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BLT Batteries, Brown Bear Rubs, Running While Pink and More Mysterious News Briefly — May 14, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — May 14, 2021

Paleontologists found that the evolution of ankle and foot bones into different shapes and sizes helped mammals adapt and thrive after the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago, especially by helping them to dig underground and adapt to not living in trees. This positive evolution lasted until humans invented high heels.

Astronomers say a star name Gliese 710 is currently swinging through the Milky Way and will someday come within 24 light days (not light years) of our Sun – fortunately, that someday is a million years away. Not surprisingly, people are hoarding gasoline anyway.

Microbiologists analyzing ancient DNA from coprolites (preserved feces) found in rock shelters in Utah and Mexico discovered that in just 1,000 years, the human gut has experienced an “extinction event” -- losing dozens of species of bacteria and becoming significantly less diverse. Something else becoming extinct -- those were also the days when belches, stomach rumblings and flatulence were popular forms of entertainment.

An Australian woman who recently underwent tonsil surgery claims it gave her a heavy Irish accent which becomes more prominent when she sings in the shower. One benefit -- she’s now getting offers to sing “Danny Boy” in bathhouses.

The Jet Propulsion Lab revealed that the amazing Mars Curiosity Rover can actually shed worn wheels by rubbing them against a rock and then continue on without them. That’s partly because you need two robotic arms to change a tire.

The Amazon rainforest in Brazil was once a carbon sink – consuming massive amounts of the Earth’s carbon dioxide – but researchers found that deforestation and climate change has flipped it into a major carbon polluter. It’s so bad, Tarzan can’t get through an entire yell without coughing.

Just weeks after announcing that you can pay for a Tesla with Bitcoin, “Technoking” Elon Musk changed his mind and now says it’s pausing Tesla crypto payments for environmental reasons – mining consumes too much energy and creates a huge carbon footprint. Even if you’re willing to give it up for a Tesla, he won’t take your right arm either.

Canadian researchers found that brown bears that rub up against trees more than the average have more partners and more cubs – tree rubbing may cause males to be more fit and thus more attractive to females. Or maybe female brown bears just get turned on by pole dancers.

Scientists at Harvard claim to have developed the 'holy grail' of electric vehicle batteries with lithium metal rather than lithium ions as a way to prevent battery failure, and the design was inspired by a BLT sandwich -- bread (the lithium metal anode), lettuce (a coating of graphite), tomatoes (the first electrolyte), bacon (the second electrolyte), tomatoes (more electrolyte) and bread (the cathode). They’re planning to test them on battery-powered treadmills they had to buy to lose the BLT pounds.

Good news for slow runners -- scientists found that runners who rinsed their mouths with a pink-colored liquid solution – as opposed to a clear, identical-tasting one – ran for longer and at a faster average speed, while also having a more enjoyable running experience. On the other hand, listening to Pink in your headphones slows you down by making you want to stop and dance.

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