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UFO Abductions, Psychic Powers, and the Boy Who Channeled Aliens

For whatever reasons some people seem to draw alleged alien forces to them, sometimes even being abducted by them multiple times. There is some quality to them that makes these individuals prone to contact with UFOs and aliens, often numbering into the dozens of times for reasons we may never truly fathom. One very strange case comes to us from England, with a boy who would not only be frequently visited by supposed alien entities, but would also manifest strange psychic abilities and a bizarre connection with these creatures that makes his case even weirder than most.

One day in July of 1987, a boy named Jason Kent was celebrating his 4th birthday at his rural country home near Slade, Green in Kent. It was a joyous day for everyone involved, the weather was nice, and everyone was having fun, but things suddenly took a turn for the strange. Out of seemingly nowhere dark clouds rolled in and thunder began to shake the sky, causing everyone to go inside as the rain began pouring down in torrents. As they all looked outside in bafflement as to why the clear day had so abruptly become dark and stormy there was an incredibly bright flash of lightning, almost blinding in its intensity, and that’s when little Jason began to act rather oddly. He seemed to go into some sort of trance, after which he began blurting out complex mathematical equations, including what his mother would describe as “fantastic numbers, huge numbers, strange algebraic configurations, mathematical terms like ‘pi’ and ‘binary codes’.” It was all far beyond what a 4-year-old would know, indeed even the adults present had no idea what they meant, and he continued rapidly rattling off these mysterious equations and numbers for several minutes before he suddenly turned to his father and calmly said, “They are waiting for me. I have to go.”

Before Jason’s father could even process what was going on, the boy was made to open the door to step out into the downpour outside, his father grabbing him to hold him back just in time. Jason allegedly struggled against his father, completely set on going out of the house, and then, just as fast as it had come the storm was gone. The black clouds evaporating, the thunder stopped its relentless roar, and the sun shone again. Jason was calm once again, but when his family asked him what had happened and what those numbers had meant, he seemed to have no memory of what had happened. Indeed, he didn’t even seem to realize that there had been a storm at all.

After this strange incident Jason began to have frequent potent nightmares that got so bad that he would often wake in the middle of the night shouting and screaming, sending his mother running to his aid. He never seemed to be aware of what the nightmares were about, and they only got worse. His worried parents would bring him to various psychiatrists, psychologists, child behaviorists, and sleep experts, but no one could quite figure out what was wrong with him, or why he should be having these intense nightmares. It wasn’t until he was 12 years old that he would gradually come to an awareness of what was happening during these rather frightening night time episodes, some of the memories seeping through into his waking moments, and he would tell his mother one day of what he could remember from these incidents:

It’s always the light that comes first. Then I see the tall one rise up at the foot of the bed. Suddenly there’s lots of little ones everywhere. They’re fuzzy and indistinct, and they move very fast. I can’t move or speak, but I’m awake and I can see and hear and feel. I want to scream and run, but the sound doesn’t come out and my body doesn’t move. I hate them. I hate them. I have to go with them. They take me to an operating theatre, like at the hospital. It’s all white and shiny. Sometimes it’s a circular room with a metal floor. It’s always cold. They’re there. The big one touches me but I don’t feel it, like as if I’ve had an anesthetic. But you don’t believe me, you just think I’m making it all up.

At first he was right, she didn’t really believe it, but Jason insisted it was real, keeping to his story as the years went on, and his older brother Daniel also said it was true. Ann was perplexed enough to begin looking into any information she could find on UFOs and alien abductions, curious as to what might be going on. She has said of this in an interview with researcher and author Sean Casteel:

Even at that point, though, we were not convinced, but rather we believed that Jason believed it, and it was this belief of his which drove us to searching for books and information. We thought that the more we could learn about this subject of UFOs and aliens, then we would be better armed, as it were, to help our son. We were not ready for what we actually discovered; we could not believe the similarities between some of things Jason had been saying since he was first able to speak, and what we were reading. His story had not changed in all those years. I would add, however, that we did not accept this situation just like that. My greatest regret in all this is that it took me so many years to accept it.

Ann would end up reaching out to actual UFO researchers in an effort to find out what was going on, with one researcher and author Jean Ritchie speculating that these aliens had taken an interest in him because he was psychic or special somehow, perhaps what is called an “Indigo Child,” a child who is particularly spiritually in tune with the universe, usually described as having a special connection with aliens or as even being alien-human hybrids. Over the years these claims of psychic abilities would allegedly turn out to be true, with Jason exhibiting various psychic abilities that he either already had or which had been granted to him by his otherworldly abductors. Ann would later say of this:

Daniel certainly still has certain abilities, which I know have something to do with the ETs and go back to when they were actually interacting with him. He has the ability to ‘know’ someone just by shaking hands with them. He can tell what sort of person they are, how their life has been so far, family stuff, etc. He would be worth his weight in gold probably to a big corporation in the recruitment department, but he won’t acknowledge this ability and sees it as a curse rather than a gift. You have to understand that when Jason was growing up, until his early teens, he was terrified of his experiences. It wasn’t until he started to overcome his fears and listen to ‘them’ that he started realizing his abilities—abilities that he says everyone has but which are just lying dormant. Over the last few years, he has really excelled in what he does, although his mind reading can be quite frustrating at times. It means that you can’t keep secrets.

As all of this was going on, there were some other strange things going on at their rural property. According to Jason’s family, they had some cattle turn up dead for unspecified reasons, and although the local law enforcement declared it was due to salmonella poisoning, a rumor made the rounds that an Army major had allegedly told locals that the deaths had actually been caused by an experiment with microwaves. The family claimed that more and more military personnel would show up in the area from time to time, and that in the end they were told to leave their farm, forcing them to move to Lincolnshire. What was going on here and what did this have to do with Jason’s strange experiences and newfound powers? Ann has said of what she thinks of all of this:

I believe that the powers that be resented the fact that ETs would want to interact with ordinary people. It all comes back to their power plays eventually. Perhaps they thought that by getting rid of us, that the ETs would start interacting with them. It could also be that the base at Mereworth has some sort of underground facilities, too, and I now feel that the deaths of our cattle and other animals were all connected to the military as well as—or instead of —the ETs. It could be that they were concerned that we might be affected by some sort of new technology they were using. After all, it’s easier to cover up animal deaths—which they did by blaming salmonella—than to explain human deaths.

Jason’s alien visitations would become less frequent as he grew up, until they stopped altogether, but he still retained his psychic powers, and according to his mother even healing powers. She has over the years gone from that scared, initially skeptical woman to being convinced that Jason is actually what she calls a “walk-in,” or an alien soul inhabiting her son’s human body and able to travel between the two planes of existence. She has also written a book on Jason and UFOs in general called Jason, My Indigo Child, which goes into great depth their experiences and struggles throughout the whole bizarre ordeal. What it is it about this boy that would draw such forces to him? What did they want with him? What does any of it really mean? Is there even anything to it at all? It is all certainly one of the more interesting repeat abductees on record, and whatever the answers may be it is all very strange, indeed.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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