Aug 28, 2021 I Brent Swancer

Incredibly Surreal Encounters with Completely Bizarre Alien Entities

Over the decades there have been all manner of reports of encounters with beings and entities from beyond our understanding. These have taken many forms, including the familiar "grey aliens," more reptilian creatures, and even insectoids. Yet some reports get even weirder than these, way weirder in fact, completely evading all reason and classification. Here we will look at a selection of various encounters with alien entities that are just about the most bizarre and bonkers there have ever been.

Starting in the 1950s, we have a really weird account from 1954, at an unspecified location in the country of Canada. On July 2 of that year, a 23-year-old Canadian miner named Ennio La Sarza was out in the wilds when he saw a spherical object about 25-feet in diameter, and with a set of portholes around the edge and “pieces of landing gear and something like a retractable antenna on top of it” land in a nearby clearing to disgorge three completely bizarre entities. They were described as being 13 feet tall, with bluish-green skin and glowing bodies. Their heads held antennae on top and a single eye set within them, and had six evenly distributed sets of arms tipped with crab-like pincers that clattered open and shut. The leader of the group apparently rushed La Sarza and hit him with a “psychic blow” that knocked him to the ground, before they all got back into their craft and headed off at great speed.

From 1957 we have the strange case of a retired teacher Mrs. Mary M. Starr. She claims that on December 16, 1957, she was in her home near Old Saybrook, Connecticut, when she was woken at around 3 a.m. by a very bright light outside of her room. When she looked outside, she could see a large hovering craft with big square windows hovering over her clothesline, and as she looked on, she could see entities moving about within. These truly bizarre creatures were about 4 feet tall, with arms but no hands and transparent cubes for heads with some sort of red core ensconced within and rubbery bodies that surrounded them like skirts. The creatures ran about in front of the windows for a time waving about their handless arms, before the windows suddenly vanished as if never there and whole craft began to glow brightly and they silently shot off into the night to leave her standing there in awe.

The late author Brad Steiger covered in his book Strangers from the Skies the case of Hans Gustafsson and 30-year-old Stig Rydberg, who on December 20, 1958 were were on their way along Route 45 from Höganäs to Heisenberg in Sweden in the early morning hours along a foggy road that had such poor visibility that the two friends decided to pull over near the rural village of Domsten. As they walked about outside the vehicle, they soon noticed through the haze that there was some sort of glow emanating from the surrounding forest nearby. The two decided to hike off into the darkened, glow frosted trees to try and see where the light was coming from, and after penetrating around 150 feet into the woods they allegedly came across the source of the glow, which proved to be far more bizarre than they had anticipated. There before them was a disc-like object resting on two legs around two feet long, the whole of which cast a scintillating glow of ever-changing colors. Even odder than the sight of this apparent flying saucer was what could be seen cavorting about the vicinity, which were 3-foot-long amorphous blobs that Rydberg would describe as follows:

They were like protozoa, just a bit darker than most, sort of a bluish color, hopping and jumping around the saucer like globs of animated jelly.

Nowhere on the bodies were any visible limbs or sensory organs, nor any other discernible features, and it was as if they were just pulsating gobs of gelatinous goo that could somehow levitate over the ground. Things got rather tense very quickly when these unusual entities suddenly surrounded the two puzzled men and purportedly began to engulf their limbs within their throbbing masses, described as feeling like “magnetic dough,” while at the same time exuding a terrible stench like “ether and burnt sausage.” No matter how much the men kicked and lashed out at these mysterious entities, they were able to either dodge or absorb the blows to little effect, as if they were made of jelly. It seemed as if the blob-like creatures were trying to drag the increasingly terrified witnesses towards the glimmering disc, and no matter how hard the two witnesses fought back and struggled it did little good.

By chance, Rydberg finally managed to tear himself free and run back towards their car with the alien blobs in hot pursuit. When he reached the vehicle he leaned heavily on the car’s horn, piercing the night with a wall of noise in an effort to draw anyone’s attention to their plight, but which also seemed to have the effect of startling the creatures enough to let go of Gustafsson. The blobs then huddled under their craft, filed inside it, and shot off away into the night sky, leaving behind a screeching whistling blare, that nauseating stink, and two very shaken men who found that they were covered in strange bruises and cuts.

