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Raining Mice, Three-Eyed Calf, Volcano For Sale and More Mysterious News Briefly — May 13, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — May 13, 2021

A new study from North Carolina State University states that greenhouse gas emissions from standing dead trees in wetland forests – commonly referred to as “tree farts” – need to be accounted for when assessing the environmental impact of dead trees, also known as “ghost forests.” Tree farts and ghost forests – how did 10-year-old boys get into NCSU?

A veterinary nurse in Pwllheli, North Wales, says she’d never seen anything  like it – a farmer brought in a three-eyed calf whose third eye had an eyelid and lashes and looked normal. That could explain why the calf’s moos sound more like ‘oms’.

A video from Tullamore, Australia, showed mice falling from the sky in a Fortean nightmare, but further investigation found the cause to be a farmer cleaning out a grain silo with a giant vacuum – another sign of the massive rodent infestation plaguing Australia. Dejected doomsayers had to pack up their holy books and tents and find another plague.

A restored rare medieval statue in the shrine of St Amphibalus at St Albans Cathedral in Hertfordshire now wears a mask that cathedral officials say is meant to show that the church is both medieval and modern. Church members plan to put their foot down if St Amphibalus shows up one day holding his arm.

The Reykjanes Peninsula of Iceland has a large plot of land up for sale with an active volcano -- Mount Fagradalsfjadl, which erupted with lava and toxic gases as recently as March 2021. Forget location, location, location – this is the property for someone who wants destabilization, regurgitation, excavation.

A rare triple tsunami occurred recently off the coast of New Zealand when three separate earthquakes occurred, all over 7 points, within a few hours and within 1000 kilometers of each other. This pleased Seismic Scrabble players needing a triple-tsunami score.

An extremely rare letter by Albert Einstein containing his famous 'E = mc²' formula is up for bids at a Boston auction house with a starting price of just under $400,000. Or, for Einstein nerds, 632².

Wildlife photographers using a drone captured a video of two critically endangered North Atlantic right whales – only 400 are left – hugging each other with their flippers in Cape Cod Bay. This is either a sign of the apocalypse or they both finally got their shots.

Astronauts on long missions have to share spacesuits and their interior clothing to conserve space, so the ESA has a new project called 'Biocidal Advanced Coating Technology for Reducing Microbial Activity' (BACTeRMA) to develop textiles with built-in bacteria-killing molecules. Move over, Tang, guys who hate changing their underwear are ready to make this the best-selling space product ever.

A Harvard University biologist has designed a powerful gene-editing tool that can simultaneously edit millions of DNA sequences, keep track of them with a type of bar code, and never break a single delicate DNA strand. CRISPR suddenly got SOGGIER.

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