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A UFO Speed Calculator and 1999 More Calculators You Never Knew You Needed

There was a time when humans had not yet invented numbers but needed ways to count and measure, so they used whatever they had available – rocks, sticks, hands, etc. Numbers and measurement standards made the tasks easier but less fun. There was a time much more recently when humans wondered at an invention called a “calculator,” which took the effort out of standard arithmetic. However, it still needed the operator to do substantial work to be practical. For example, a calculator can help you calculate how much a tube of toothpaste costs per ounce, but it’s no help figuring out how many brushes your family of four will get per tube. For that you need Omni Calculator – a Polish startup which has brought practicality and fun to counting, measuring and figuring with the release of over 2,000 specialty calculators. There’s one that will answer your toothpaste dilemma, another to figure out your bikini size, one to calculate the benefits of switching from driving to work to cycling, a new fun one for calculating in weird units … and at least 1997 more!

“In Omni Calculator, we knock down each and every obstacle that stands between you and an informed decision. We provide the numbers you need, making calculations fast, easy, and fun. A world driven by rational decisions is a better place. It's a world where we don't waste resources as much, believe nonsense a bit less, and don't mistake opinions for facts. It's the world we want to help building.”

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Put down that book -- there's a better way

If the name Omni Calculator sounds familiar, it may be from its UFO Travel Calculator, which estimated those in famous Tic Tac UFOs to weigh more than 47,000 pounds (21,320 kg) with a span of 44.6 ft (13.6 m) and a speed of more than 11,800 mph -- allowing one to travel from London to San Francisco (5,351 miles) in 27 minutes. Or more recently when a number of media sites directed Americans trying to figure out their Child Tax Credit to Omni ‘s Child Tax Credit Calculator. Then there’s the Toilet Paper Calculator that everyone should have used to determine exactly how much their family needs instead of creating a massive shortage last year. That’s what the founder of Omni would call a “rational decision.”

In 2011, Mateusz Mucha built a web calculator which could calculate in any direction, without a fixed input or output. He added a mobile app Percentage Calculator, made it available online and it’s been downloaded over 4 million times to date. Deciding that “everyday math problems are a universal struggle," he started Omni Calculator in 2014. By 2019, it had twenty-four employees and it continues to grow because everyone who uses one of these calculators thinks of another they need – and Omni is ready to build it.

Many of the cool calculators from Omni are of the kind you never thought you needed – and now you can’t do without. A Chilled Drink Calculator to determine how long you need to keep your drink in the fridge to reach its optimal temperature. An Addiction Calculator to figure out how much shorter your life will be if that chilled drink contains booze. A Snowman Calculator to design the perfect Frosty. A Tree Value Calculator to figure out your tree’s net worth. A Crickets Chirping Thermometer to tell the temperature by listening to those annoying bugs. A Dog Size Calculator to estimate the adult size of your puppy. A Plant Spacing Calculator to help plan your garden. And then there's the latest Weird Units Calculator that makes conversions from standard unit types (meters, kilos, minutes, etc.) to weird ones like football fields, cats, human pregnancies, candy bars and many others.

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Can you help me, Omni?

What we need at this point is a calculator to determine what percentage of Omni’s calculators we’ve listed so far. Better yet, how about one that could look at your lifestyle and pick the right calculator for your need. OK, that may be too Big Brother for a company whose mission is to create a world driven by rational decisions. One the company makes is hiring specialists, academics and experienced polymaths from around the world – because every country has different problems.

What’s your problem? Get started finding a solution by visiting Omni Calculators.

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