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Dominant Nostrils, Electric Planes, Space Music and More Mysterious News Briefly — September 21, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — September 21, 2021

NASA’s space station astronauts are testing the use of augmented reality headsets to inspect and maintain scientific equipment without assistance from ground support crews – a system that will be critical for flights to Mars. The biggest problem is when the ISS astronauts try to fix something on the aging Russian side and the AR helmet prevents them from face-palming.

SpaceX’s senior director of human spaceflight programs says its successful space tourism mission has increased demand for more, so the company is rushing to complete the much bigger spacecraft Starship that could carry significantly more passengers per space trip. Does this mean SpaceX will be hiring pilots away from Greyhound?

DNA researchers have discovered a third and previously unknown group of ancestors of the modern Japanese people who migrated to the islands around 2,000 years ago from an unknown location – a discovery that will rewrite the history of Japan. Especially if these are the people who invented tiny carts pulled by hay-efficient cattle.

The indigenous Osage Nation hoped to regain control over the two-cave system in Missouri known as the Picture Cave for its thousand-year-old indigenous artwork, but it was instead purchased by a private anonymous bidder for $2.2 million. The only thing worse is if this becomes part of something called Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Cave Art Show.

According to a new study, although humans have a nasal cycle that causes our nostrils to alternatively become congested about every two hours, right-handed people tended to spend more time favoring their left nostril. If driving observations are any indication, most people favor the nostril without a finger in it.

At least 63 endangered African penguins were apparently killed by a swarm of bees in South Africa near Cape Town and researchers have no idea what caused the attack. To be on the safe side, Ladysmith Black Mambazo may want to avoid touring with Sting.

Scientists in the University of Glasgow’s bendable electronics and sensing technologies research group have developed a system of holograms of people using “aerohaptics” that create feelings of touch with jets of air which will one day allow users to physically interact with holograms to do things like shaking hands. If you think that’s what they will do, you haven’t studied the history of the Internet and porn.

As part of NASA’s new “sonification” project, engineers digitized images of the remnants of the Tycho supernova and converted them into sonic information that sounds more musically incredible than eerie or chaotic. Get ready for Tycho to compete on Simon Cowell’s new show, ‘Universe’s Got Talent’.

The robotics company Boston Dynamics is using its own products -- it’s started a pilot program using one of its robotic dogs as a “Factory Safety Service Robot” or guard dog at a Kia plant in South Korea (Boston Dynamics is now owned by Hyundai). Do worn-out Kia guard dogs end up as robot junkyard dogs?

An all-electric aircraft called Spirit of Innovation built by British manufacturer Rolls-Royce flew for the first time recently – spending 15 minutes airborne in the first step towards a speed world record attempt of flying at over 300 mph. Typical Rolls Royce customers want to know if the dashboard is genuine rare mahogany.

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