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Oldest Astronaut, Newest Atomic Clock, Antibacterial Chestnuts and More Mysterious News Briefly — July 2, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — July 2, 2021

Compass Pathways, a psychedelics biotech company, has completed psilocybin administration to all 216 patients that were targeted for its phase IIb clinical trial for treatment-resistant depression and could soon receive five to seven years of market exclusivity for psilocybin treatment in the U.S. from the FDA. Cue The Drifters singing ‘This Magic Moment’.

A new molecule, Castaneroxy A, extracted from the leaves of the European chestnut tree has been found to neutralize the dangerous, drug-resistant staph bacteria by knocking out its ability to create toxins. Those expensive ‘chestnuts’ on your hospital bill aren’t snacks for your surgeons.

Astrophysicists from 25 institutions have combined to provide evidence proving the existence of a new third class of supernova known as electron-capture that in 1054 CE produced the famous Crab Nebula in the Taurus constellation as a remnant. The Crab Nebula was witnessed by Chinese astronomers who were probably inspired to celebrate with a seafood dinner.

NASA announced the successful testing of the Deep Space Atomic Clock (DSAC), a new type of atomic clock that “will enable one-way navigation” and make “near-real-time navigation of deep space probes possible,” allowing space probes to navigate autonomously across the solar system. For ships carrying humans, it needs an atomic snooze alarm.

Researchers at the New York University School of Medicine have engineered a “neural bridge” implant connecting two brain regions -- one that detects pain, the other that dampens pain when activated – in order to sense and kill pain in real time without drugs. Is this revolutionary or the birth of Big Implanta?

MIT engineers and researchers in South Korea have developed a sweat-proof “electronic skin” that monitors a person’s health without malfunctioning, irritating or peeling away under the sweatiest of conditions. It’s based on origami, so wearers may want to avoid being around amorous swans.

Astronomers from Belgium’s University of Liège using the CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite (CHEOPS) space observatory unexpectedly found a unique long-period transiting exoplanet orbiting the bright sun-like star Nu 2 Lupi every 107 days. Somewhere in the afterlife, Fermi is forced to again explain his paradox to a new arrival.

The Office of the U.S. Secretary of Defense issued a statement saying the Defense Intelligence Agency ran AAITP from 2008 until it ended in 2012, and Luis Elizondo was not assigned to DIA nor is there any correspondence between them, contradicting his claims to the contrary. It’s getting tough to keep track of this game without a settle-the-scorecard.

Oklo, a small Silicon Valley start-up, revealed plans to build mini-nuclear reactors powered by the waste of conventional nuclear reactors that will be contained in aesthetically pleasing A-frame structures that would power industrial sites, large corporations and college campuses. Nothing says you’ve made it like a glowing diploma from good old Nuke U.

Wally Funk, who beat John Glenn on tests during astronaut training in 1961 and was one of 13 American women who underwent the same training as NASA's Mercury 7 men but never flew into space, will beat Glenn’s record as the oldest person in space when the 82-year-old flies on Blue Origin's first human flight later this month. She’s so fit, Jeff Bezos can’t do more pushups than her even while weightless.

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