Sep 23, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Antiques Shop Owner in Massachusetts Gets Video Proof It’s Haunted

Would you be surprised to learn that your antiques shop full of old stuff is haunted? Would you consider it to be an asset or a liability? The owner of Mrs. Swift's & Moore Antiques, Gifts and Collectibles suspected the building she moved her shop into was haunted when she began hearing door bells ringing when no customers were coming in. She finally has paranormal proof of its hauntedness and thinks it’s great news. Would you?

"I think it was the Masons, because they're all men. I think they wanted to let me know, 'Hey, this is a guy's place."

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Antiques stores look like great places for ghosts to hide. (Not the store in the article)

Lorrie Parker says the strange occurrences began immediately after she moved Mrs. Swift's and Moore Antique Shop into its current location at 16 West Union St. in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. The old building was once the Prophett and Flynn Funeral Home and before that the Satucket Masonic Lodge. She tells The Enterprise that shortly after moving in she was cleaning the bathroom toilet (the joys of being a small business owner) when the bell above her door rang. After taking care of the customer, she returned to the bathroom … and on the toilet was a quarter – paranormal investigators will tell you that many poltergeists like to leave small gifts. It sounds like the bathroom is attracting the ghosts because Parker would often find the toilet seat up in the morning – hence the thinking they were male ghosts from the Masons.

"It's the little things that are weird and wonderful."

Lorrie Parker gives more examples of weird experiences like the door’s bell ringing by itself or an old toy radio that played by itself. She says customers have experienced strange coincidences like meeting customers with the same name or a woman who found her husband’s old First Communion photo. However, what convinced her to call the Massachusetts Area Paranormal Society was an incident when an old man told her there was a little boy behind her. Turning, she saw no one, but her bonnet was suddenly pulled off and the man blamed the ghostly boy. The Massachusetts Area Paranormal Society conducts ghost tours around East Bridgewater, which apparently has its share of ghosts including Lizzie Borden’s lawyer, a bride buried alive, and famed artist Frances Davis Millet who died on the Titanic.

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Did they find out who is leaving the seat up?

“Love the energy in the Old Masonic Building. Evidently, they like our positive energy too!”

They can now add Mrs. Swift's and Moore Antique Shop after recording a number of orbs flying about during their investigation (watch the video here). They also heard the mysterious toy radio play an entire tune. It doesn’t appear they were able to identify any of the ghosts, but being a former funeral parlor is certainly one source.

If the ghost keeps bringing quarters and attracting customers, it’s no wonder Lorrie Parker is happy to have them at Mrs. Swift's & Moore Antiques, Gifts and Collectibles. Just make sure you put the seat back down, Lorrie!

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