Jun 16, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Former President Bill Clinton Weighs In On UFOs and Alien Life

If there’s any person in the world who should know about UFOs, it would be the president of the United States – allegedly, the most powerful person in the world. Yet none of them, whether in or out of office, has given a definitive answer on what they might be nor have they positively stated that Earth has been visited by extraterrestrials. Yet the media – and by the ‘media’ here we mean talk show hosts -- keeps asking, hoping one might slip up and spill the beans from Alpha Centauri and beyond. The latest former president in the UFO hotseat is William Jefferson ‘Bill’ Clinton, who sat down on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” to promote his new novel with co-author James Patterson but instead had to explain if UFOs were fiction or non-fiction.

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Hurry up! Bill Clinton is talking UFOs on Live with Kelly and Ryan!

“The truth is that we’ve never proved on, but there are things that are flying there that we have not yet fully identified, and keep in mind that there are billions of galaxies in the ever-expanding universe.”

Host Ryan Seacrest didn’t like that answer and probed for “data” that Clinton must have seen. The former president responded with:

“I think the probability is that there’s something you would call life somewhere else.”

Then host Kelly Ripa tried to embarrass Clinton, pointing out he’s a “Rhodes scholar” who should know these things. That’s when Clinton went full political and said we should focus on protecting ourselves from ourselves and clean up the Earth and our country first. That’s different than what Clinton told Jimmy Kimmel a few years ago when he admitted he had gone looking for data on UFOs and aliens while in office and that, if he had found some, would have released it. He certainly would have had help in his hunt – his chief of staff John Podesta has long admitted he regretted not digging deeper and was hoping to get another chance if Hillary Clinton had been elected president. Clinton’s former CIA daily briefer John O. Brennan recently admitted he’d seen evidence of aerial phenomena he couldn’t explain.

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Whew! We're safe ... for now.

And yet … the only two presidents who have admitted seeing anything the slightest bit UFO-ish were Jimmy Carter, who claimed he saw one before he became governor of Georgia and later president, and Ronald Reagan, who claimed he, his pilot and two other witnesses saw one while he was governor of California.

Is President Joe Biden ready to answer the tough questions if and when the government UFO report is finally released? He may want to avoid Kelly, Ryan and Jimmy for a while.

Paul Seaburn

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