Apr 03, 2021 I Brent Swancer

The Bizarre Alien Encounter of the Prospect Monoliths

There are countless supposed alien encounters out there. People have been reporting strange meetings with enigmatic entities for some time, and for the most part they have tended to lean towards the common "Grey Aliens" most known in popular culture, the more animalistic "Reptilians," and the human-looking, blonde "Nordics," but the creatures descried in such encounters have really run the range. On occasion there are some very far-out and completely outlandish reports mentioned, and one of these is certainly the tale of the guy who was abducted by alien monoliths.

It was the evening of January 26, 1977, and it had been a pretty good night so far for 19-year old Lee Parish. He went to his girlfriend’s house in the town of Prospect, Kentucky, and when he left at 1 AM he was in good spirits. He got into his car and started his short drive home through farmland and fields as far as the eye could see. As he stared out over the road, the lane lines hypnotically flashing by, he noticed up ahead a very strange object seemingly hovering over the road, emanating a yellowish orange glow. He would later recall getting the feeling that it had “appeared out of nowhere” because the surrounding landscape was totally flat and he hadn't seen it actually approach. As he got closer, he could see that it appeared to be rectangular, perhaps 10 by 40 feet, but he could not make out much detail because it was so blindingly bright. As he drew nearer still, his car began to experience various electrical malfunctions, his headlights flickering and the radio suddenly going silent. His vision seemed to get hazy and then the object rose into the air and shot off into the night at great speed. He felt as if he were about to lose consciousness, but managed to make it home, where his night would get even weirder.

As soon as he got in the door he knew something was wrong. Although his girlfriend’s house was only a 7-minute drive away, almost an hour had inexplicably passed. Then when his mother saw him she wanted to know what had happened to his eyes, which caused him to look into a mirror to see that they were extremely bloodshot, and he also felt that they were very sore. That night he barely slept, remembering that strange rectangular craft, the missing time, and becoming more and more convinced they were related to the bloodshot eyes. He began to suspect that something very bizarre had happened out on that road, and that his memory of what had happened was perhaps not the whole story. The next morning, he told his mother what had happened, and she was very understanding, even contacting local hypnotist Lawrence Allison, as well as two UFO researchers by the names of Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert. They decided to try to put Parish under and see what sorts of memories they could dredge up, which would turn out to be perhaps odder than any of them had anticipated.

Parish would be hypnotically taken back to the road that evening, explaining what was happening in his head and seeing the bizarre rectangular craft ahead, but things would then take a sharp detour into the truly weird. He said that as he watched it the object had gone from reddish orange, to black, and then to white, so bright it hurt his eyes, and then his car had felt like it was hovering over the pavement. Then suddenly he was not in his car anymore, but rather sitting in a massive circular room with glowing walls. The dimensions of the room were so large that he estimated it was anomalously larger than the actual object he had seen, and there was a strange rocking movement to it all in the background, as if they were on a boat at sea. The room was completely empty except three extremely outlandish machines or creatures of some sort. One was around 20 feet high, all black and appearing as a monolith or tombstone, the only thing breaking its exterior being a single handless arm with one joint. Another was much smaller, about 6 feet tall, and looked like a pure luminous white cube with another cube on top as a “head” and two arms folded up against its body. The third entity was the smallest, and was a red rectangular square with a wedge-like head and a single arm with no joint. Parish had the distinct feeling that these were sentient beings and that the white one was their leader, although he wasn't sure why he knew this.

As he sat there in a mix of wonder and fear, the black one and the little red one approached him, with the red one seemingly nervous and afraid of him. The giant black one reached out to touch Parish’s arm and back, sending a sensation of burning cold shooting through him, as well as a vibrating sensation that rocked his body. The small red one also reached out to touch his head, seemingly very wary and afraid, as one might be when reaching out to pet an angry dog, and its touch produced a sharp poking, stinging sensation like a needle. After this, the red one stepped behind the white one, possibly even merging with it, Parish couldn’t tell, and the white one began producing an unpleasant sound that sounded like “a rhythmic scraping sound.” When this sound started, the black one backed away from Parish, after which the white one stepped behind it and the giant monolith vanished, apparently along with the others, leaving the now terrified parish sitting there alone. He now felt almost uncomfortably warm, the cold gone to be replaced by heat, and his limbs were heavy like he was moving underwater. Then in an instant he was sitting back in his car again and the craft was rising into the air to speed off, his radio coming back on again. He likened his appearance in the vehicle to being teleported, one minute he had been in that alien room, and in the car the next.

When asked as to what he thought the aliens had been doing to him, the best he could come up with was that they had been examining him somehow. The UFO researchers were a little unsure what to think of this surreal account, but it was somewhat corroborated when they found a local farmer who claimed that he had seen a large bright light hovering out over the fields on the very same night Parish had had his experience. The researchers also felt that Parish was a simple young man who seemed sincere and not prone to making up stories, and they would conclude that the sighting was worth consideration and further study. We are left to wonder what happened to this guy and what exactly it was he saw. What were these entities and did they ever even really exist at all outside of his own head? It is hard to say, but it is one of the odder alien encounters on record.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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