Hauntings seem to come in all shapes and sizes, covering a vast array of oddities and bizarreness. From ghosts, to demons, Shadow People, and everything in between, there is a mind-boggling array of different ghostly phenomena to be found out there. Yet some cases truly go beyond even the usual oddities, to launch themselves out into a whole other realm of the strange, Here we will look at some of the many cases of tiny, dwarf shadow entities that have unsettled, harassed, and even terrified people, and which don't seem to be easy to categorize.

One very odd and intriguing case was sent to me by a Tara Omlor, who in 2014 moved into a modest brick house in Hanover with her husband. At first there were no issues with the place, no strange phenomena whatsoever, but after about 2 years, odd things began to happen. Tara tells me that it started with anomalous smells that would materialize out of nowhere, including such disparate and seemingly unconnected odors as bacon, blueberry muffins, fresh baked bread, cigars, and strong men’s cologne. These smells would suddenly come out of nowhere and for no discernible reason, only to disappear just as abruptly, with no apparent pattern or rhyme or reason to it all. It wasn’t only them who detected these smells either, as guests would also mention it. This was all weird enough, but then a new bizarre phenomenon began, which took the form of what she calls the “monkey ghost” in the basement, which she says reminds her almost of a shadow spider monkey. She says of it:

The first time I remember the monkey ghost (we call it Nana) my fiancé and I were downstairs doing laundry and 1 of our cats was down with us. She started growling at the far wall than ran upstairs. We saw a black shape come out of the far wall. About 2 feet tall and on four legs. It had a long slender tail. We couldn’t make out and facial features or if it had hair or fur. It kinda swayed back and forth than ran along the floor into the wall on the other side of the basement. We were freaked the hell out! It only happens in the basement at the same point in the wall and runs into the same spot on the other side. It acts residual but I have a feeling it’s not. We’ve gotten used to it. So have our cats. It happens without reason, it just is.

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Tara says it looks very much likes this

Tara claims that the strange shadow figure seems to follow a routine that it rarely deviates from, although it seems to show an awareness of its surroundings and that it has at least a rudimentary intelligence and a mind of its own, rather than being some automaton. Some sorts of hauntings are called “residual hauntings,” in which what is seen is merely an event from the past imprinted onto reality like an image into film, just mindlessly replaying, but Tara does not think that this is the case here. She says:

I will say about 99.9 % of the time Nana does the same thing over and over. It comes out of the wall and runs into the other wall at the other end of the basement. But there was this time when I was doing laundry and I was humming a song and Nana came out of the wall and I swear it kinda “bounced” to the beat of the song I was humming. That’s why I think it’s not residual. It’s like teeny tiny differences sometimes. My fiancé swears that Nana reached a “hand” out to him once. He was moving some furniture around for a new pool table and when Nana came out my fiancé was near its “spot” in the wall and before it ran it reached out to him. He just said “Hey Nana” and that was that.

The puzzling thing about this case is that there doesn’t seem to be any reason for why there should be a haunting at all on the premises, much less a ghostly monkey. They purchased the house from an elderly lady who had been living there since the 50s and had been the only owner, and when they contacted her she claimed that she had never experienced any paranormal activity of any kind at the house. Tara also researched the history of the land itself and could only find the rather mundane detail that a farm had once stood there. Speaking with her neighbors also showed that no one around them had any sort of strange phenomena going on, with all of this making it hard to explain what could be causing it. She ended up using paranormal equipment down in the basement and the only thing they picked up was a single time when a man’s voice appeared on EVP to say “Hello there.” Just what is going on here and why should the smells and the “monkey ghost” suddenly appear? In fact, what is it in the first place? A ghost, demon, something else? It is certainly an interesting account.

