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Zombie Fires, Darwin’s Arch, New Hindenburg Photos and More Mysterious News Briefly — May 20, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — May 20, 2021

Attention Elon wannabes! Glavkosmos, a subsidiary of Roscosmos, is selling the original hull of Soyuz MS-08's descent vehicle -- used to bring astronauts back to Earth up until late 2018 – and promises that, if there’s interest, it will sell reusable vehicles next. Gum, duct tape and glue not included.

Florida -based Eternal Reefs offers funeral memorials by mixing a person’s cremated remains into a concrete reef ball and using it to help make coral reefs stable. Now you can sleep with the fishes without any mob assistance.

Newly found footage of the Hindenburg crash in 1937 taken by an amateur photographer with a Kodak 8-millimeter camera and a wide-angle lens at a different spot on the field than reporters shows a side view of the airship capturing the Hindenburg's entire length as it burned. Deniers question its validity because there’s no one say, “Oh, the humanity!”

A gigantic iceberg -- measuring over 4,000 square km (1544 square miles), around 170 km (105 miles) in length and only 25 km (15.5 miles) wide -- has broken off the Ronne Ice Shelf in Antarctica and is now the largest floating ice mass in the world. Evidence of continents trying to shed their COVID pounds?

Scientists at the University of Zurich have modified a common respiratory virus, called adenovirus, to act like a Trojan horse to deliver genes for cancer therapeutics directly into tumor cells in the lungs, causing tumors to self-destruct from the inside out. Can they do this with politicians?

A new study found that grumpy dogs are smarter than friendly ones because their irritability is a sign they’re more attentive, which helps them learn faster. Get ready for pit bulls to demand their names be changed to Einstein.

The top of Darwin's Arch, the famous natural stone archway in the northern Galapagos Islands, has crashed into the ocean and tour guides have renamed the two stone columns left behind "The Pillars of Evolution." Warning to France – whale sharks looking for a new arch to mate under are eyeing the Arc de Triomphe.

Scientists are using DNA in bone fragments from Christopher Columbus, his son and his brother in an attempt to determine the true nationality of the explorer – there has been speculation he was not Italian but could have been Portuguese, Scottish, Catalan or Jewish. Will the capitol of Ohio be forced to change its name to MacColumbus?

Researchers are warning that Arctic zombie fires -- fires in Alaska and Canada’s Northwest Territories that get snowed over and then come back to life in the spring – are on the rise due to global warming. Zombie fires produce carbon dioxide when they burn and methane when the smolder under the snow, making them the perfect characters for an apocalyptic movie.

Scratches on a seventh-century CE cow bone recovered in the Czech town of Lany have been identified as Germanic runic letters, which means the Slavic peoples developed an alphabet long before the long-accepted ninth century and the Slavs got their alphabet from the Germans – which won’t improve current tense relations between the two countries. It could have been worse – they could have learned it from the cow.

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