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AI Beethoven, Martian Safe Mode, Happy Chimps and More Mysterious News Briefly — September 30, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — September 30, 2021

Google Maps announced a new layer that will show whether or not your destination, route, or surrounding area are currently being incinerated by a wildfire. Impressive and sadly necessary, but we will have reached nirvana when Google Maps can tell you there’s a deer in the road.

Atoum a Panasonic subsidiary, has unveiled an exoskeleton called Koma 1.5 which allows its user to lift super-heavy items, then transforms into a scooter to ride off to the next project. Great tool or the plot of the movie “Revenge of the Amazon Warehouse Workers”?

For the first time, primate researchers have witnessed a wild male chimpanzee using a human-made object—in this case, an empty plastic bottle – as a self-satisfying sex toy. Interesting discovery or plot of the movie “Planet of the O-Faced Apes”?

Both NASA and the China National Space Administration (CNSA) are putting their Mars rovers into ‘safe mode’ between October 2 and 16 during a period called “Mars solar conjunction” where the Sun passes in between the two planets and its ionizing rays could interfere with any instructions engineers send to the rovers. What happens if a rover’s robotic arm can’t reach the F8 key?

The US  the Defense Department is investigating reports that some of its troops have suffered symptoms consistent with being exposed to directed energy, commonly called the “Havana Syndrome.” Is this a sign the Russian army is switching from AK-47s to AI-47s?

A new study found that 75% of medicinal plant uses are known in only one language and the disappearance of these Indigenous languages will take this medical knowledge with them. That whooshing sound is a sigh of relief from the clueless who just confirmed that “gummy” is not an Indigenous word.

Cassowaries are big, dangerous birds but a new study suggested early humans in New Guinea and Australia domesticated and raised them for their meat thousands of years before chickens were first raised for the same purpose. One look at those claws and its safe to assume that no one called cassowary nuggets a ‘happy meal’.

A team of music historians, musicologists, composers and computer scientists used artificial intelligence to train a computer to think like Beethoven and complete his unfinished Tenth Symphony which will have its premier performance in Bonn on October 9, 2021. The toughest part was preventing hackers from sneaking in code to play Chuck Berry’s “Roll Over Beethoven.”

University of Glasgow researchers have figured out a method of using machine learning to analyze the genomes of viruses and predict which ones are most likely to jump from animals to humans. It would be truly ironic if they jumped from masked lapwings or southern masked weavers.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently held a Subterranean (SubT) challenge where robots raced to navigate through underground tunnels and caves to simulate search-and-rescue missions. Not surprisingly, some contestants were disqualified for using performance-enhancement algorithms

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