Apr 15, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Strange UFO Appears Over Venezuelan Military Base

It’s not just the U.S. Navy that recorded UFOs over ships and military installations … a strange UFO was photographed recently over part of the Fort Tiuna Military Complex -- one of Venezuela’s most important military installations. Is this a coincidence? A warning to the world’s militaries that someone is watching? Is it another foreign power … or aliens?

“On April 7, Agustín Prado was photographing the beautiful sunset of the city of Fuerte Tiuna, built within a military complex located in Libertador Municipality, Venezuela. When he reviewed the photos, the young man was surprised: he managed to identify a UFO (unidentified flying object) flying over the complex.”

Radio Mitre reports (with photos of the UFO – see them here) on the strange photo taken by Agustín Prado, a “young entrepreneur dedicated to the crypto-asset market” (who isn’t these days?), who says he snapped several photos in a few seconds but only one showed the UFO. Fuerte (Fort) Tiuna is a housing development contained within the Fort Tiuna Military Complex for military personnel stationed there. The base, located in Caracas, is the headquarters of the Ministry of Popular Power for Defense, EFOFAC, The General Command of the Army, El Libertador Shooting Range, the Army Food Center, the Caracas Military Circle, Paseo Los Próceres, the Bolívar Battalion, La Viñeta Residence (Official Residence of the Vice President) and some units of the Venezuelan Military Academy (per Wikipedia).

800px Ministeridefensacaracs
Offices 1 and 2 of the Ministry of Defense of Venezuela in Fort Tiuna - Caracas

Before reporting his sighting to the military and submitting himself to whatever that might entail, Prado sent the photos to Héctor Escalante, an investigative journalist in the UFO field. Escalante posted his analysis and opinion on his blog and Instagram.

“When looking at the image, the first thing that comes to mind is a drone, but if so, why was its flight path not recorded in the rest of the images? Suppose it was a stain on the camera lens, that also usually happens a lot, although, in this case, the figure is quite obvious and defined, why does it not appear in the other photographs, if during the realization of the tomas, who handled the device never cleaned it? What if it was a bird? It can be seen that it is not so close, if we compare its size in proportion to that of the buildings and tower cranes that can be seen in the graph, in addition, it would have to have flown quite fast not to appear in the following photos.”

Escalante does a good job of eliminating the usual suspects – drone, lens problem, bird – with the logic that all would have appeared in all of the photos, not just one. So … what is it? Rather than speculating, he refers to a previous UFO sighting over Fort Tiuna in September 2020 which was also photographed – that one occurred at night and appeared to be a glowing ball, but the witness claimed it later it radiated flashes of "yellow and red" and after "moving all over the sky, it suddenly opened in two and took a triangular shape" before "disappeared into the distance" without leaving any trace.

741px Mision Vivienda en Fuerte Tiuna
No one else saw the UFO at Mission Housing in Fort Tiuna, Caracas?

It’s disappointing that Escalante does not reveal if he contacted anyone at Fort Tiuna or within the Venezuelan military about these sightings less than a year apart over one of the most important bases in the country. Both photos are blurred and beyond easy identification, but the most recent one has the crane in it to make the location easier to pinpoint. Since it doesn’t appear than there were any other witnesses in either case, it makes the usual suspects less suspect – even though the lack of its appearance in the other recent photos at least makes one go “Hmmm.”

Beyond that? We’ll have to wait and see if the Venezuelan military follows the U.S. Navy’s lead and admitting it doesn’t know either.

Paul Seaburn

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