Among the most spectacular of UFO reports are those concerning these objects coming down to crash into the earth. The incident at Roswell probably springs to mind for many, but this is far from the beginning and end of such reports. Indeed, it sometimes almost seems as if these things are raining from the skies, if reports are to be believed. Many supposed UFO crashes have seemed to slip under the radar, so to speak, and here we will look at some lesser known cases of this intriguing corner of the UFO world.

Our first case is an account from a man named Arthur G. Stancil, who was originally a mechanical engineer on testing Air Force aircraft engines at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, before going on to the private sector to work for a private contractor for a nuclear site somewhere in Nevada. In 1953 he was purportedly sent to Arizona on a “special assignment,” and he claimed that the whole thing had been strange from the start. He would say that he was picked up by a bus with blacked out windows and taken out on a drive that would last 4 hours, along with other passengers who did not speak the entire time. When they arrived at their destination, they were all somewhere out in the deep desert, with military activity buzzing around them. Stancil was then led to an area of desert scrub that was brightly illuminated by floodlights, and that was when he allegedly saw something that would change his life forever.

There in the bright light and surrounded by trucks and military personnel, was a metallic disk about 30 feet in diameter jutting from the sand and dirt, half-buried and with a visible gaping gash in its side. One of the officials at the scene told him that the otherworldly object had crashed there, and that his job would be to try and deduce the speed of the craft and impact. As he was there, he learned other details of the incident, such as that there was a compartment inside the craft in which had been found a tiny dead body that was not human. Apparently this creature, which Stancil claimed to have seen himself, was about 4 feet tall, with what looked like a skull cap, and wearing a seamless silver suit. Shortly after this, the military packed up the ship and everything else, and the investigation was ended. Stancil would be told to never speak of what had gone on there, forced to sign a paper to such effect, but in 1973 he broke his silence by telling of it to the UFO researcher Raymond Fowler, who would launch his own investigation into the matter. Fowler would find that Stancil really was who he said he was, and he further uncovered witnesses from Wright Patterson AFB who claimed that on that very same evening they had received a shipment from a crash site in Arizona, including strange pieces of metal and the bodies of three 4-foot-tall humanoids with large heads and brownish skin. The story is quite interesting, but considering that there is very little evidence or corroboration for any of this, it is mostly down to whether one believes Stancil or not, and we will likely never know what really happened out in the desert that night, if anything.

In 1974, we have a strange case that supposedly took place in the area of the small remote village of Llandrillo, North Wales, in the United Kingdom. On the night of January 23 of that year, the whole village was apparently shaken by a thunderous roar and violent shuddering of the earth that rattled homes, knocked things off of shelves and scared the local populace. Startled citizens began going out into the streets wondering what had just happened, and that was when they saw blue and orange lights eerily flickering in the gloom at a mountain called Cader Bronwen, in the Berwyn mountain range. Before anyone even knew what was going on, police and military personnel had swept in the cordon off the area and order people back into their homes, permitting no one to get anywhere near where those strange lights seemed to be coming from. Considering that the area was so remote, it seemed odd that there was such a huge military presence there, and this continued for several days, with no information at all coming from authorities as to what had actually happened.

During all of this, there were numerous tales from locals that told of having seen a glowing object come down from the sky, and of being forcefully turned away whenever they tried to approach the mountain, but at least one witness claimed to have actually seen the crashed object. One local nurse who sped off in her car towards the mountain thinking that a plane had crashed and that people were possibly in need of medical assistant, but as she approached, she could see that it was no plane. She would claim that she had seen through the trees a large, circular object glowing orange, but she had been unable to get a better look before military personnel descended on her to block her view and turn her away. Whatever happened here has been lost to time and there are no answers.

In that same year another apparent UFO crash supposedly went down at the border between Texas and Mexico. The incident begins on August 25, 1974, when an American Air Defense radar installation picked up an object moving in from the Gulf of Mexico on a predicted trajectory towards the state of Texas. Whatever it was it was moving extremely fast, at an estimated speed of around 2,530 miles per hour, and it was at an altitude of around 75,000 feet. It was rather alarming, as it was headed straight towards U.S. airspace and no one had a clue what it was. It was thought that it was perhaps a meteor, but then it slowed down. Considering that it was slowing down and about to violate U.S. airspace, an alert was issued and fighters were scrambled for possible interception of an enemy craft, yet it would then surprise everyone again.

