May 18, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Alien Abductee Sets the Record Straight About Her Amazing Encounters

A few days ago, the story of an alien abductee -- whose account in The Daily Star said she was abducted 52 times, saw an alien spacecraft, was shown pictures of the bad things in store for our planet, and was left with triangular bruises and dots where an alien had grabbed -- garnered quite a bit of attention. This writer attempted to find more information about ‘Paula Smith’ and her abduction experiences, but there was none to be found. Fortunately, I was contacted by Paula Elisabeth Green, who said she was ‘Paula Smith’ and that the account in The Daily Star was riddled with holes -- for example, she was not abducted 52 times, but has had 52 paranormal experiences in her life which include sightings of spirits and other unknown events ... the alien encounters are separate.

Paula asked if she could set the record straight here. Of course, I agreed to share the real accounts. I asked her a number of questions by text and she responded in great detail. The following are the amazing alien abduction stories of Paula Elisabeth Green.

On her first encounter …

I do not know if I was abducted that evening in the woods when I saw that craft at age 12. Four hours of missing time went somewhere. I don’t know what happened to me during that missing time and I will not speculate. I have had abductions, I hate the use of the word abduction, but there is no other way to describe something that is beyond our recognition.

On the craft …

The craft was approximately 30 feet high as it was across. It was hovering just above the water perhaps about 5 feet at the most. The distance between me, my friend and the craft was about 10 to 20 feet. As I’ve described, it has a boomerang shape with an extra arm. Each arm had a light on the end, one blue, one green, and I cannot recall the other colour no matter how much I try to focus even now. The lights were not by any means bright, but rather a dull light. The craft was black, I’m assuming it was because even the moon light can give a better colour than an orange street light, so I’m 99% sure it was black. The center had a circle, the depth of colour of black in contrast to the rest of the colour was the blackest of black I have ever seen. I can’t tell you if it was a hole, or actually just black. The craft was in an upright position. It was totally silent and I’m assuming there was nothing else at the back although I could not see the back if it had one. It was turning clockwise perhaps between 1mph to 5 mph. During the event, the craft emitted a fan-shaped light onto the water which appeared to be coming from underneath it, or perhaps slightly behind, but the craft continued to move around. I think wherever the light was coming from was perhaps a stationary part of the craft, perhaps under or just behind. The water slightly shimmered, and it gave of a very slight vapor -- not sure if it was caused by evaporation or what. A blue light was on us both, it did not light up anything other than me and my friend, not even the ground. The light was pale blue. I could not see the source of where on the craft it was coming from. I have not seen the craft before or after this encounter.

On the TV monitor …

The TV monitor I saw on a separate encounter was made of glass -- I assume it was glass, as I can’t think of any earthly thing else that could possibly look as close to glass at that did. It did not have edges but was just one piece. I cannot tell you if it was attached to anything from above, below, or at the back. The screen had sharp, slightly rounded edges in comparison to the rest of the craft which had large, rounded edges and appeared to have no joints, more like a mould. I was seated, but I cannot tell you what I was seated on because I was too focused on the screen. and yet in my peripheral view I could see others sitting beside me with their own screens watching the same thing, in the same sequence of events. I’m assuming they are humans also. Everything in the surrounding vicinity was entirely in my peripheral focus -- nothing changed, nobody moved. I didn’t see any aliens, or rather greys, but this was definitely a non-human environment, with a clinical atmosphere. Everything was an off-white colour, but definitely white. There is something black on my left side just beyond the tv screen, I cannot tell you what this is. Perhaps I should not look at it, it felt like I was not supposed to. Yes, there was a warning, but it felt like it was all my fault and those that had to endure the traumatic scenes we were forced to watch. I don’t think they (the greys) understand, it is not solely us who are there that were causing these future scenes. Later, when I think about it, we are all guilty of this destruction of Earth.

grew alien
Paula's painting of an alien

On the painting of a ‘silver’ alien …

The painting I did was based on an event where I got the chance to see it without that feeling of fuzziness, like being on heavy medication. The alien is NOT silver ... it is grey. I cannot tell you if it was skin, a coverall or what it was. The reason I painted it silver was because i had no grey paint left, nor did I have black or white which I could have mixed to make a grey.... he or it, is definitely not silver. The background I painted it on was black, and the little bit of white pencil and a bit of black pencil, and you cannot mix colouring pencils together to change the colour as you know.

face2 640x425
The mark on Paul's face

On the bruises …

The only time I woke with IRREGULAR shaped bruises was after having encounters with the greys. They do NOT prove I have been abducted, despite what the papers say. Nothing I have or where I have been, whether at work or not, can make those shapes of the bruises. The triangle mark on my face was not a bruise, it was a dark mark, looked rather grey coloured, in contrast to my skin colour -- and no matter how much I tried to wash it off, it would not come off. It faded after a week or so.

The top photo is the triangular shape I woke up with after an encounter, it is definitely not a bruise. The bottom ones are bruises also after an encounter. They do not prove anything, but other than take my word for it. Both are irregular shapes with perfectly angled lines. The 2 dots are under the bruise in the bottom photos.

The triangular bruise and the dots

On finally coming out with her abduction stories …

I changed my about keeping quiet simply because I know there are others out there going through what I am going through. The more who speak up, it will help those who cannot come forward. Why should we hide in the shadows for fear of ridicule? It is happening and it is real.

A description of one alien …

The alien is a typical grey alien with the big eyes and grey body, but some of us see them in a slightly different appearance. I’m assuming that is because they (abductees) are focusing on different parts of the body at any one time, so people can describe parts of the aliens better than other people can. I have also seen grey tans, they have the proportions of the typical grey, except they are tan with more of a mottled brown colour, with deep wrinkles which make them look very old. Their 'skin' has more of a leathery appearance. I’ve only seen the small ones, but some people see them at different heights, or maybe that is all a matter of perspective at the time. The image I painted was an exact duplicate as the grey I saw – again, it was grey, not silver.

On other aliens …

I have seen a tall blonde, dressed in what looked like suit, pin-striped, and he was really tall. Later, during this one encounter, he changed into a grey. I have never seen a spirit with a grey – they’re both separate entities, but both very real.

I want to thank Paula Elisabeth Green for sharing her alien experiences and setting the record straight. Let’s hope her courage will convince others – perhaps even those who were on the same ship with her – will come forward with their own stories. If we can’t convince the government to disclose alien encounters, let’s make it easier for others to do it.

Paul Seaburn

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