Sep 03, 2021 I Nick Redfern

Area 51, Bob Lazar and the Alleged Secret Facility Known as S-4

Whatever your thoughts are concerning the claims of Bob Lazar, there's one important thing to know (and to remember). Namely, that Lazar said he worked in just one portion of the overall area that amounts to Area 51. He certainly did not have open access to every aspect of Area 51. Indeed, the fact is that Area 51 is actually just one portion of what is titled the Nevada Test and Training Range. And Lazar supposedly worked for another body within the Range called S-4. Yes, it's slightly confusing - that is, until you get to grips with the names, places and locations. With that said, let's have a closer look at S-4.  According to Lazar, in late 1988 he worked very briefly at S-4. The work reportedly revolved around the study of a number of acquired alien spacecraft. Yes, the U.S. Government has a secret storage area for vehicles from other worlds. Maybe even from other galaxies. At least, if you buy into the stories of Lazar. Today, as well as being home to Area 51, and to the S-4 facility that Bob Lazar claimed he worked at briefly in the late 1980s, the NTTR houses the Tolicha Peak Electronic Combat Range, the Eastman Airfield Target, and the Point Bravo Electronic Combat Range.

map 570x459
Area 51 site map, as depicted in declassified CIA documents released via its CREST program (Credit: Commons).

When looking for work, Lazar met with staff from EG&G at an office in Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport. It turned out to be a bit of a letdown – but one with a distinct light at the end of the tunnel. Lazar was actually told that he was over-qualified for the position that they had in mind. But, they had another project in mind which they felt would be far more ideal for Lazar. All Lazar was told at the time was that the program revolved around alternative and novel propulsion systems. For someone who had built his own jet-car, this sounded like something right up Lazar’s alley. It wasn’t long before Lazar had his follow-up interview – once again in the offices at McCarran Airport. The meeting was with a man named Dennis Mariani, a no-nonsense type who had the air of a military officer and who turned out to be Lazar’s supervisor. The pair flew out of the airport – just a small trip. They arrived at a facility out in the desert and Lazar was transported to a vehicle with blacked-out windows. From there, Lazar was driven to a portion of Area 51, which Lazar came to know as S-4.

Not only that, supposedly some serious shit was going out at S-4. For example, Lazar revealed that in the facility, in his own words, "there is an extremely classified document dealing with religion, and it’s extremely thick. But why should there be any classified documents dealing with religion?" That’s a very good question. The answer that Lazar got from the briefing papers provided to him by his colleagues at Area 51, was that we, the human race, are not the product of a god – or even of multiple gods. Lazar maintained that the documentation he read revealed that "we were made by progressive corrections in evolution," specifically by highly advanced extraterrestrials in the distant past. According to Lazar, S-4 was a massive facility; however, one would not know that if one were to fly over it. In fact, you would scarcely know if you were on the ground, either. Lazar explained that S-4 was actually built within the surrounding mountains, which had been carefully and massively hollowed out. It was within these reinforced, hollow areas that all of the work on the alien craft was undertaken. Nothing could be seen from the sky. Practically nothing could be seen on the ground. And, the whole facility was hidden in the mountains. It was the perfect location to work on, and hide, the flying saucers which Dennis Mariani told Lazar were stored out at S-4.

Area 51 Checkpoint

So the story went, the staff at Area 51 had no less than nine alien craft in their possession. Most of them were in good condition – in fact, some were in excellent condition. One was superficially damaged, but not overly so. It’s hardly surprising that Lazar was threatened – with his life, no less – to never talk about any of this with anyone outside of the program. That included Lazar’s wife, family and friends. On this issue, Lazar was told that to ensure he toed the line, his home phone would be tapped. He had to sign a document that starkly detailed the result of any violations of the agreement – which included lengthy jail sentences and even a visit from the Grim Reaper. Or, from a government agent with a flair for snuffing out lives. He was even told that if he did ever speak out of line, hypnosis and chemicals could be used to wipe out his memories of what he saw out at S-4. For Lazar this was all very ominous, but the stakes were so high – the ability to work on alien spaceships – that it was too great a lure to say no to. Lazar eagerly signed away his life in an instant. Maybe all of us would.

Area 51, itself, may not be the key to the truth of the story. The same for the NTTR. S-4 (and S-4 only) might be the key to the whole controversy. If, of course, there really is an S-4.  After all, we can't prove that after more than thirty years of controversy.

Nick Redfern

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