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Birthday UFOs, Witch Warriors, Whistling Languages and More Mysterious News Briefly — August 26, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — August 26, 2021

According to Smithsonian Magazine, at least 80 cultures worldwide have developed whistled versions of the local language when the circumstances call for it – a trait that linguists are studying to learn more about how our brains extract meaning from the complex sound patterns of speech and possibly how language itself developed. Lemonade must bring their conversations to a standstill.

Archaeologists digging in a meandering tunnel under the Teotihuacan Pyramid northeast of what is now Mexico City found the well-preserved remains of 2,000-year-old bouquets of flowers left there by the ancient people of Teotihuacan, most likely as part of a fertility ritual. That prom corsage you pressed between wax paper and stuck in a dictionary still has at least 1900 years to go to beat that.

Bad news for the Taliban – a digital coven of witches has joined forces over the Internet to fight the group with rituals, incantations and money donations to help alleviate the human suffering occurring in Afghanistan, but they fear the Taliban will fight back with their own rituals as well as online harassment. If this works, the United Nations could be replaced the United Incantations.

A 60th birthday party in Bromsgrove, England, featured an incredible high-tech fireworks display shot from two airplanes rather than the ground, causing UFO sightings to be reported all over the surrounding area. Could aliens looking for cover be behind the sudden rash of aerial baby reveal extravaganzas?

Chinese tech and ecommerce giant Alibaba Group is deploying 1,000 delivery bots, called Xiaomanlv or “small donkey” in Mandarin, to Chinese university campuses and cities this year – the bots can deliver about 50 packages at a time, 500 boxes in one day, and cover 100 km on a single charge … but the company reveals in a blog post the real reason it likes them is because “Alibaba’s robots will be able to make the trip without deviations or smoke breaks.” Time for job seekers in China to cross “likes to wander” and “enjoys a good cigar” off of their  resumes.

Space News reports that Collins Aerospace, a subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies, has been awarded a $2.6 million contract by an undisclosed customer to provide life support systems for a planned “privately owned and operated low Earth orbit outpost” – i.e., a private space station. Is the next billionaire space entrepreneur someone named Hilton?

For proof that humans are still evolving, scientists are pointing to an extra blood vessel in our arms that temporarily runs down the center of our forearms while we're still in the womb – it turns out it isn't vanishing as often as it used to, giving more adults than ever and extra artery under their wrist. How do you depict that on an evolution bumper sticker?

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) caught three Asian giant “murder” hornet, attached tracking devices to them and one led them to the first Asian giant hornet nest found in 2021. They plan to eradicate it before word gets out on the bug-net to beware of wasps with backpacks.

Scientists at Japan’s Osaka University used stem cells from world-renowned Wagyu beef cattle to grow meat, muscle, fat and blood cells in a lab, which they then 3-D printed into a tiny piece of high fat content steak featuring the intricate marbling of real Wagyu beef. Meanwhile, researchers with less-sophisticated labs and smaller budgets are working on 3-D A1 steak sauce.

Businesses in Manhattan are trying to lure workers back to the office by putting beehives on their building roofs for employees to tend – providing fresh air, therapy, relaxation and free honey. Concerned bees are trying to remind business owners what happened when they cancelled the plant service and relied on workers to water them.

SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell admits the company’s rocket launches are being delayed by a shortage of liquid oxygen due to hospitals needing it to treat COVID patients and, while she wants patients to be taken care of first, she’s asking anybody with some spare liquid oxygen to send her an email. New maxim for our times – ‘The president doesn’t fall far from the founder and CEO’.

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