Gustafsson and Rydberg perhaps understandably kept the story to themselves for some time, but when it finally came out it became a minor sensation in Sweden. The two witnesses were also interviewed by police, and although the story was without a doubt off-the-wall, they could find no sign of any hoaxing going on, and even when the two were secretly monitored when they thought they were alone, they did not let on that there was any lying or trickery going on. Gustafsson and Rydberg were also found to be in fine physical and psychological health, and in the end, police concluded that the men really seemed to have been traumatized by what they at least truly believed they had seen, whatever that was. It is difficult to ascertain just what it was that these two men saw, or at least thought they saw, and with no other accounts anywhere near it we will probably never know.

Moving into the next decade, we have the extremely weird encounter of an unidentified business man in France, who in November of 1962 was purportedly driving along a lonely rural road in the region of Var, France, when he had an amazing encounter that would change his life. At the tome it was allegedly raining profusely, when he saw something rather odd in the gloom ahead. There through the slashing rain he saw huddled in the road a group of figures that he at first took to be people, but which would soon prove to be far stranger. He would say of the encounter:

Rounding the bend, I saw, 80-meters [just over 260-feet] ahead, a group of figures clustered in the middle of the road. I slowed down to avoid the group, and at the same moment it split into two parts, suddenly and jerkily. My window was down and I leaned my head out slightly to see what was the matter; it was then that I saw beasts, some kind of bizarre animals, with the heads of birds, and covered with some sort of plumage, which were hurling themselves from two sides towards my car. Terrified, I wound up my window, accelerated like a mad man, and the stopped 150-meters [approximately 500-feet] further on. I turned round and saw these things, these beasts, these nightmarish sort of beings, which were heading, with a sort of flapping of wings, towards a luminous dark-blue object, which hung in the air over a field on the other side of the road.

As if all of this wasn’t odd enough, he would claim that as the menacing humanoids flew up towards the object they were literally “sucked up” into it “as if by a whirlwind,” after which the craft shot off at breathtaking speed. What was going on here? In 1965 we have the rather odd experience of 25 year-old Geoffrey Maskey, Mavis Fordyce and Michael Johnson, who on the evening of September 20, 1965 were driving along a remote road near Felixstowe, England when things would get truly weird, indeed. They apparently pulled over to the side of the road to have a chat, when Johnson suddenly and inexplicably got out of the car to go wandering off into the gloom. The others assumed he had just gone off to do nature’s business, but the two young men then heard a “high-pitched humming sound” coming from the surrounding wilderness. As they looked around for the source of the unsettling noise, they saw an oval-shaped UFO hovering about 90 feet over their car, surrounded by a creepy orange glow.

It would not be until the next day that Johnson would arrive and tell them of how the evening had gone. He would claim that he had been commanded by some unknown force to get out of the vehicle and go into those woods, and that when he had ventured out into the trees, he had encountered a strange creature that had large eyes and was “Engulfed by orange flames.” As soon as he had seen this flaming beast, he had blacked out completely.  He would say that he had no memories of what had happened next, and had woken up the next day in a hospital bed, only to make his way back to his friends with his incredible story.

Perhaps even weirder than all of this is a story form the winter of 1967, when a farmer in Missouri had a rather harrowing and otherworldly experience with what he would call “Green Space Penguins.” 64-year-old Claude Edwards would claim that he had gotten up to do his farm work like any other day, when he walked across one of his fields and saw sitting there a “massive, grayish-green, mushroom- like object which was perched atop a circular tube.” As he stared on in awe, he noticed a group of diminutive figures waddling about below the object, and he noticed that all of this was seriously spooking his cows. For some reason, perhaps out of curiosity, Edwards started to approach the strange creatures, and he could see that they were 3 feet high, with grayish-green skin and no hands, tiny feet, and no necks. On their beaked heads they wore goggles of some type, and the whole of it caused him to describe them as little green penguins, which he said swarmed about the bottom of the UFO and seemed to ignore the farmer at first.

