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Monkey Wars, Martian Menus, Swimmer Brains and More Mysterious News Briefly — July 28, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — July 28, 2021

Those waiting for the Tesla Cybertruck got some bad news from company CEO Elon Musk -- during the company’s second-quarter earnings call this week he admitted that, if made in low quantities, each one could “literally cost a million dollars apiece or more.” Then, to show what a million dollars looks like, he shoved his hand between the cushions of his couch and started fishing around.

The Edisto Beach State Park (South Carolina) sea turtle patrol found a rare live loggerhead sea turtle hatchling with two heads, which they photographed and released into the ocean. Sadly, it was probably gone before you can say “Two heads are better than … never mind.”

in what appears to be an ongoing problem, hundreds of macaque monkeys swarmed the streets in the Lop Buri, Thailand, and stopped traffic to engage in what the Thai media calls a “monkey war” between two rival groups of monkeys… the street monkeys and the temple monkeys. Time for a musical ‘Macaque Side Story’?

In Ireland, sheep brought in to eat the overgrowth around headstones in a cemetery in Co Cork are discovering lost historic graves dating back to its opening in 1788. Not only is it great for historians, all those sheep are putting restless ghosts to sleep.

As the use of psychedelic drugs to treat substance abuse grows, researchers are looking at a lesser known one – ibogaine or Tabernanthe iboga – a plant native to West Africa where indigenous people ingest it to combat fatigue, hunger and thirst and, in higher doses, to induce visions in initiation rituals and religious ceremonies. Ibogaine poses serious health risks to those with pre-existing heart conditions, so check with your doctor before packing your machete and heading to West Africa.

Researchers studying Earth's lava caves (lava tubes) to figure out how humans can survive on Mars discovered that many bacteria growing on the walls ignore food from the surface and instead eat rocks for energy. “We’re gonna need more dentists,” thought Elon Musk.

Just in time for the Olympics, new research suggests that swimming is better for the body than other aerobic activities because it boosts brain health by improving memory, cognitive function, immune response and mood, as well as helping to repair damage from stress and forge new neural connections in the brain. What we really need to know is which one is better if you're just watching.

A bipedal robot developed at Oregon State made history by learning to run and completing a 5K run in just over 53 minutes – the trunk-with-legs-but-no-torso-or-head robot fell twice when its computer overheated and it took a turn too tightly. On the plus side, it never needed to stop for Vaseline for chafed thighs.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) reports that the number of Cuban crocodiles (Crocodylus rhombifer), a black and-yellow freshwater reptile found only in Cuba, has declined more than 80 percent over three generations due to amorous American crocodiles (Crocodylus acutus) swimming over for sex and cross-breeding the species to extinction. Even reptiles hate American tourists.

During a search for stolen Nazi art, authorities in the northern German town of Heikendorf found a WWII Panther tank hidden in a cellar and a court is now trying to determine if its 84-year-old owner violated Germany's War Weapons Control Act. In addition to giving up the tank, he also had to surrender his ‘Coolest Man Cave in Germany’ plaque.

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