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Mexican Crop ‘Circles’ Looks More Like Poorly Drawn Deflated Balloons — Message from Drunken Aliens?

Whether you believe that crop circles are left as messages by aliens (Who travels this far just to write in corn? Asking for a friend.) or created by clever, nocturnal humans wearing really good night goggles, you have to admit they’re usually well done and often works of art. Well, some folks in Puebla, Mexico, will disagree on that point after finding their barley field covered with shapes that look like deflated balloons, off-kilter rectangles and stuff that wouldn’t even be displayed on the refrigerator of a proud alien parent. Were they drawn by drunken ETs, stoned humans or something else?

“Around one in the morning we heard a loud noise, like a plane passing by; that was how it was heard, but the sound stopped suddenly. Later, in the morning we got up, we went to see if there were any signs of the strange noise; and that was when we saw that the barley was all cut into parts. There are some circles, but they left others intact; we don’t know what it was.”

You can see a photo of the crappy crop circles here and an aerial video here. The Yucatan Times reports that the barley field in Puebla, in the municipality of Huejotzingo, is about 300 meters long by 50 meters wide (984 feet by 164 feet). Relatives of the field’s owner thought it was caused by a tornado or a windstorm, but no weather anomalies were reported that night. The owners refused to let the Puebla Civil Protection personnel on their property because, like farmers in England who find crop circles, they didn’t want the rest of the barley field trampled by curiosity seekers – the owner actually “threatened to shoot any other person who approaches.” The authorities had been called because the area had just experienced another mysterious event. The Yucatan Times reports (with photos):

Anybody watching for the farmer?

“A deep and massive sinkhole has opened up in Mexico, measuring 300ft in diameter and expanding rapidly to threaten a large farmhouse. The gaping sinkhole is more than 60ft deep and located in Santa María Zacatepec, Puebla state. It has also filled up with water, said state governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta at a press conference on Monday. Dramatic images showing the scale of the hole have been widely shared online – but when it was first spotted on Saturday it measured just 15ft across. The family living nearby say it grew suddenly in the space of just 24 hours after a loud thud was heard, reported Newsweek.”

The owners heard what they thought was thunder and rushed out to find the hole filling rapidly with bubbling water. Environmental experts surmise it could be from a softening of the soil over time combined with the extraction of groundwater. Some locals remember the land was once a large pond or jagüey which had been filled in for reasons unknown. With the sinkhole growing rapidly and threatening the farmhouse and adjacent properties, arguments over what caused it will have to wait while they try to stop it.

You never know what you might find in a sinkhole.

Are the sinkhole and the deformed crop circles related? That seems unlikely, yet over a week has passed since the crop circle appearance and neither has been explained. You can probably rule out drunken aliens or humans for the sinkhole, but that’s still in the running for the weird circles.

Just remember the farmer’s threat!


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