Another case came to me from a witness calling herself Jill, of New Hampshire. She moved into an old house with her family in 2008, and similarly had no issues for several years, until weird things began to happen around the house. It was all very innocuous at first, such as things being misplaced or turning up in strange spots. Salt would end up in the sugar bowl, keys would be found in the fireplace, dishes would turn up in the bathroom or the TV remote control in the microwave. It was all really odd, but Jill and her family mostly just kind of brushed it off. After this there would be other subtle, yet unsettling things that would happen. Things would fall off of shelves, lights would suddenly turn off, and on one occasion the toilet flushed even though no one was in there. There was nothing overtly menacing or spectacular about any of it, but it was enough to creep everyone out. But then things escalated. It started one evening as Jill lay in bed to go to sleep. She claims she had just been starting to drift off into that zone between wakefulness and sleep when a sound snapped her awake. It had sounded like a sharp rap coming from the closet, and at first she almost thought it might have been her imagination, but then there was another rap, this time higher up, at what would have been the ceiling in the closet. For several minutes Jill strained to hear any more noises, but everything was completely silent. That was when something happened that she cannot explain. She says of this:

I was lying there and minutes went by without another sound. I was starting to think I had imagined it after all or that it was just the house settling (it’s a really old house), but then I saw something up by the ceiling at the closet door. It looked like a very deep, black shadow, but there was nothing to cast it, and it did not seem like a normal shadow to me. I sort of blinked a few times and stared at it, and then it moved! It sort of scurried across the ceiling all the way to the other side of the room to a pool of shadow in the corner of the ceiling. It really freaked me out because it looked like a really big spider, complete with spindly legs, only much bigger than anything that should have been there, around the size of a cat.  This was when I got out of bed and picked up hanger that had been lying on the floor. I still had this feeling that there was a big ass spider up there, even though I sensed on some level that this was impossible, and so I crept closer to that shadow on the ceiling thinking I would poke it with the hanger if I saw it, but I could now see there was nothing there. I went back to the bed and though I was losing my mind and then the same skittering shadow spider thing scrambled down the wall from the exact same spot I had just looked at, and hurried across the floor to the closet door and vanish. There were two loud raps from inside the closet and then it was gone. I didn’t sleep that night I can tell you. The next morning I checked the closet and it was exactly as it always was. I can't explain it at all."

After this there would be other occasions where her or her family members would see fleeting glimpses of a large, black, spider-like shape scurrying about, but they were never able to see it clearly and it only appeared at night. This went on for years until they finally moved out and Jill is not sure of what happened after that, or if the new owners have ever seen the thing or had any paranormal experiences in the home. She says she has no idea what it could have possibly been.

Some cases seem to point to an almost amorphous black blob of some kind. One such witness is Reddit user “RadioactivePandaBear,” who claims that her experience with these entities began when she moved to a new city to live in a house with some friends. It began with her seeing shadows that darted about at all hours in several different areas of the apartment, usually between the hours of dusk and 10PM, and appearing as pitch black, blob-like shapes, ever shifting, although they would occasionally take more humanoid forms. These blobs would get bolder as time went on, sometimes buzzing or fluttering about her like moths around a flame, or approaching her as if curious, and she claims that both of housemates saw them as well. She says of the strange entities:

I’ve seen my dog react to them so that put to rest for me any consideration the entire phenomena itself is a figment of my imagination. My cats used to chase the smaller cat sized shadow blobs that dart around here. Maybe they still do. But I now largely keep the cats confined to two rooms of the house while we remodel so I have not been keeping track of their reactions lately. I mostly perceive the blobs either peripherally. Sometimes I get to see them almost straight on yet I can’t quite seem to focus somehow because they move just fast enough to stay out of the direct center of my vision. My roommate asked me tonight if there is any way to get rid of them. It’s strange because I have never had any bad vibes or feelings and I can usually pick up on when something is being aggressive spiritually, but this just feels different, there’s no feeling at all, no getting the chills or getting goosebumps, so I’m really not sure what they are.

So far these reports don’t seem to point to anything too sinister, the entities not really displaying aggressive tendencies, but this is not always the case. In some cases these entities appear to behave in a decidedly more menacing way, showing that they may perhaps be malicious and out to do harm. Take the account given by Redditor “HeroaDerpina,” who says she encountered a seemingly quite unfriendly black blob in her home as she was taking care of her kids. She says that she had just put her three kids to bed and was doing some last-minute tending to them when she walked into the hall to be greeted by a pitch black blob hanging from the ceiling like some kind of grotesque spider, and she says:

When I walked out of the hallway into the common area, I immediately felt like I wasn’t supposed to be in there. I kept going into the kitchen, and for some reason I looked toward the front door. In the entry way, I saw a black blob hanging from the ceiling in the corner. It was definitely not a shadow – I approached it and checked it out for some stupid reason and I could see that it was not flat against the wall like a shadow. It was roundish, almost like a cocoon, but more irregular. I could not see through it at all, but I could see irregularities in the color. It almost looked like it had brown spots, and it seemed to be moving just enough for me to tell that it was moving.