As he drew closer, Edwards claimed that he had picked up some rocks in a plan to lob them in their direction, but when he got within 15 feet, he was abruptly stopped by some sort of force field that prevented him from going any further. He even threw a rock at it, only to see it bounce off of some unseen barrier and drop uselessly to the ground. However, he could now see the mysterious flying object in more detail, describing it as having a smooth metallic texture like “shiny silk,” with no seams and with some oval portholes of some type with a surreal display of multi-colored lights playing out beyond them. He would say of this bizarre craft:

The object just looked like a big shell, grayish-green looking outfit. And underneath there were oblong holes where the lights were coming out. They were so bright you couldn't see when you got up there… as if a color wheel was turning inside the thing. The whole thing took over five minutes, maybe ten. I have never seen anything like it. It looked like shiny silk or something. I couldn't tell. I was going to tell though if I could have hit it with that rock.

Perhaps foolishly, Edwards threw another rock at it even harder than the first, and although this stone also bounced off, it managed to capture the attention of the “Space Penguins.” The creatures all looked to him in unison, before scurrying behind the craft and then enter the craft through a portal. The object then began to ascend into the air, shooting off at an amazing speed to vanish.

Another downright bizarre cases comes to us from the U.S. state of West Virginia, where in July of 1968 a local man by the name of Jennings Frederick was out bowhunting in the rural backwoods just outside outside of Fairmont, West Virginia. At some point he allegedly heard a high pitched, unearthly sound that he would describe as sounding like “a recording running at exaggerated speed.” Curious, Jennings searched about for the origin of this surreal noise, and this was when he would come across a very strange sight indeed. There in the brush stood a 7-foot tall, semi-humanoid entity, with an exceedingly thin, almost skeletal frame, long ears, and stalk-like arms that were almost like tendrils and which ended in slender, 7-inch long fingers tipped with some sort of needles or thorns, as well as suction cups. The whole of the anomalous creature was described as green and very plant-like in nature, as if it were part animal and part plant. The whole time Frederick watched it that incessant chattering sound reverberated around him, and he suddenly realized that he could make out words within the alien noise, like glimpses of meaning from white noise, which he took to say:

You need not fear me. I wish to communicate. I come as a friend. We know of you all. I come in peace. I wish medical assistance. I need your help.

As Frederick stood there wide-mouthed in bewilderment, the mysterious being purportedly suddenly lashed out with one of its stalk-like arms with blinding speed to wrap him in an iron grip. The needles or thorns on its fingers then apparently pierced the startled man’s skin and began to draw blood, but rather than the pain he found himself drawn to the thing’s eyes, which seemed to rapidly switch back and forth from red to yellow in a hypnotizing, oscillating cycle that held him in thrall and dulled his senses. After about two minutes of this, the otherworldly plant-monster reportedly let him go and took off in a sprint up a nearby embankment in great 25-foot long bounds, followed shortly after by a deep thrumming noise that Frederick would later speculate to have been the sound of the creature’s space ship. For years Frederick kept this undoubtedly absurd-sounding story to himself out of fear of ridicule, but in 1976 he would relate it to the paranormal researcher Gray Barker, who would then include it in his newsletter. The story would be brought to even greater attention when it was mentioned in the late Brad Steiger’s 1978 book Alien Meetings. Was this an alien, some sort of cryptid, or what? Whatever it was, the “Vegetable Man” of West Virginia is certainly one of the more bizarre encounters on record.

From 1974 we have the very weird story from Bald Mountain, in Washington state, in the United States, just about reportedly 20 miles east of Chehalis, Washington. On November 14th, 1974, a fiery object was witnessed to fall from the sky in the area, and after that several motorists started reporting seeing a very strange entity prowling about the region. Witnesses reported seeing a horse-sized beast with tentacles and an antenna and emanating a neon green glow, which would shamble about the wilderness and would be sighted on more than one occasion. One witness would say of it:

It was horse-sized, covered with scales and standing on four rubbery legs with suckers like octopus tentacles. Its head was football-shaped with an antenna sticking up...The thing gave off this green, iridescent light.

