Sep 28, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Possible Bigfoot Pair Seen Entering Coal Mine in Kentucky

Is Kentucky the new hotspot for Bigfoot sightings? That seems to be the case with another report from the same area of southeast Kentucky where a ginseng hunter recently found evidence of a bigfoot presence in the form of unusual broken branches, audible knocks and an unusual large humanoid foot track that lacked enough definition to identify it. That same ginseng hunter is also a Bigfoot hunter and he recently revealed why he returned to the coal mine where he saw that track – he was told by a reliable witness of two Bigfoot seen entering the mine. Was Janis Joplin predicting future Bigfoot sightings when she sang, “From the Kentucky coal mines to the California sun”?

“I had heard about this sighting of two bigfoot entering an old coal mine a few months back. I recently gathered more details and location information. So, it was time to venture into the wilds of the Kentucky forest to see if I could find the site.”

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Would Bigfoot live in these conditions?

Thomas Marcum is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization The Crypto Crew and the ginseng hunter who found the Sasquatch signs while searching for the elusive root which is currently in season, along with deer and squirrels. As a result, he wasn’t expecting to see Bigfoot himself since, as he describes in his latest post on the Crypto Crew’s website, “Bigfoot is smart enough to know when an area has increased human activity in it.” However, he also knows Bigfoot hunters, and the report of two of the hairy cryptids hiding out in an abandoned mine came to him from a known reliable source. That unnamed source gave Marcum the location coordinates and he checked it out himself.

“Now, let me talk a little about the tracks that were leading into or out of the mine. These tracks, while lacking a lot of definition, were larger and much wider than my size 12 boot. These where in a straight line with the exception of one track at the top of the bank. This could have been a slight side step to maneuver over the hump in front of the mine opening, I don't know. This opening may be used more at different times of the year, it is just hard to say.”

Marcum points out that this mine is close to where he found the unusual broken branches while ginseng hunting. Mushroom hunters have also found tracks he’s investigated along with other sightings. Based on that, he says “I know for a fact there are several different groups of bigfoot in my general area.” Is Kentucky turning into a Bigfoot hotspot? It sits right about in the middle of sightings per human population in most rankings, although Charlie Raymond, founder of Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization, said last year that the state is third in the country for sightings, with a large population of them in the northwest mountains.

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A miner's helmet probably comes in handy for Bigfoot hunting too.

The combination of dense forests, plentiful wildlife, small human population and abandoned coal mines for living and hiding would seem to make Kentucky an attractive spot for Bigfoot. Thomas Marcum certainly thinks so and, unlike with many other sightings, takes care to investigate thoroughly, take videos and document the eyewitness accounts and the scene of the sighting. He’s a good role model for cryptid hunters. Let’s hope his persistence pays off.

Paul Seaburn

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