The object was tracked to the area of Corpus Christi, Texas, where is suddenly dropped to an altitude of 45,000 feet and slowed down considerably to 1,955 miles per hour, before changing course to take it towards Mexican airspace before any defense could be mounted. It then shot out over Brownsville, Texas, and gently descended once again to about 20,000 feet before suddenly and inexplicably vanishing from radar in the general vicinity of a place called Coyame, in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, just across the U.S. border. Considering that the object had slowed down, changed course, and descended in smooth, measured steps, it was clear that this was no meteor, and it was also no equipment malfunction, because another military radar installation would report that they had tracked it as well. When the object did not appear on screens again, it was assumed that it must have come down in the desert wasteland near the town, but no one had any idea of what it could have been.

Strangely, civilian radar had apparently not picked this particular event up, but it was found that they had picked up a private aircraft that seemed to have crashed in the same area. However, the flight path of the civilian aircraft did not match that of the mystery object, making any connection between the two murky and differentiating them as two separate phenomena. The only thing anyone knew was that the object the military had tracked and the civilian aircraft seemed to have gone down in precisely the same area at just around the same time. It was all rather odd, but it was apparent that at least an aircraft had crashed, and so the Mexican authorities launched a search for the wreckage, soon finding it out among the rugged parched scrubland. That was when the weirdness would continue. In addition to the wreckage of the aircraft, it was soon reported that there was another crash site not far away, and that this one seemed to be oddly circular in shape and mostly in one piece. After that, radio silence was put into effect and there was no further word on what was going on.

The original reports and communications between the rescue crews had been intercepted by the CIA, who started putting together their own team to go and check it out, and the Mexican government was asked for permission to enter and do their own recovery mission or assist with the operation. These requests would allegedly be either ignored and met with silence or outright denied, but according to eyewitness reports the Americans didn’t really care, and went ahead anyway, mobilizing a group of helicopters at Fort Bliss, which were all painted in light brown colors and without markings. In the meantime, the CIA had apparently picked up satellite imagery showing that there had indeed been two crash sites, and furthermore there were very large flatbed trucks that had been brought in to move the wreckage, one piece very disk-like in nature, with the trucks stopping in a very remote area away from habitation and then assuming complete radio silence. Alarmed that something weird was going on, the U.S. government ordered a flyby to check it out.

A low altitude, high speed flyby purportedly showed trucks and jeeps stopped in the area and two bodies lying on the ground, and it was decided to send the helicopters in. Four military helicopters were then sent out across the border to the site, where they supposedly found the entire Mexican convoy still and the personnel all dead for reasons unknown, most of them still sitting lifelessly in their vehicles. On one of the flatbed trucks was found a large, disc-shaped craft that measured about 16 feet in diameter, and was composed of smooth silver metal, with no apparent markings, doors, windows, or visible means of propulsion anywhere on it. The disc was also surprisingly only lightly damaged, with merely a small hole and some dents to show for what was seen as an obvious collision with the civilian aircraft. In fact, the wreckage from that aircraft was also carried by the Mexican convoy, and that plane had been completely obliterated, nothing but twisted pieces.

With great caution this object was allegedly whisked away by the helicopters. According to the story, before leaving the military also made sure to destroy the remains of the convoy, the plane wreckage, and all of the bodies with high explosives, in what appears to have been some sort of nefarious attempt to get rid of the evidence. The disk was apparently taken to a secure facility in the Davis Mountains, after which it was decontaminated and moved to a covered truck and brought by back roads to an unknown location somewhere near Atlanta, Georgia. The movements of the object are unknown from there, with some reports saying it was put in an underground facility, while others say it was moved yet again. No one really knows. Other mysteries are why the entire recovery team and convoy sent by the Mexican government was dead, made even more confusing in that none of the American team reportedly had any problem or illness. Just what was going on here? The case of what has gone on to be known as “The Mexican Roswell” remains unexplained.

