Aug 17, 2021 I Nick Redfern

Is the World’s Most Famous Monster (Bigfoot, of Course) a “Daimon”?

In her book, Mystery Big Cats, Merrily Harpur suggests that the Alien Big Cats (ABCs) of the U.K. may be something far more than just escaped animals. She suspects they may be Daimons. If you're not acquainted with the word, read on. The Urban Dictionary says the following of the Daimons: "Daimon is the Greek derivative for the term demon. In this sense the term 'demon' means 'replete with knowledge.' The ancient Greeks thought there were good and bad demons called 'eudemons' and 'cacodemons.' The term 'daimon' means 'divine power,' 'fate' or 'god.' Daimons, in Greek mythology, included deified heroes. They were considered intermediary spirits between men and the gods. Good daimons were considered to be guardian spirits, giving guidance and protection to the ones they watched over. Bad daimons led people astray." Now, back to Merrily Harpur. She says of the Daimons in the U.K.: "If ABCs are a variety of native British daimon, they have emerged into a landscape brimful of these intermediate beings: pixies, gnomes, boggarts, Herne the Hunter, elves, lake monsters, 'white ladies,' wyrms, and so on." Could Bigfoot be a Daimon (or something similar), too? I say, "Yes."  Indeed, there's no doubt that the Bigfoot controversy is absolutely surrounded by a wealth of high-strangeness, as you'll now see.

Did you know the Bigfoot creatures can become invisible? If there was just one such case on record I would dismiss it. But, there are more than a few such bizarre cases on record. The website Native Languages notes: "The Bigfoot figure is common to the folklore of most Northwest Native American tribes. Native American Bigfoot legends usually describe the creatures as around 6-9 feet tall, very strong, hairy, uncivilized, and often foul-smelling, usually living in the woods and often foraging at night...In some Native stories, Bigfoot may have minor supernatural powers - the ability to turn invisible, for example - but they are always considered physical creatures of the forest, not spirits or ghosts." The Yeti, often called the Abominable Snowman in the west and referred to as the Migoi by the Bhutanese, is a bipedal ape like creature that is said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. The Migoi is known for its phenomenal strength and magical powers, such as the ability to become invisible and to walk backwards to fool any trackers."

Moving on, did you know that Bigfoot cannot be killed by bullets? Yep, that's how it seems. On the night of November 28, 2014, on the hugely popular radio show, Coast to Coast AM, author and Sasquatch expert Stan Gordon spoke about his Bigfoot research and writing. Gordon’s Bigfoot studies demonstrate a connection between the strange beasts and multiple, weird phenomena – including matters of a psychic nature and also UFOs. One of the issues that Stan discussed on the show was Bigfoot’s seeming ability to remain unaffected when blasted with bullets.  This was made clear in the summary of Stan a slow-moving, bright red UFO apparently land in the pasture of a farm…Suddenly, they noticed two Bigfoot creeping along a barbed wire fence about 75-feet away from the UFO and making those strange sounds." One of the men “…then tried shooting the Bigfoot with live ammunition, but the bullets had no effect and the creatures wandered off into the woods." This was not a one-off event, however: it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Philip Rife, Bigfoot investigator, says: "In 1959, a policeman had a scary encounter with a Bigfoot on a rural road in Carroll County. The officer watched in amazement as the creature crossed directly in front of his patrol car and stepped effortlessly over a barbed wire fence...The policeman then withdrew his service revolver and fired at the Bigfoot. When the bullets appeared to have no effect, the officer sprinted to his car and sped from the scene."

Bullets: They won't Stop a Bigfoot

Now, onto another strange aspect of Bigfoot: There are far more than a few reports on record where witnesses in close proximity to Bigfoot have reported feeling inexplicably terrified, nauseous, confused, disoriented, dizzy, light-headed, and physically unable to move. This may not be due to sheer terror and the pounding flood of massive amounts of adrenalin coursing through the bloodstream. The culprit may be something called infrasound. In simple terms, infrasound is an extremely low frequency sound, one which is significantly lower than 20HZ, which is the typical extreme of human hearing. Sasquatch expert Scott Carpenter said of his very own encounter with a Bigfoot: "I am not an acoustic expert or a scientist. My findings are based on observation and common sense. I think that I was under the influence of infrasound during my encounter with the Bigfoot on April 30th , 2010. The Bigfoot manipulated my perception and sanitized my memory. Even more disturbing was the fact that I did not react to observing the Bigfoot. I had to have initially recognized what it was and where it was hiding. I made two attempts to zoom in on the Bigfoot and get a close up video. Sometime during this process I was subjected to the influence of infrasound and strongly influenced or ‘brain washed’ into walking off. It is almost like my memory was wiped clean and I was given instructions to leave and I did."

infrasound 570x250
When Bigfoot scrambles our brains

Then, there's the very bizarre matter of Bigfoot's liking for braiding horses. No, I'm not making that up! Certainly, the leading expert in this curious field is Lisa Shiel, the author of Backyard Bigfoot, Forbidden Bigfoot and more. Lisa, whose books chronicle her very own encounters with Bigfoot, says: "I first encountered the main braiding phenomenon while living in Texas. In the beginning, I allowed myself to dismiss them as natural tangles or perhaps the handiwork of the neighbors’ children. As time went on, however, I found it more and more difficult to stick to my original hypothesis." Indeed, in the 2000s, and particularly in 2005, Shiel experienced numerous examples of horse-braiding when Bigfoot activity in her vicinity was at its height. There is, however, something else to be aware of: the issue of braiding has a long history. And a connection to the paranormal. Centuries ago, the Bishop of Paris (William of Auvergne) wrote of a fairy queen whose female underlings would stealthily enter stables in the dead of night, "with wax tapers, the drippings of which appear on the hairs and necks of the horses, whilst their manes are carefully plaited."

Even none other than William Shakespeare, himself, got in on the act. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare wrote of “elf-locks,” which, essentially, were the work of supernatural sprite-like creatures that braided horses. Ebenezer Cobham Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable talks about the "Hag’s knot," which he goes on to describe as "Tangles in the manes of horses, etc., supposed to be used by witches for stirrups." Similarly, Newbell Nil Puckett says: "When you find your hair plaited into little stirrups in the morning or when it is all tangled up and your face scratched you may be sure that the witches have been bothering you at night… Horses as well as humans are ridden; you can tell when the witches have been bothering them by finding 'witches stirrups' (two strands of hair twisted together) in the horses' mane." Whether you buy into all of this or not, the fact is that a case can be made that the Bigfoot creatures are far more than just North American unknown apes. As I see it, there's some seriously strange shit going down with Bigfoot. The creatures just might be Daimons, after all.

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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