Jun 07, 2021 I Jocelyne LeBlanc

Haunted Doll Sitting on Swing Near Queensland Swamp Terrifies Residents

A haunted doll has been spotted sitting on a swing next to a swamp in Lucinda, Queensland, and it has locals freaking out. The little girl doll is said to cause harm and bad luck to anyone who gets near her. According to rumors, she is responsible for people having trouble with their motor boats and even losing their fishing equipment.

Lucinda, which is located about 90 minutes north of Townsville, is a tiny town (according to the 2016 census report, there were 406 people living there) with a jetty stretching 6 kilometers into the Coral Sea. In fact, the jetty is the biggest bulk sugar loading facility in the entire world.

Now that we know a little about the tiny town, let’s get back to the terrifying doll. In an interview with the Townsville Bulletin, Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto said, “Everyone seems to know about the doll but nobody really wants to talk about it.”

As for where she was found, nobody seems to know how she ended up on the swing attached to a low hanging tree branch or who put her there.

Doll 570x855
(Not the doll mentioned in this article.)

What is known is that locals are terrified of the doll and won’t go anywhere near her. Fisherman who go to the Hinchinbrook Channel keep their distance from the doll as she will cause bad luck to whoever approaches her and will even cause mishaps for those who try to be nice to her by saying “hello”.

Mr. Dametto went into further details about the bad events that the doll has caused over the years, “I've heard stories of people who have gotten too close to the doll having bad luck while out boating or fishing,” adding, “This might be pure circumstance or just a modern wives' tale but it's something I'm definitely not willing to toy with.”

Furthermore, every time he would ask locals questions about the haunted doll, he ended up with even more questions and very little answers.

Doll2 570x380
(Not the doll mentioned in this article.)

Even the history of the doll is a little murky, but what is known is that she was made by a “lovely” couple who live in the area. Apparently, they made her because they wanted to add some joy and color to their tiny town. It’s unclear what happened to make the doll cause so much trouble for those who approach her as Mr. Dametto stated that the origin of the doll is a “local mystery” and the majority of people are “weary” to find out any more information about her.

Pictures of the creepy doll on the swing can be seen here.

Jocelyne LeBlanc

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