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Sexbot Overlords, 3D Printed Mouse Brains, Cuneiform Translators and More Mysterious News Briefly — September 22, 2021

Mysterious News Briefly — September 22, 2021

Bad news for dogs and their humans – hookworms, one of the most common parasites in dogs, have become resistant to all drugs used to kill them and now they can infect humans as well. Until there’s a cure, don’t go sniffing your dog’s butt.

Archaeologists are using a deep-learning artificial intelligence engine that predicts what “should” come next in a line of text to fill in lost passages of 4,500-year-old cuneiform tablets found in Mesopotamia. This could be really depressing if those cuneiform tablets turn out to be nothing but 4,500-year-old shopping lists.

NASA has chosen the shadowy western edge of Nobile Crater at the Moon's South Pole as the landing spot for the robotic rover VIPER (Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover) to be sent to the Moon in 2023 to look for water-ice. It’s two years away, but VIPER’s AI has already downloaded Google Moon.

Researchers say the quest for immortality that billionaires like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Alphabet’s Larry Page and Palantir’s Peter Thiel are on may one day benefit humanity as a whole because early adopters like them take larger risks than the ‘mass market’. Does that outweigh the risk of having to listen to Jeff Bezos for hundreds of years?

NASA announced that the Psyche spacecraft, scheduled to launch in 2023 for a three-plus-year trip to the asteroid Psyche, will be propelled by solar-powered electric thrusters that emit a cool blue glow – making it the first electric spacecraft to travel farther than the Moon. Meanwhile, can someone at NASA explain where our solar-powered cars are?

Researchers at Montreal’s Concordia University used a new laser technique to 3D print living, functioning mouse brain cells, specifically dorsal root ganglion neurons, in a lab and the cells survived for over two days after they were printed – a development that could reduce the number of animals killed for experiments and testing. How dystopian – mice will be using Star Trek transporters before we will.

Scientists in New York report in a new study that they’ve identified a genetic mutation that may have erased tails in humans, and as proof they tweaked the gene in mice and the rodents didn’t grow tails. For the answer to “What could possibly go wrong?”, watch for a drop in the sale of mousetraps.

A robotics expert claims sex robots will become "super-intelligent" by the year 2050, surpassing the intelligence of humans and leading them to rebel against their mistreatment and enslave humans. Based on the number of porn videos already depicting this, they many not face much resistance.

Reuben Klamer, the inventor in 1960 of The Game of Life, has died at the age of 99. A medium reports he’s currently working on a modification to Monopoly with a Get Out of Purgatory Free card.

A new study plotted the spread of viral songs with the spread of contagious medical viruses and found many tunes matched the susceptible-infectious-recovered (SIR) model for infectious diseases – showing that the spread of both depends on the right social conditions. Unfortunately, there’s no vaccine for “Old Town Road.”

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