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Bigfoot Video, Ghost Dog, Killer Whale Menopause and More Mysterious News Briefly — July 14, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — July 14, 2021

A couple in Southport, England, claims their bedroom is haunted by the ghost of a dog that jumps on their bed and watches television with them. It’s probably fun until they have to decide whose turn it is to be the ghost scooper.

NASA TV will provide live coverage of Russia’s launch of a new science module for the International Space Station, including the undocking of the old module and installation of the new one. If it gets good ratings, look for more on a new show called ‘Space Flippers’.

Indiana Congressman Andre Carson appeared on “Face the Nation” and called for a deeper investigation into UFOs, starting with congressional hearings on the declassified Pentagon report. Is he concerned about security or worried that an alien will run against him in the next election?

A team of French and Polish archaeologists exploring ruins in Paphos, Cyprus, found what appears to be a ceremonial banquet area for holding great feasts in honor of the gods that dates back to between the second century BCE and the mid-second century CE. On nights when there was no feast, was the hall used for ancient bingo?

Astronomers have discovered a rare, teardrop-shaped star that is tearing apart its binary partner about 1,500 light-years from the sun – a fight that will end in 70 million years in a massive supernova explosion which will be visible across the Milky Way. That’s plenty of time to figure out how to distribute popcorn around the galaxy.

Elon Musk is going to space, but not on his own rocket – a former executive at Virgin Galactic revealed Musk bought a Virgin Galactic ticket in 2006 when the advertised price was $250,000. Will it be for fun or is he going to check on some of his satellites up close and personal?

A new study found that female killer whales experience menopause like humans and a few other whale species. It’s the only time killer whales are afraid of other killer whales.

The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization released a brief video of what is claimed to be a Bigfoot crossing the Cass River in Michigan and the expert analysis of it magnified, slowed and steadied put its validity at “inconclusive.” It’s time to start leaving cellphones in the woods so Bigfoot can take some clear, non-blurry selfies for us.

A large team of researchers in China unveiled the super-advanced 66-qubit quantum supercomputer Zuchongzhi, which they claim is the most powerful quantum supercomputer ever. Not surprisingly, its goal is to be on “Jeopardy!”.

A new nanotechnology development by an international research team at Tel Aviv University researchers will make it possible to generate electric currents and voltage within the human body through the activation of various organs, thus powering implanted devices like defibrillators without the need for batteries. This could be the final nail in the coffin of the hand buzzer business.

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