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Nun Dances with a Skeleton, Bricks from Blood, Spacejunk Billionaire and More Mysterious News Briefly — September 14, 2021

More Mysterious News Briefly — September 14, 2021

Cue up a song by Blood, Sweat & Tears -- scientists at The University of Manchester are creating a concrete-like material made of extra-terrestrial dust along with the blood, sweat and tears of astronauts that is stronger than ordinary concrete and perfect for construction work on Mars and beyond. A new description for astronaut bodies will be “built FOR a brick sh*thouse.”

Here’s a billionaire doings something good in space – Apple founder Steve Wozniak cryptically revealed he’s starting a space junk collection company to pick up some of the dead satellites and launch vehicle rockets NASA and his fellow billionaires are leaving in orbit. Wow … there really IS an app for everything.

Walmart said a press release announcing the company would accept the cryptocurrency Litecoin was a hoax, causing Litecoin’s value to crash after a spike from the fake press release. That whoosh you heard was a sigh of relief from Walmart checkers who still have a hard time making change from cash.

The Crew Dragon capsule being used for SpaceX’s Inspiration4 all-civilian mission to space has a hidden panel hiding a secret compartment containing a roll of duct tape for the crew to use in the event of an emergency. Let’s hope it tastes good with salt. (And good luck to the crew on this historic mission.)

The brains and cadavers of wealthy people who paid huge sums of money to be cryogenically frozen in the hope of one day being resurrected by advanced medical technology were stolen from a facility near Moscow by the scorned ex-wife of the founder – probably ending their chances of being brought back to life. The only people impressed y this morbid stunt were conventional grave robbers.

A heritage project called the Uncovering Roman Carlisle project has found a number of tiles marked with the stamp of the Roman imperial court thousands of years ago underneath the Carlisle Cricket Club in Stanwix. Not only is this a major archeological find, it beats watching cricket.

Multiple witnesses outside the old Hull General Cemetery saw a nun dancing with what appeared to be a human skeleton beside a graveyard, then petting a dog skeleton. If this wasn’t a movie or an art project, Pope Francis needs to mobilize the exorcists.

Researchers at Brown University developed a system that uses dozens of silicon microchips, called “neurograins” because they’re the size of a grain of salt, to record and transmit brain activity from brain tissue wirelessly to a computer. Even if it never reaches the market, ‘Neurograins’ will make a great name for a brainy breakfast cereal.

If you don’t think being on the ISS is hard work, Akihiko Hoshide (Japan) and Thomas Pesquet (France) spacewalked for seven hours on Sunday to install a support bracket for a solar array and NASA estimates they burned 3,000 calories in the process. If this keeps up, the next cargo ship to the ISS will be carrying spacesuit belts.

The San Francisco-based startup Orbit Fab has launched a prototype of its Tanker-001 Tenzing spacecraft which is now in a Sun-Synchronous Orbit and carrying a High-Test Peroxide (HTP) fuel, making it the world’s first operational fuel depot in space, which Orbit Fab calls a “Gas Station in Space™”. If it offers an oil change and free spaceship wash, this could bring the ETs out of hiding.

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