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Biggest Pi, Nessie Complaints, Ghost Hunter Warning and More Mysterious News Briefly — August 17, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — August 17, 2021

Ancient DNA from early dogs in Eurasia dating back nearly 5,000 years shows that our best friends already had several different coat colors and patterns, caused by two key regulators of the agouti-signaling protein (ASIP) gene, long before humans started breeding them. Those poor little ugly Chinese crested dogs would like to know for certain whether to blame nature or humans.

After moving beehives to a strange location, which beekeepers do to pollinate farm crops, researchers found that the bees follow paths and lanes created by humans to navigate until they can move around on their own – a trait that will help increase the effectiveness of pollination. If any bears are reading this, the paths will not lead you back to the honey.

From the “What we’re all thinking” file comes a tourist from Grimsby who gave Loch Ness a one-star rating on TripAdvisor because he and his family traveled 400 miles and none of them saw the Loch Ness monster, calling the whole experience “horrendous,” a “tourist trap” and a “lie.” If it’s any consolation, Nessie feels the same way about Grimsby.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened a formal investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot assisted driving software installed on all 765,000+ vehicles it’s ever sold because of accidents where Teslas have smashed into parked emergency response vehicles. This is forcing many cars to develop a Tesla-dealership-avoidance system.

A YouTuber invented a self-aiming bow that uses trackable sensors and an automatic positioning system which allows an archer to hit the bullseye every time. “Sure it’s expensive, but it will give us more time to be merry, if thy knows what I mean,” said Robin to Marian.

Astronauts on the International Space Station say they’re “very saddened to see fires over huge sections of the Earth, not just the United States." It’s even worse for visiting aliens, whose Tic Tac UFOs are overheating into crafts that look like more like old chewing gum.

SpaceX just cashed the first $300 million payment from NASA on its big $2.9 billion Human Landing Systems (HLS) contract to build a lunar lander for the next astronaut mission to the Moon. Look for some of that money to go to cool SpaceX employee sweatshirts that say, “Suck it, Bezos!”

Swiss researchers had a supercomputer running for 108 days and nine hours to set a new world record for calculating the mathematical constant pi to a new world-record level of exactitude, hitting 62.8 trillion figures starting with 3.14159. Now the supercomputer will want its own Pi Day.

The ghost hunting woman who fell 20 feet through the roof of the abandoned and allegedly haunted Buffalo Central Terminal issued a warning to anyone thinking of doing the same thing that it’s not only dangerous but illegal – she and her companion have been charged with trespassing. Even worse in some circles, she gave ghost hunting a bad name.

An ugly brawl between groups of visitors at a Beijing wildlife park got even uglier when gorillas watching them from their enclosure decided to imitate the humans and began fighting too. Luckily, officials managed to stop both before other visitors joined in with the chimps to throw feces at both groups.

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