May 31, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

“On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Journey” — a New Film from Small Town Monsters

Like many people, Small Town Monsters filmmaker Seth Breedlove spent much of the pandemic lockdown stuck at home … thinking. Unlike many people, this successful producer and director of many films looking for mysterious creatures across America thought about what motivates so many of the people he’s encountered on these trip to begin their quests to find the monsters and continue searching for them over many years – often without ever seeing what they searched for. While he knows what motivated him to create films, Seth wonders what drew HIM to these places -- and a certain area in particular. The answers play a big part in his latest venture, “On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Journey,” which debuts June 8th on VOD.

As befitting a film partially focused on his own motivation, Seth Breedlove steps from behind the camera to the forefront as he and his experienced team venture to the Adirondacks in upstate New York – to Whitehall, home of many Bigfoot sightings; to Lake George and western Massachusetts; to mountains and forests so dense they’re likened to the Pacific Northwest on a smaller scale, but with one big difference – most spots where Bigfoot has been seen or heard there are much closer to cities, towns and ‘civilization’. It’s an area Breedlove admits he loves and often returns to without exactly knowing why.

Like so many of Breedlove’s other films, “On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Journey” is multilayered. In its center is the search, which brings Seth and his team to witnesses and experienced local Bigfoot trackers, sharing their own personal and often frightening encounters. Seth and his team camp out with these trackers, training their night-vision cameras on the woods, the trackers and themselves as they have some unusual experiences. The next layer is the history of sightings in the area, dating back as so many do to Native Americans, provided by well-known local researchers and authors like Steve Kulls and Paul Bartholomew, and supplemented with newspaper clippings and news show interviews. As befitting of the company name, the next layer is the small towns themselves, and Breedlove’s film becomes an excellent travelogue and tourist guide for the beautiful Adirondacks and the quaint small towns that dot the area. An important layer is the production itself – unlike most Bigfoot films and TV shows, the pace is slower, the photography is crisp and interesting, and the stories are enhanced with excellent artwork and animations by producer Adrienne Breedlove and others.

The final layer is the one that sets “On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Journey” apart from other Small Town Monsters films – the search for motivations. With the help of Dr. David Floyd PhD., Breedlove attempts to penetrate the minds of Bigfoot seekers as to why they penetrate the woods to seek the creature. In the process, he looks inward and finds some of the answers to his own questions that formed many months ago while sitting on his couch during the pandemic lockdown.

If you’re interested in monsters, small towns or both, I highly recommend “On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Journey.” Its June 8 release on VOD is perfectly timed with the ending of the pandemic lockdown and the beginning of the long-awaited and much-needed vacation season as it provides both a trip for your mind and a guide for your next Bigfoot hunt and/or a vacation to the beautiful Adirondacks. Along the way, you may find what motivates YOU.

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Links to Small Town Monsters , the trailer and ordering the film.

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