As reports like this came in and began to make the rounds in the news, Lewis County Sheriff William H. Wiester began an investigation to try to get to the bottom of it, but was allegedly stopped by shadowy individuals claiming to represent both NASA and the United States Air Force. These people, often dressed in dark suits, told the sheriff in no uncertain terms that he was to drop the investigation and that they had it under control. His own investigation team was then replaced by what he describes as “a special NASA team, including a heavily armed military unit wearing uniforms with no insignia.” After that, the case of what has been referred to as the Bald Mountain “Crazy Critter” just sort of faded away into obscurity. What was going on here and what was this thing? Had it somehow crashed in its ship and was now wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out what to do? There are no answers.

Moving along to yet another whacky case, we have a report from September 15, 1977, in the town of Paciencia, Brazil. On this day a bus driver by the name of Antonio La Rubia was allegedly walking to work when he spied a rather strange object shaped like an “enormous wide hat” sitting in a field, measuring an impressive 250 feet across. Soon after he noticed the giant mysterious craft, it lashed out with a thin, bright beam of light, which caught La Rubia and whisked him away to a room of pure white. Within this room were various mechanical-looking beings with bright scales and arms like tentacles, as well as egg-shaped bodies and heads adorned with what appeared to be antenna. Instead of legs, the strange creatures reportedly sat upon rigid pedestals of some sort.

After this initial meeting, the frightened La Rubia claims that he shouted at the creatures, which seemed to have the effect of making them cower in fear. He lost consciousness again, and when he awoke, he says that he was now subjected to a series of images projected onto the wall, including various surreal scenes such as a dog being melted and a train entering a tunnel, the meaning of which could not be discerned. At one point during this screening of oddities and grotesqueries one of the robot beings apparently reached out to draw blood from one of La Rubia’s fingers, after which it splashed it across a wall to form a pattern of three circles and an “L” shape. At this point, La Rubia claims he lost consciousness once more, and when he awoke, he was purportedly back in his car, vomiting and dizzy from the whole puzzling ordeal. He would later remember fighting back and actually knocking one of the creatures to the ground, allowing him to escape.

Finally, and perhaps the weirdest of all, we come to a case from the year 2002, with a witness named Jean F. and Nelson C, of Villa San Rafael in Calama, Chile. This particular case starts out weird enough, and then goes off the deep end into the completely bonkers. On January 12, 2002, Nelson apparently lost his pet snake, a boa constrictor, and so he went out with a friend to go try and find it. As they looked around, the man’s two dogs started getting very agitated, barking and snarling uncontrollably. As the two men tried to figure out what was spooking the dogs, they then saw what they at first thought to be a stray dog on the trail before them. They shouted and threw some stones at it to scare it off, but the animal just stood there and did not react, its features still unclear. It then began to walk towards them even as they screamed at it, and as it did they could see that it was an otherworldly creature that resembled a “rugby football with legs,” and then it suddenly stood up to walk on two legs. The two men then felt an “energy” like “like an electrical shock in the stomach.” One of the witnesses would describe the completely outlandish creature:

Its head was like the one of a large dog and it had a flat nose like a bulldog. Its eyes were slanted and pale-red in color, which could only be seen when the creature turned its head from side to side like small lizards do. Its ears were flat, round and large. Its arms were short, they had elbows and the hands had three fingers. It had hair like the one on a wild pig. Its legs were like the ones from a goat. The feet had also three fingers and a membrane like ducks, but somewhat shorter.

The back of the beast was also covered with a mane of thick hair, and it had a short tail tipped in white. Most bizarrely of all, the thing suddenly stopped its advance, stared at them for a moment, and then gave them a powerful telepathic message that boomed through their minds and said, “don’t stare, just run away.” The two young men did exactly that, and the thing was never seen again. It is just one more case among many that really doesn't seem to make sense, and defies normal categorization. Was it a cryptid, alien, a figment of the imagination? Who knows? These have been just a few cases among many others that really cause us to scratch our heads and wonder just what could possibly be going on here. These are all completely weird and one-off encounters, meaning these various monstrosities have only been witnessed in one specific time-frame and then never again. They exist as completely unique accounts, and that makes it hard to figure out how they fit into the world of UFOs or cryptozoology as a whole. What were these utterly bizarre entities? Were they aliens, some sort of interdimensional interlopers bleeding through some veil between realities, or something else? For now it is hard to say, and these baffling reports rank among the strangest of the strange,

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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