get the cabin bleached so I could leave for home. I then started the generator to get the water pressure up so I can rinse off the bleach. I grabbed the hose & started rinsing. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I would often turn & look real quick behind me and then I seen the ferns parting, coming in my direction but not directly at me & a stone came to rest. I thought maybe my son might be messing with me because I have told him about a lot of strange things that have happened up here. So I yelled for him to knock it off. Then it happened again, another stone & another. I went around to the front of the cabin to shut off the generator which is on the front porch.


I noticed my son was sitting in my truck about 30 feet away from the opposite side of the cabin where I was rinsing the bleach off, messing with his i-phone with the window up. I shut off the generator & was walking towards the truck as a stone hit & rolled off the front porch. I rushed to the truck to get him to get in the cabin. He thought I was joking at first. Then he seen I was serious then he experienced it himself. We got in the cabin, it was last light, I could still see out the windows and stones were still being tossed & now they were hitting the cabin but not hitting the windows. As I sat at the dinning room table I seen something large & dark move fast from the other side of my driveway to behind my truck. I grabbed my 44 mag, reached in my pocket and sounded the truck alarm to scare it off. By then it was real dark out so I closed the drapes. My son went to his bedroom and his bedroom wall was hit. The cabin was at times being hit by stones on at least 3 sides within seconds of each other. There had to be at least 3 throwing stones. My son was terrified. My son counted at least 19 stones hitting the cabin, it is not uncommon to have my walls or door hit very hard & I mean whopped hard after dark, it will shake the log cabin & it scares the HELL out of anyone there.

A follow-up investigation by BFRO field researcher Kim Fleming would turn up more details. The creature that lurked around the cabin was supposedly 6 feet to 7 feet tall and about 400 to 500 pounds, walking on two feet and covered with black or very dark brown hair. She also found that this sort of menacing activity had been happening at the cabin since it was first being built. She says:

The witness also reported intimidating activity while building the cabin. He was in a trailer on the property, alone, when "something slapped the trailer just above the door." He could hear "something walking outside...on 2 feet... and it dragged a stick or something along the outside of the trailer" while walking around it. Scrape marks were found the next morning along with a "giant hand print" left in the moss just above the door. A large stick was also found lying on the tongue of the trailer. Moss had grown on much of the trailer over time. I met with a neighbor a few weeks after this incident who verified the hand print in the moss above the door of the trailer and a second time, above the door of the cabin. Marks left by what they believed to be a branch that was scraped along the outside of the trailer. This happened while the witness was in the process of building the cabin. The witness had asked him to come over and see what happened to the trailer. The neighbor stated, "I don't believe in bigfoots, but if there was such a thing, that hand print is the kind of print it would have." He described it as "huge!" The witness also reported a sighting by a friend while hunting on the property. That friend has never returned to hunt on the property since his experience.

From Reddit user “SteelwoolWombat” there comes another intriguing account, from the state of Pennsylvania. On December 3, 2013, he was out hunting for deer at the crack of dawn at Pennsylvania State Game Lands 229, outside of Tremont in Schuylkill County, looking for a good spot to set up his stand. As he hiked along, he became aware of a fetid stench in the air that smelled like “hot dumpster juice in the middle of August,” He couldn’t figure out where the smell was coming from, but decided to just ignore it and keep going. As he approached a ridge the fireworks would begin, of which he says:

I followed the path to my spot, which was down over the ridge from the garbage smell. Roughly maybe 40 feet down, that leads into a grass field where I would sit. I set up my seat, get settled in for about 2 minutes. That's when the rocks started coming down the ridge. First rock, startled me, causing me to turn on my light again, scanning the field hoping to see eye reflection of a deer but nothing was there. I sat back down. Another rock comes down the ridge. This time I stand up go out into the grass field with flashlight and the pistol that I carry while hunting. Scanned again, nothing, purposely waited in the field for about 5 minutes. Now I'm getting angry, assuming another hunter is messing with me because I'm in "their" spot. I sit down again. The 3rd rock, sounding larger than the others, comes tumbling down the ridge. I don't get up this time. Not 2 minutes after that, another rock, not tumbled but sounded as though it was thrown off the ridge and landed in the field. Now fuck it, I'm pissed. I gathered up my gear, and started back up the trail to the ridge. I get on top of the ridge, scanning with my light the whole time, nothing, no eyes, no other hunter. I get to the spot where I smelled the hot garbage. Nothing. The smell is gone. Finally, it clicked in my head. It may not have even been another person. Possibly something else. I've heard other stories of people's Bigfoot experiences, a lot of which remark about how bad they smell. I all but ran out of the woods. And to top it all off, no other vehicles were in the parking area when I got out of the woods.

