Aug 28, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Mysterious Cattle Mutilations Continue in Oregon and Argentina

Just when you think you haven’t heard of a mysterious cattle mutilation in a while, a mysterious case of cattle mutilations pops up in the current mutilation capitol of the U.S. – Oregon -- and in Argentina, South America’s cattle mutilation hotspot. Are they related? Has anyone checked if their latitudes match?

Let’s start in Oregon, where the Thomas Angus Ranch reported finding a prize purebred Black Angus bull, valued at $4,500, dead and mutilated on Aug. 14 at the Greenbar Ranch in Wheeler County. As in most mutilation cases, the owner found the bull missing its nose, tongue, left cheek, ear, eye, reproductive organs and part of its tail – all removed with what appeared to be precise surgical cuts. A necropsy could not be performed because the bull was decomposed, having been dead for more than 24 hours.

Capital Press reports this is the fifth case of a cattle mutilation in Wheeler County in the past 20 months, while nearby Harney County has had five cases in the past four years, two this year in May and July, and adjoining Crook County had some in early 2021. The sheriff departments in all counties are sharing information, but Deputy Jeremiah Holmes of the Wheeler County Sheriff’s Office, who has investigated a number of them, says all ten cases in Wheeler and Harney counties are still open, and all ten are “eerily similar.” Before you ask, they’ve notified the FBI but have been disappointed in its prior responses.

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This is making me very angry.

“In recent weeks, unusual occurrences of mutilated animals have appeared in the province. In Hasenkamp a producer found a heifer of about 400 kilos with strange mutilations, it was missing the udder, genitals, part of the jaw, tongue and eyes. Meanwhile in Isletas, Diamante department, a cattle family found one of their mutilated goats, only missing the complete tongue, two eyes, one ear and the jawbone. The teeth were bare, down to the bone.” (Google translation)

While Oregon is the Northern Hemisphere’s cattle mutilation hotspot, Argentina holds that dubious honor south of the equator. El Once reports on two recent occurrences in Entre Ríos Province in north-eastern Argentina with the same types of mutilations as seen in Oregon. While the Chupacabra is sometimes blamed for mutilations in Argentina, El Once contacted UFO investigator Andrea Pérez Simondini, who says mysterious lights are often seen around the time of these mutations and thinks they have a "direct relationship" to each other.

"50% of the complaints are accompanied by sightings of lights and physical alterations in the animal, lack of large volumes of water in the area, such as in Australian tanks, power outages and when we measure the time and shape, a kind of alteration in the ground with electrical conductivity. We are very interested in these types of cases, because we recognized a type of cut and it is called 'sawn'; which is a kind of saw and thanks to the photos we were able to identify it in the goat's jaw.” (Google translation)

Pérez Simondini says that type of saw is used in genetic research and has been trying to get authorities to look at these mutilations as possible alien genetic samplings for years.

As with cattle and livestock mutilations in general, it’s difficult to fathom why extraterrestrials would only sample cows, goats and other field animals, and not humans or other livestock or wildlife. There are many who believe this is secret genetic research done by humans, either in the massive and competitive cattle business or in government, where they might be doing undercover disease research.

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How about teaching all cattle to do this?

On the latitude question, the Argentine mutilations were in the southern 32nd parallel while those in Oregon were in the northern 44th parallel. Some researchers in the U.S. plotted UFO sightings and cattle mutilations on a map and found a high concentration along the northern 37th parallel, which runs from California through Nevada, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and across to Virginia, and includes Area 51 in Nevada, the alleged secret underground alien base at Dulce, New Mexico, as Taos, New Mexico, home of many mysteries including its famous hum. Is the UFO highway expanding beyond the 37th parallel and opening a southern corridor? Can it be blamed on climate change?

Cattle and livestock mutilations around the world look like a crime that should be easily solved. Why haven’t they been? The mystery continues.

Paul Seaburn

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