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Laughing Animals, Stinky Cheese Explained, Space Force Problems and More Mysterious News Briefly — May 18, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — May 18, 2021

A Space Force lieutenant colonel was removed from his command after only 10 months for appearing on a conservative podcast and criticizing the United States military. “This is too easy,” said extraterrestrials.

The James Webb Space Telescope’s 6.5 meter (21 feet 4 inch) mirror was fully expanded and locked into place for the last time on Earth in preparation for its launch into space later this year. “Been there, done that, try a giant swan,” said origamists.

For the first time anywhere, lab grown chicken is being served at a restaurant in Singapore and there are plans to expand it to other restaurants on the island nation this year. Don’t ask … you already know what they say it tastes like.

Jewel wasps (Nasonia vitripennis) hatch and grow inside paralyzed flies but the males exit first and are ready to mate – now new research has found that they locate females still inside their hosts by sense of smell. Surprisingly, not by the sound of something yelling, “Get me out of here!”

We know humans laugh and now new research has identified 65 species that "laugh" while playing -- primates, rodents, magpies, and even some marine mammals. Even more interesting – animals don’t think late night talk shows are funny anymore either.

US Geological Survey (USGS) oceanographers have discovered that previously undiscovered underwater currents interact with the coral reef geometry to effectively supercharge storm systems like the one responsible for the category five Hurricane Maria. You know what this means – now every time the current picks up, stores will run out of toilet paper.

An Indian MP claims she drinks cow urine to protect herself against Covid-19 and lung infections, despite medical experts urging people not to use alternative treatments. To appear bipartisan, she probably filters it through a mask.

From the “Research we need” file comes the report from Tufts University researchers finding that the stinky smell of cheese is actually the way microbes communicate with each other to help facilitate better growth. Couldn’t they just text?

Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast say they discovered hydroxyl radical (OH), one of the most common oxygen-bearing molecules at high temperatures, on the Earth-like exoplanet WASP-33b – the first direct evidence of OH in the atmosphere of a planet beyond the Solar System. All together now … “Oh!”

A new study by UNSW Sydney founds there are about 50 billion individual birds in the world -- about six birds for every human on the planet – spread across 9700 different bird species. It doesn’t explain why some days it seems all of them are in the tree hanging over your parked car.

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