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Chupacabra Movie, Nuclear Space Tug, Killer AI and More Mysterious News Briefly — May 31, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — May 31, 2021

A new short film platform called Launchpad on Disney+ features one called "The Last Of The Chupacabras" in which an aging Mexican-American woman takes extreme measures to keep her culture and traditions alive. Real chupacabras are disappointed one of them didn’t get to be Disney’s first goat-sucking princess.

A new study found that the long-lasting brain fog many patients suffer when coming out of anesthesia is caused by the brain switching back on one section at a time, rather than all at once, with the abstract problem-solving section -- the prefrontal cortex – coming up first, while those managing reaction time and attention taking longer. Is this why some doctors hit you with their bill right away?

New evidence shows that AI-controlled, explosive-carrying quadcopters deployed during an engagement between rival factions in the Libyan civil war may have deliberately crashed into targets without being ordered a human controller, which could lead to AI-controlled human killings. Hey Elon … help!

Travel is coming back after the pandemic shutdown but not travel planners, as many airlines are switching to AI to pick the best routes between locations. Most passengers will accept AI on a plane until the first time they’re de-boarding and there’s a robot flight attendant saying “Buh-bye! Buh-bye!”

On a recent podcast, former Delta Force Operator Dr. Dale Comstock shared his own unusual UFO encounter while working out in the desert at a nuclear facility where a brightly lit UFO rose out of a butte and hovered before disappearing. We’ve reached a turning point in history where more people know what a UFO is than know what a butte is.

A new study found that those mysterious electromagnetic bursts that occur before earthquakes hit may be caused by trapped water releasing methane which gets electrified as it moves upward and generates a current. If you’re in an earthquake, don’t stand between a fault and the front of your refrigerator door.

Using artificial intelligence, astronomers have created a new map of dark matter which reveals invisible filaments of dark matter bridging between the Milky Way and surrounding galaxies. Paul Simon needs to start working on “Bridge Over Other Matter.”

Scientists who once thought the spleen is where malaria parasites went to die were surprised to find a large amount of live Plasmodium parasites hiding in the spleens of people with chronic malaria infections, which means new procedures must be developed to diagnose and treat. Another reason to hate mosquitoes and wonder why we need a spleen.

Roscosmos announced that the first mission of Russia’s nuclear-powered transport and energy module, Zeus, will begin in 2030 and last for 50 months as space tug delivers satellites to the Moon, Venus and Jupiter. “Keep it away from canals,” advised people in Suez.

All of the 12 stingrays in ZooTampa’s Stingray Bay exhibit were found dead one morning last week and officials say it could take eight weeks to determine the cause. Oh, the zoo-manity!

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