May 24, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Former Senator Harry Reid and Current Senator Martin Heinrich Weigh in on UFOs

You know something is getting popular with the American public when politicians who follow the prevailing winds suddenly turn themselves in that direction and claim they’ve been pointing that way long before the breeze began. That seems to be the case with UFOs as more lawmakers and former lawmakers are actually beating reporters to the question and bringing up the topic themselves. Is this classic political jumping on the bandwagon before it leaves you behind – even if you’re not sure where it’s going? This week we have a new U.S. senator joining the discussion and the only one who rightly deserves to brag he was there before the breeze takes a preliminary victory lap, expounds on how we got to this point in the first place and reminds us why it’s important.

“I don’t know what it is, but any time you have legitimate pilots describing something that doesn’t seem to conform to the laws of physics that govern aviation and is in US airspace, I think It’s something we need to get to the bottom of.”

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New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich

Just days after former president Barack Obama revealed on a late night talk show (the new platform for UFO disclosure) that UFOs are real, New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich (D) tells TMZ (the previous preferred platform for UFO disclosure) shared his belief that the current UFO sightings defy the laws of physics and that’s a concern. Then comes the bombshell:

“If there is a foreign government that had these kinds of capabilities, I think we would see other indications of advanced technology. I can’t imagine that what has been described or shown in some of the videos belongs to any government that I’m aware of.”

Excellent observation, Senator Heinrich! (Watch the interview here.) Human nature is such that we can’t keep anything big quiet for long, and the suspected foreign powers being finger-pointed for the current spate of UFOs (China and Russia) don’t seem to be making or hinting at any other technical advances that defy the laws of physics. He also can’t imagine how a human could survive in these crafts and says aliens would be a much bigger threat than foreign powers. Heinrich is on the Senate Intelligence Committee and says, “we should get to the bottom of this.” OK, do it, Senator Heinrich!

“One day in 1996, I received a call from George Knapp, an investigative reporter at KLAS-TV, the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas, and a friend of mine. “Harry,” he said, “there’s something you have to attend.” He invited me to an upcoming conference that would focus on what the U.S. government generally refers to as “unidentified aerial phenomena,” but what most other people simply call U.F.O.s, a subject Mr. Knapp had, and still has, a particular interest in.”

Meanwhile, former Nevada Senator Harry Reid (D) takes us back to the beginning in The New York Times (the leading legitimate media source for UFO Info), giving due credit to UFO investigator George Knapp. That initial conversation led to more with senatorial believers (former astronaut and senator John Glenn) and warnings from his staff to avoid the subject – warnings Reid thankfully ignore.

“In 2007, while serving as Senate majority leader, I worked with Senators Ted Stevens, a Republican from Alaska, and Daniel Inouye, a Democrat from Hawaii, to secure $22 million in funding for what would become known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. This clandestine Pentagon operation investigated reports of U.F.O.s and other related phenomena, including U.F.O. encounters involving American military personnel. Some videos and photographs documenting these astonishing encounters have since been made public, reigniting America’s longtime fascination with U.F.O.s.”

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Harry Reid

Reid gives examples of why some data must remain classified for national security reasons, especially concerning Area 51, then turns around and states that muzzling pilots – either by shame or by threats – could also harm our national security. He believes there is “information uncovered by the government’s covert investigations into unidentified aerial phenomena that can be disclosed to the public without harming our national security,” but he fears the much anticipated big reveal that is the promised comprehensive government report requested by the Senate Intelligence Committee on the military’s encounters with U.F.O.s. due in June may be delayed.

Reid’s bottom line is that there’s much we don’t know or understand – especially about whether the UFOs are foreign, alien, generated by pilots’ vision being distorted, or something else. He concludes with the kind of advice that should apply to many things these days, not just UFOs.

“Ultimately, the U.F.O. debate can be broken down into a sincere belief in science versus a sincere belief in extraterrestrials. I side with science. Let me be clear: I have never intended to prove that life beyond Earth exists. But if science proves that it does, I have no problem with that. Because the more I learn, the more I realize that there’s still so much I don’t know.”

Thank you, Harry Reid and Martin Heinrich. Who’s next?

Paul Seaburn

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