Apr 03, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Witness to Travis Walton’s Alien Abduction Withdraws His Account

The world of ufology revolves around some famous stories of sightings and abductions. One abduction account that has withstood the tests of time, skeptics, investigations and a movie depiction is that of Travis Walton. In 1975, six fellow loggers in Snowflake, Arizona, including one Mike Rogers, reported to local authorities that they encountered a flying saucer which Travis had jump from the truck and run towards, only to be knocked to the ground by a beam of light. Thinking he was dead, they left him and, when they returned with searchers, could not find him. Walton showed up five days later with a story of being abducted and taken to a space ship, encountering two species of aliens and being dropped off a few miles away. The witnesses, especially Walton’s friend and logging-crew-leader and truck driver Mike Rogers, stuck by their stories and passed polygraph tests. Walton wrote “The Walton Experience” which became the basis for the 1993 film “Fire in the Sky” and has continued to tell his story. (A Google search brings up many accounts of the story.) As for Mike Rogers …

“I, Michael H. Rogers, being of sound and rational mind, do hereby give notice that I am no longer to be considered a witness to Travis C. Walton’s supposed abduction of November 5, 1975.”

walton today 640x361
Travis Walton today.

That post appeared on Rogers’ Facebook page on March 19, 2021. After all these years, is he saying that the alien abduction of Travis Walton he said he saw in 1975 never happened and he, Mike Rogers, is a sound-minded liar? The comments on this post and others on subsequent days could make for another book – or better yet, a soap opera script – but don’t really answer the question. In one response to a similar query, Rogers says:

“No, it wasn't a scam or hoax, as far as I know, ***. But you never know?”

As far as he knows? You never know? That’s pretty vague – like a remark made to get attention rather than release new information or make a confession. The comments and counter-comments on the posts – especially the back-and-forth between Rogers and Travis Walton himself – suggest some sort of personal vendetta is at the source … and that vendetta is, not surprisingly, about money. It appears there is talk of a remake of “Fire in the Sky” in the posts and they imply that this is the at the root of this big – at least in the ufology world – fight. Money has been a part of this story from the start, with The National Enquirer giving Walton and his co-workers a $5,000 prize for "best UFO case of the year" after they passed polygraph tests administered by the Enquirer.


“I have been waiting a very long time to say this... I am very tired of holding this in."

Does that sound like someone looking for a bigger piece of the pie or someone dealing with covering up a lie for 45 years? Travis Walton sticks by his story, which has not changed in 45 years. That, plus the witnesses, is what gave his story such credibility and durability. As of this writing, there don’t appear to be any other witnesses coming forward to un-witness themselves. Subsequent posts on Rogers Facebook page indicate a lot more “He said ... he said” comments and, it should be noted, promotions of a book of illustrations Rogers is working on.

Will a real-life soap opera bring down one of the most enduring UFO and alien abduction cases of all time? You never know. It’s safe to say this is far from over.

Paul Seaburn

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