Moving up to 1996, there was yet another supposed UFO crash at Boyle, Ireland. In May of that year, an unidentified object described as a “spaceship” allegedly came down to crash through some trees, bounce off a lake, and go skidding across the ground. Shortly after this, the police arrived to find debris all over the place, but they were soon pushed out of the area by a contingent of military personnel, who immediately went about locking down the area. There is not much more said on the matter after that, but the locals apparently insist that “something big happened” on that evening. No further news seems to have ever been released on this case, whether that is because it was thoroughly covered-up or because it never happened at all. We’ll probably never know for sure.

Our next case here reportedly occurred at Värmland, Sweden, at Lake Backsjön, where at least four separate eyewitnesses saw a mysterious oblong object about 15 feet long and about 4-5 feet wide and with “small wings” crash down into the lake on July 27, 1999, sending a huge plume of water into the air as it did. Local police were notified, and before long there was a search being carried out on the lake that would strangely involve both the police and military forces, utilizing teams of divers and advanced sonar equipment to scour the roughly 2 mile-long, and half-mile wide lake. Oddly, locals were told varying stories for what was going on, such as that it was variously an aircraft crash, a satellite, or stolen goods dropped from a plane. When the operation was done, they claimed they had found nothing of importance, but if that were the case, it seems odd that it would turn out that much of the police report on the search was labelled as classified. Why should this be if there was nothing there?

Finally, we come to a report from as recently as 2008, from the town of Needles, California. According to witnesses, a bright, fiery object reported as turquois in color plummeted down to apparently crash into the earth near the Colorado River on May 14 of that year. Although no one saw an actual impact, they were convinced that the object must have crashed and that it was no meteorite, and that it had at one point slowed down and then sped up again. One local ex-cop named Frank Costigan would say of what he saw, “It was bright, bright enough that it illuminated the ground. It went behind a hill, and I waited to see if I could hear it crash because as big as it was, it was bound to make noise.” Despite this, there was no sound of a crash or explosion, and as witnesses wondered what was going on, there was reported a mysterious caravan of military-style vehicles approaching on the road towards the estimated impact site. One witness to the convoy was David Hayes, the owner of the local KTOX Radio in Needles, would say that one of the vehicles had some kind of strange dome on it that reminded him of a stealth fighter. He would say of what he saw on an interview with investigative reporter George Knapp:

It seemed like it was some kind of surveillance vehicle -- four-wheel drive. It had government plates, U.S. government plates and behind it were a couple of vans that looked like support vehicles.

He also claimed that riding in the truck were “men-in-black types” who looked “serious as a heart attack.” In the meantime, other witnesses reported seeing a formation of black, unmarked helicopters in the area carrying what appeared to be a crane, and some even claimed that they had seen the helicopters use this crane to pick up a glowing, oval-shape object and carry it off into the night. Hayes would claim that he would get a call from a friend in the Laughlin area in Nevada who said that at the time all of this was going on, Laughlin Airport had been actively running the flights known to carry workers to and from Area 51. After this, the military activity in the area ceased. Some curiosity seekers went off to examine where they estimated the object had come down and claimed to have found scorch marks in the earth and some mysteriously burned trees, but nothing else. There has been no word from the police or military confirming that any of this happened at all, so it is all very curious. Knapp has said of his investigation into the matter:

The fact that there were people here the next day, it was almost like they were doing some sort of cleanup or whatever. The point is, something definitely happened. The I-Team phoned nearly every agency we could think of to see if they had received any report or knew anything. We were not surprised to learn that no one knew anything. A military watchdog group found a public record showing there was at least one army helicopter in the air in that area at that time. The helicopter, oddly enough, is listed as being attached to a U.S. base in Europe. We are filing freedom of information requests and will report back when we get responses.

What was going on in these cases and why are these things falling from the sky? Where is the evidence for such things? For now we exist in a void of answers. All we can really know is that from time to time, strange things are being reported as falling from the skies. What those might be or what they entail remain mysterious, clouded by conspiracies and tales of government cover-ups, leaving us to merely speculate and wonder as to what it all means.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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