Jun 29, 2021 I Jocelyne LeBlanc

Police Stop Exorcism in the Lumber Isle of Home Depot

Police in Dickson City, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, were called in to a very peculiar situation when individuals were performing an exorcism in the lumber isle of a Home Depot store. On the Dickson City Police Department’s Facebook page, they wrote that on June 21st at 3:26pm, “Commerce Blvd. @ Home Depot for disorderly people having an exorcism in the lumber isle for the dead trees. They were escorted out of the building.”

One of the officers described what happened, “There were two people hanging out in the lumber department doing their little exorcism thing.” “It was a séance type of thing for the dead.” “Some people at the store started picking up that something was happening that was not necessarily normal. Police were called to the store and they were escorted out of the building.” He went on to say that the individuals involved with the exorcism will not be charged.

Wood 570x380
The individuals were performing an exorcism in the lumber isle of Home Depot.

While this seems incredibly unusual as exorcisms are normally performed on people and not lumber, this actually isn’t the first time that it has been conducted on trees. One example is a large oak tree in Oak Hammock Park, Port St. Lucie, Florida, that is said to be exceptionally evil.

According to the story, in 1971, a serial killer tortured, killed, and buried two teenage girls under the tree. Ever since that horrific event happened, there have been reports of satanic rituals being performed at the tree.

There were apparently numerous attempts to cut down the tree but the chainsaws wouldn’t turn on. When a cross-cut saw was used, the teeth of the blade all fell out, and when an axe was tried, the axe head fell off the handle.

Needless to say, the area by the tree is said to be haunted by the two teenagers as several people have heard disembodied screams, feeling cold spots, and having the doors to the park’s bathroom being inexplicably slammed shut. Hooded figures have been seen in the woods as well and cameras malfunction when near the tree.

Tree 570x371
(Not the tree in Oak Hammock Park.)

The countless reports of devil worshiping was a cause of concern, so in 1992, a priest went to the location and performed an exorcism on the oak and put a cross at the site. But that didn’t stop the satanic rituals as the worshipers kept on returning to the location. Additionally, the cross was knocked over in 1994.

Another interesting spot is in Bernards Township, New Jersey, where the “Devil’s Tree” is located. According to legends, murders and suicides have taken place around the tree which is said to be cursed and will cause harm to anyone who attempts to cut it down. One particular feature about the tree is that snow will not fall around it. I couldn’t find any information stating that an exorcism took place at that tree, but with its sinister reputation, it may be the perfect candidate for one.

Jocelyne LeBlanc

Jocelyne LeBlanc works full time as a writer and is also an author with two books currently published. She has written articles for several online websites, and had an article published in a Canadian magazine on the most haunted locations in Atlantic Canada. She has a fascination with the paranormal and ghost stories, especially those that included haunted houses. In her spare time, she loves reading, watching movies, making crafts, and watching hockey.

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