May 29, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

New Radar Image Shows Swarm of UFOs Around US Navy Ship and Its Defensive Response is Revealed

“We are very serious about reports of any aircraft entering our airspace, both identified and unidentified, and we are investigating each of them.”

During the same week White House press secretary Jen Psaki made that bold answer to a question about UFOs from a reporter at a daily press conference, the man responsible for acquiring and releasing many of the recent videos of UFO encounters with US Navy ships off the coast of California in 2019 had a ‘OK, what about this?’ moment by releasing yet another one – this time showing a radar image of a swarm of 14 unknown objects flying around the USS Omaha. In addition, he revealed more by other ships in the area over a three-day period. And yet, none of these nor any of the past videos show any sort of response by the US military. Is this what the press secretary calls “serious”?

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USS Omaha

“It appears to be coordinated interaction. And this whole series was within this kind of, I’d say circumference of 100 miles and there were up to 50 to 100 contacts.”

Perhaps the White House should bring in Las Vegas investigative journalist George Knapp to answer these questions … or ask better ones. Knapp’s Mystery Wire website and podcast has been the go-to source for these videos – because it’s been the go-to place for documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell to release them. Corbell’s unnamed inside sources within the government have been supplying him with these unclassified but hard-to-obtain videos and photographs that he confirms came from classified meetings to discuss them – meeting which have been confirmed by the Pentagon. This latest release is the first to show such large numbers of UFOs around Navy ships at once. (See it here.)

“It supports the hypothesis that these are not just a balloon dropping into the water or it’s not something that is easily explained. These are true unidentified in mass numbers … where you have radar data that goes with FLIR data.”

FLIR data is video from Forward Looking InfraRed cameras on a jet, while the radar data Corbell discusses comes from the USS Omaha control room. George Knapp interviewed Jeremey Corbell on his podcast last night and, to this writer’s knowledge, it marked the first time Corbell has addressed the response – or lack of it – by the USS Omaha or any other ships encountering these UFOs. Here’s what he said (from a transcript of the interview):

“And in those cases, I can firmly say that there were anti-drone capabilities that were deployed and ineffective. However, for this one, this triangle of kinetic action, aggressive action, it there are three sides that and it wasn’t it wasn’t met. And that’s the problem, right? Like, you’re having all these incursions, you’re having all this stuff go on. But in order to kind of properly deal with this situation, you need to have a capability, opportunity and intent are the three sides to this. We didn’t know at that time their capabilities. We didn’t know the intent. And really, the opportunity was even vague because we didn’t know the capabilities. So because these three sides to the, you know, triangle of kinetic action were taken, there was no aggressive action on our end taken.”

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What kind of anti-drone capabilities were deployed?

So, anti-drone capabilities were “deployed and ineffective.” “There was no aggressive action on our end taken” because the military did not know the UFOs’ capability or intent, and the ships and pilots had no opportunity to engage any further after anti-drone actions didn’t work. Corbell concludes by pointing out that the Pentagon has after-the-fact confirmed his releases before, and they could do it again with these – he can‘t imagine why they wouldn’t. Will they explain why anti-drone efforts didn’t work? That remains to be seen. Will any of this be in the up-coming Pentagon report on UFOs? Corbett doesn’t know. He reiterates that his is a “gumshoe” effort and his intent is to stimulate others to pursue more Freedom of Information releases because the pressure seems to be working.

As for the biggest question …

“Right now, these are unidentified, we don’t know what they are. Everybody tries to corner me … saying they’re aliens or somebody. I have no idea.”

Who does?

Kudos as always to George Knapp and Jeremy Corbett.

Paul Seaburn

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