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Zoom Zombies, Cannabis Scholarships, Martian Rainbow and More Mysterious News Briefly — April 7, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — April 7, 2021

A woman in Pittsburgh has become the first documented case of an unusual medical condition where alcohol naturally brews in her bladder from the fermentation of yeast so that she urinates booze, although it does not intoxicate her and may be due to her poorly controlled diabetes. Many wives of wannabe brewers are shaking their heads, giving up candy and telling their disappointed husbands, “No way!”

Here’s something new to worry about -- the Root Insurance Distracted Driving Awareness Survey found that 54% of people who drove their vehicles soon after videoconferencing reported having trouble concentrating on the road … a condition they’re calling Zoom zombies. Zoom zombies are bad for other people on the road, but good for remote bands looking for a name.

A new image taken by NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover shows what appears to be a rainbow, but the Jet Propulsion Lab issued the disappointing statement that it’s only a lens flare caused by the lack of a sunshade on its Rear Left Hazard Avoidance Camera. No one has the courage to break the news to Elon Musk that there’s no pot of gold waiting for him on Mars.

Scientists at Virginia Tech and Virginia Polytechnic have developed a way for small craft beer brewers to reduce waste by extracting the protein and fiber from spent grain and use it to create new types of protein sources, biofuels and more. Or you could cut out the middleman by eating the barley and using the money you saved on beer to buy fuel, but nobody likes a smartypants teetotaler.

University of Southern California researchers built an ocean elevator to help grow giant kelp, the world’s biggest species of marine algae and a potential source of biofuel, which needs to be moved up and down in the water every day to grow. The kelp seem to like the elevator but, like humans, they hate the music.

Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, the nation’s first college to open a cannabis chemistry program, has teamed up with Steadfast Labs, a cannabis-testing lab, to offer annual $1,200 scholarships for LSSU students majoring in cannabis chemistry. There should be a bonus if they can go four years without ever once saying “Dude!”

For the second year in a row, the hot summer pandemic toy is expected to be hula hoops – over one million of these plastic rings from the 1950s were sold during the summer of 2020 to adults looking for a way to stay somewhat fit and entertained during the lockdown. The 2021 surge will come from kids who miss watching their parents become so frustrated trying to use hula hoops that they threw them away.

A woman in New Bedford, Massachusetts, has been arrested for harassing Lucky Cabral, a witch who owns the Sanctum Folklorica apothecary and witchwares shop, for over a month because she has a problem with Cabral’s Wicca religion. This could be why you never see any stores run by flying monkeys either.

A 4,000-year-old Bronze-Age stone discovered in 1900, lost and then found again in France in 2014, has finally been identified as the oldest three-dimensional map of a part of Europe – the markings appear to be an area in western Brittany. Was it owned by a woman who needed it because her ox-cart-driving husband never stopped to ask for directions?

Ayanna Williams, a former Guinness record holder of the world’s longest fingernails on a female, went to Trinity Vista Dermatology in Fort Worth, Texas, over the weekend and had her 576.4 cm (18 ft 10.9 in) nails cut off. She can now do things with her fingers she couldn’t do for over 28 years … and family members tired of looking at her nose are thankful.

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