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Musical UFO, Texas Magic Mushrooms, Florida Icebergs and More Mysterious News Briefly — June 29, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — June 29, 2021

Scientists  from Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego and other groups observed with satellite images that a large, deep, ice-covered lake on the surface of an Antarctic ice shelf measuring about twice the volume of San Diego Bay, suddenly and mysteriously disappeared in under a week. What kind of card is appropriate to send to a depressed ice-fishing penguin?

A UFO appeared in a video of Mexican singer Alain Gomez and his band ‘Famasloop’ livestreaming an online concert and explanations range from ball lightning to music-loving extraterrestrials. Time for Tom DeLonge to get back with Blink-182 and try to make musical contact?

Neuroscientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a tiny, inflatable spinal cord implant that works with a spinal cord stimulator to deliver mild electric currents which can treat severe chronic back pain that doesn't respond to medication with less invasive surgery than other techniques. Can they spare a few inflatable spines for some politicians?

A dozen pigmy hogs (porcula salvania), the world's smallest pigs which were once thought to be extinct, have been released into the wild in northeastern India as part of a conservation program. If they really want a comeback, they need to make extinct all pygmy hog kebab recipes.

Nearly 50 pages of classified Ministry of Defense documents containing sensitive details about HMS Defender and its recent encounter with Russian aircraft off the coast of Crimea were found at a bus stop in Kent. Time for Daniel Craig to shake off the pandemic rust and put on his Bond tux?

If you’ve ever wondered why every roof in Bermuda is white, it has nothing to do with the Bermuda Triangle – the country has no real source of fresh water so, beginning in the 17th century, it required houses to have white limestone roofs to withstand hurricanes, keep the house cool, and collect and direct rainwater into underground cisterns to become islanders' primary source of freshwater. Seagulls have learned to aim for black cars to achieve maximum droppings annoyance.

To the surprise of no one in Australia, a giant crab spider was discovered crawling on the ceiling over a pilot mid-flight, forcing him to make an emergency landing at Emkaytee Airfield near Darwin, Australia. That’s the rule for endangered species – not the spider … good commercial pilots.

The governor of Texas, in partnership with the Baylor College of Medicine and a military-focused medical center, approved a bill that will require the state to study the therapeutic potential of psychedelics on veterans with PTSD, and study the medical risks and benefits of psilocybin, MDMA and ketamine. One day, the state song may change to “Deep in the ‘mind’ of Texas.”

For the first time, scientists at MIT have cooled a large, human-scale object to close to its motional ground state – a pure quantum state of motionlessness where even its atomic particles have stopped vibrating. Those human statues you used to see in New York’s Times Square are now standing motionless in the unemployment line.

Researchers supported by the U.S. Geological Survey found a series of mysterious lines carved on the seafloor off North Carolina's Outer Banks that have been identified as "highly unexpected" proof that icebergs once filled the horizon along the U.S. East Coast, drifting down up to 5,000 miles from Canada to the Florida Keys. Could this be why Native Americans never named their canoes ‘Titanic’?

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