I looked around for anything to explain it away and I couldn’t. Now that it’s light out, I see even less of an explanation. After I fed the baby and put her back down, I went back into our room and saw that both of our shades were opened. My husband was in the room across the hall from my daughter. I had the door open and would have seen him or my toddler leave. My oldest son’s door was closed and it makes a very distinct sound when it opens. We don’t have a very big house and sound carries extremely well and I didn’t hear a thing. It was eerily silent. I definitely felt like I was being watched and that whatever it was that was hanging on my ceiling did not want me in that room. After all of the experiences I’ve had, this is the first time I’ve felt threatened. I’m concerned for my kids.(the three year old is Autistic and has other special needs and can’t tell me when something is wrong).

In yet another report, Redditor “u4icksand,” in Seattle, who claims that he was actually rather violently physically assaulted by one of these things on two separate occasions. His report is like something out of a horror film, and describes a very aggressive black blob like a “blurry, limbless rat,” which seemed to have no good intentions towards him and seemed intent on harming him towards some nefarious end. It seemed prone to attacking him as he slept, and his harrowing account reads as follows:

I was asleep this particular night, but was suddenly awakened. When I woke, both of my arms were completely numb, and I could feel an odd thumping sensation on the inside fold of my right elbow. I looked at it, and to my astonishment, there was a dark blob there. I say attack only for lack of a better word. I am not entirely convinced that it was an attack. The action it was performing would be best described as a very blurry, limbless rat trying to headbutt its way into my arm very rapidly. Now, I saw this and thought “what? mind is playing tricks on me.” I then took my numb left arm and flopped it onto my numb right arm where it was being accosted by this figment of my imagination. To my horror, it quickly leaped onto my left arm and started its pulsating headbutt attack on the same spot on my left arm. This freaked me out. I shot up out of bed like an excited dracula, immediately on my feet from a laying position.


By this time I had regained some feeling in my arms, and though they were still very tingly, I had a little more use of them. I started swatting the blob on my left arm with my right hand. The damned thing actually dodged, and after a few more swat attempts, it leaped back to my right arm and did its little pulsating headbutt attack on the exact same spot as it was originally. By this time my heart felt like it was going to burst and I was freaking the hell out. I shook my body violently and managed to throw the thing off of me. I lost it in the darkness as it fell, and saw it no more. I spent another half hour or so awake and watchful, but eventually convinced myself it was nothing and went to sleep. The experience became a memory that I never forgot, but never lent much credence to. I figured I was just having some weird nighttime hallucination.


A few months later, I left Seattle, and came to Kansas. I had decided to go to college, but did not want to pay huge money for undergrad. So I was staying with family for about a year until I got my own place. During this year, I had another encounter with a dark blob. The first one, in Seattle, occurred in August. I don’t recall the day, just the month. The following August, while staying with family in Kansas, was when the second encounter happened. Again, I was sleeping. I awoke, and immediately realized that something was pulsating at my neck. I knew what it was immediately when I glanced over on my left shoulder and a dark blob was doing the same pulsating headbutt attack at the side of my neck. This blob was significantly larger than the year before. I immediately started swatting at my neck, frantically, and managed to dislodge it. I was able to see it fall onto my bed, as I was already standing upright on it. I even managed to track its movements onto my floor where it ran under some clothes. I tried to follow it further, and lost sight of it. I started searching under my clothes on the floor, but it was gone. I have not seen it since.

What are we to make of cases such as these? Just what sort of phenomena are we looking at here? They don't seem to fit the mold of classic hauntings, nor do they really seem classifiable as Shadow People. Indeed, they seem to almost make up their own category of haunting altogether. Are they demons, imps, faeries, or something else altogether? Could they perhaps be some kind of interdimensional interlopers intruding upon our reality through a thin spot between our worlds? There is no way to really know, and cases like these serve to carve their own very strange niche into the world of the weird.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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