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Trash Tornado, Batman Censored, Tire Monster and More Mysterious News Briefly — June 16, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — June 16, 2021

A tornado hit a huge landfill in Yakutia, Russia, and created a rare “debris tornado” which spread trash all over the surrounding area. No one was hurt by the debris tornado, but there may be injuries in the fight over who owns the movie rights to “Junknado!”

New research shows that most people on average can actually recall memories dating all the way back to the age of just two-and-a-half years old. That whooshing sound is a worldwide sigh of relief from breastfeeding moms.

Drought conditions lowered the water level enough in Folsom Lake near Sacramento, California, that workers testing underwater surveying equipment found what may be the remains of a small airplane that mysteriously disappeared 56 years ago. Did they check for MH370?

Arizona customers beta-testing SpaceX’s next-generation Starlink “Dishy McFlatface” broadband satellite service say their Internet link keeps shutting down because the dishes are overheating. Time to change the name to Steamy McMeltface?

The U.S. Space Force announced it will be launching satellites using previously flown Falcon 9 boosters from SpaceX, a move that will save $64 million. What’s next – Space Force cadets wearing hand-me-down uniforms from Star Trek movies? .

Watch out blacksmiths, glassblowers and other artisan craft makers – materials engineers at The Ohio State University are working on artisan AI robots that can do the machining, bending, welding and surface treating needed to create one-of-a-kind metallic art. A robot wielding a hot poker – sounds like the plot for ‘Terminator in the 18th Century’.

A new computer simulation shows that a technologically advanced alien civilization could colonize an entire galaxy like the Milky Way in just one billion years, which is only between 7% and 9% the total age of the Milky Way. Maybe Elon Musk should start arranging those Starlink satellites in the shape of a Welcome mat.

SETI Institute astronomer Seth Shostak says aliens will probably not be warm and squishy beings but will be more like artificial intelligence machines. Well, at least their ‘To Serve Man’ manual won’t be a cookbook.

Batman can beat criminals to a pulp but he can’t have oral sex with Catwoman, according to DC Comics, which told the R-rated HBO Max series “Harley Quinn” that “Heroes don’t do that” and forced them to remove a scene showing a Bat-Cat sexual tête-à-tête. Action figure owners around the world said, “Hold my soda and watch this!”

Residents of the seaside town of Portland in South West Victoria are wondering who built a mysterious sculpture of the Loch Ness monster out of tires that that pops out of the water each day at low tide. In a good year, the Michelin Man might spill the beans, but he refuses to cooper-ate in a general tire sculpture identity search.

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