Another report comes from Reddit user “Micky-n-Mallory,” in Kentucky. Apparently at the time he was hiking out in the woods looking for herbs when he was assailed by a shower of small stones. He says of the encounter:

I stopped to search the ground and saw a small stone roll past me. I look up and saw another land about 6 feet from me. At 1st I'm thinking nothing of it but was just curious to figure out what was going on. I move on uphill about 100 feet and again small stone lands beside me. I start looking around again and then all of a sudden it was just raining down small stones all around me. By small I mean really small like pebbles almost. The hair on my neck stands up and I get a terrible "I'm in danger" kind of feeling. I immediately start heading down off mountain while loads of little rocks are falling around me . I kept thinking I saw shadows or something moving quickly between the trees but never actually saw whatever it was. I have to add that I was on my own private property and no one around for miles and miles. It's a very, very secluded area and none of the rocks actually hit me.

An even more harrowing report comes from an unidentified witness on Reddit who says that his whole family was assailed by rock-throwing Bigfoot at Provo Canyon, in Utah. He was out hiking with his family in an area where there were no other people around, so it surprised them when they heard a cacophony of noise out in the surrounding wilderness. The witness says of what happened next:

As we were hiking I suddenly heard a ton of noise to my left. I couldn't see anything so I told my brother to stop and listen. When we did, we heard what sounded like a rock being thrown at us from our right. I looked over and saw another rock falling and landing just off the trail. My dad came over and he witnessed yet another rock being thrown and hitting a tree then falling. At this point I pulled out my phone and started recording a quick 50 second video of what was happening. Note these were very obviously being thrown at us. Another point of interest is that I could hear movement all around us while this was happening. We got pretty spooked and got out of there quick. We returned the next day and noticed TONS of "X" formations around the trail where it happened the day earlier.

An odd detail to this particular report is that both the witness and his brother would report having felt inexplicably cold during the encounter. In another account from Reddit user “bayoubenga1” we have yet another frightening account. The witness was out in Ponca, Arkansas, hiking along the Goat Trail to Big Bluff Trailhead with his father and a group of others, and at the time of the incident the sun was going down and the day was drawing to a close. He says of what happened next:

I was turned around talking to my father when out the corner of my eye came flying a softball size rock that landed about 10 feet from us. The thump of it hitting the ground is what really made it surreal. "Did you throw that?" said Dad. "No" I replied. Whatever it was now had my attention. We knelt down in the dark, all head lamps off and began to think about what we were going to do. We decided to pack up and hike out. As we were packing we all seemed to pause for a moment, it was at this time a deep breathing became audible. "Keep packing." I said. We then began our hour and a half hike back to the truck. It was at this moment that I realized the awful smell I had noticed on the way in had now moved. It was a putrid smell, one like I had never really experienced.

On some occasions there are people who have reported aggressive rock throwing behavior from Bigfoot while they were in their vehicles. From the site LaptrinhX we have a report from a witness called “Phil,” who had his encounter at Inyo, California, near the town of Bishop in 2014. The witness was driving along a place called White Mountain Road and decided to stop and spend the evening in his car, something which he apparently does often out in the wilderness. He says of what happened next:

I was sort of dozing when there was a loud THUNK as something hit the car. I jerked fully awake and looked out. It was a really bright moonlit night and I was sitting in a white car on a turnout above the tree line. So the vehicle would have been clearly visible from any distance. I ran through a list of what could have hit the car. I thought that maybe someone had taken a pot shot with a firearm, or thrown a rock, or perhaps some small fragment of space junk had made it all the way to my car from the far reaches of outer space. I locked the doors and I didn't get out of the car and sat hunched down peering out waiting for the next missile, and looking at the skylines for movement. Nothing.


I finally discounted a bullet because I figured that would have punctured the car and ricocheted around a bit and thought it sounded more like a stone, as when a stone thrown up by a truck hits your car. I couldn't see any one and no more stones came my way. In the end I thought something must have fallen out of the sky, until I recently saw a video on Yowie investigators (more like Yowie baiters) in Australia who listed small stone throwing as definite Yowie behavior. Looking back, I vividly remember how loud the sound was when the stone hit and it jerked me into full consciousness, and then everything remained eerily quiet. At first light I exited the car and had a look for any marks or puncture marks on the car, but couldn't see any. Corvette bodies are made from fiberglass about 5mm thick so they never dent and you have to really whack them to cause any sort of damage. While I wasn't flustered at the time, I'm now creeped out at the thought of some Sasquatch peering at me while I sleep in my car.

When looking at cases like this and many others like them, it is hard to figure out why these enigmatic and elusive creatures might want to do this. It seems as if they are not actually earnestly trying to hit the target, so is it possible that it is merely a threat or bluffing gesture meant to scare away intruders? Is it just out of curiosity, trying to gauge the person’s reaction? Is it maybe even an attempt at some rudimentary form of communication? Or is it a gesture of outright aggression? It may depend on the situation and the size of the stones, or boulders as the case may be, and maybe it is all a mix of all of the above. The fact is, at the moment we simply don't know, and it is just another piece of the overall Bigfoot mystery.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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