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Second Ashland, Ohio, Bigfoot Sighting in Two Months Near Site of a Famous Bigfoot Howl

In May 2021, a woman leaving a 24-hour fitness center at around midnight claims to have encountered an 8-foot-tall creature she believed was a Bigfoot moving quickly through a wooded area next to the parking lot. She was so terrified, her father believed her and reported the sighting to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), which upon investigation rated it as a “solid Class A Bigfoot sighting” – the top evaluation. This month (July 2021), another Bigfoot sighting in Ashland County was reported to BFRO by an experienced law enforcement officer. This comes on the heels of a second report from Columbiana, Ohio, due east of Ashland. All of these sightings are near the location of a famous Bigfoot howl recorded in 2015. Time for Ashland residents to charge up their phones and voice recorders?

"At that point, the dark figure was just east of the trail cam and I was hoping it would cross (in front of the camera), but it stayed to the north of it. It was following a deer trail. The whole time I was thinking, 'No one is going to believe me.’”

Local media site Richland Source talked to the witness (it also broke the story of the May 2021 Ashland sighting) about the daytime encounter in Ashland County, which is in northeast Ohio about 50 miles from the Cuyahoga Valley National Park where one of the two recognized ‘best’ Bigfoot howls was recorded. The witness, who requested anonymity, says he was mowing his lawn and didn’t have his cellphone to record the 90-second encounter. He did a search and found no footprints (the ground was wet due to recent rains), just some unidentifiable impressions. To convince himself he really saw a large black creature in the woods, he had his 5’11” son wear a black sweatsuit and walk through the area. While not as big as what he saw, it convinced the witness he wasn’t dreaming. That video was shown to the Richland Source reporter (not shared in report, however).

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Couldn't he at least try to draw it?

"It very well could have been a sasquatch. He is a credible witness who also tried to re-create what he had seen. He has lived there long enough to know you don't usually see people walking back there, especially coming out of the woods right after the rain. He could see the figure, see its color, see it walking upright and see how fast it was moving. It's difficult to say at that distance if what you are seeing is covered in fur or not."

The witness reported the sighting to BFRO and was contacted by investigator Matthew Moneymaker, a onetime Ohio resident who investigated the previous Ashland sighting. Moneymaker rated this one a "Class B" sighting because it was observed at a great distance. However, like the previous Ashland report, it was in an area Moneymaker says Bigfoot likes – deer trails, nearby water sources and dense woods. As of this writing, his detailed report has yet to be recorded on the BFRO website.

“OHIO Sighting this evening just north of Columbiama. Two witnesses. BOLO in vicinity of 14199 Columbiana-Canfield Road.”

In the meantime, Moneymaker tweeted on July 16 about another northeast Ohio sighting in Columbiana, which is about 100 miles due east of Ashland county, 50 miles from the Bigfoot howl site, and 100 miles north of Salt Fork State Park – home of numerous Bigfoot (and UFO) sightings and an annual conference.

Is there a Bigfoot -- or Ohio Grassman, as they're known in the Buckeye State -- roaming across Ohio, possibly heading to Pennsylvania? Could it be related to the Bigfoot recorded this month crossing a river in Michigan, possibly carrying a baby?

Matthew Moneymaker tells Ohio Bigfoot searchers to follow deer paths and look for footprints, broken branches, signs of dwellings, etc. This writer lives adjacent to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and plans to do just that … as soon as his cellphone finishes charging.

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