May 12, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Scottish Singer Sharleen Spiteri Finds Ghosts Wherever She Lives

When you have a Scottish singer fronting a band called “Texas,” you already have an unusual story. When you find out her childhood nickname was ‘Spit the Dog’ (after a canine puppet from a comedy act), you know there must be more to Sharleen Spiteri, co-founder of Texas and no longer called Spit after cranking out songs and albums for over 30 years that consistently top the British charts. And there is -- Sharleen Spiteri regularly entertains ghosts at her dinner table and claims she’s been visited by various specters all her life. 'Say What You Want' (her biggest hit) about Sharleen Spiteri – she definitely seems to attract ghosts.

“I’ve seen a ghost. There’s ghosts in my kitchen in my house in London, literally sits at the end of the table, it’s a woman and a small boy.”

Spiteri was born in Glasgow, co-founded Texas in 1989 and has done well enough to afford a house in London – but not well enough to escape the ghosts. In an interview with Celebretainment, she describes taking down the wall between the kitchen and a small room to accommodate a long table – only to find out the seats at that end were occupied by the ghosts of a what appeared to be a woman and a small boy. It turns out Spiteri knows her ghosts (more on that in a minute), but her sighting has since been confirmed by at least five other people. Although she sings ‘Don’t Keep Me Waiting’ (a song on her debut solo album) to people, she doesn’t wait for the ghosts to appear – Spiteri says her mum taught her to be nice to spirits so she always says hello. That’s also because, unlike another ghost in her life, these are nice -- not “s***y.”

dining room 3098474 640
Maybe she should have a separate ghost table

I'm going to haunt you, haunt you ‘til your dying day
I'm going to make you, wish you'd never gone away
I'm there beside you everyday, through the night time too
And you can't get away, no, you can't get away

I'm Going to Haunt You” -- Sharleen Spiteri

Did Sharleen have a different ghost in mind when she co-wrote “I'm Going to Haunt You” – another song on her debut album? She tells Celebretainment a different kind of ghost that haunted her in the Glasgow house she grew up in.

“I kept seeing this man, some days he was a really nice man and he was all white and glowy and lovely, and mum would come down the hall and I’d be sat having a conversation with somebody. Other times not.”

After a favorite artistic uncle was killed in a swimming accident, Spiteri began seeing an older man in a long hall between her bedroom and the bathroom – not a good place for a ghost encounter when you’re six and have to go really bad. Not surprisingly, bed-wetting was the result, but trips to a psychiatrist didn’t get rid of the ghost.

Black eyed soul
You should know
That there's nowhere else to go

Black Eyed Boy’ - Texas

Those lyrics from ‘Black Eyed Boy’ off her ‘White on Blonde’ album sound like they could be about this ghost (or a black-eyed kid) – many singers with paranormal encounters sing about them. Spiteri says she’s been seeing spirits her entire life but doesn’t share any more ghost stories in the interview. Are her childhood and adult ghosts related? Probably not, since each seem to be tied to their specific locations. One this is certain – if she encounters more in her next house, she will deal with them the way her mum told her too.

“I always say hello.”

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