Sep 04, 2021 I Brent Swancer

The Mysterious Aggressive UFOs of the Solomon Islands

Some places seem to draw UFO phenomena to them for reasons we may never understand. These places have some unseen quality that makes such forces gravitate towards them, and one such place lies out in the Pacific Ocean. The Solomon Islands consists of six major islands and over 900 smaller islands, islets, and atolls, and is located in Oceania to the east of Papua New Guinea. The region has a long history of human habitation, with the first settlers arriving between 30,000 and 28,800 BC, and it is also notable for seeing some of the fiercest fighting in the Pacific during World War II. The islands are also known for political unrest and its natural beauty, but lesser known are some of the very strange phenomena that goes on here, including very menacing and dangerous UFOs that seem to congregate here.

One old legend of the Solomon Islands is that of a flying reptilian beast ominously known as the “Dragon Snake,” said to be somewhat like a stingray in shape, with greenish-brown skin, a long tail with flukes red eyes sometimes described as glowing. On many occasions they are described as being somewhat bioluminescent, with their bodies giving off an eerie glow. More fantastical tales tell of the creatures spitting fire, and of attacking people or whisking them off to vanish. The creatures are mostly said to inhabit caves in the thickly forested mountainous interior, only coming out at night to feed, when they prefer to prowl about the coastal areas, where they are known to often attack boats. Due to their ability to glow, the creatures are often seen as just lights in the sky, zipping about and hovering as they go about their business. While mostly known by the local population, the creatures are seen by outsiders as well. One notable example is an ex- former RAAF engineer by the name of Marius Boirayon, bought a house in Cape Esperance and quickly became familiar with the local lore and legends. One of these being the stories of the Dragon Snake, which he heard from a local named Joseph, and which he first dismissed as myth until the night he saw one for himself shortly after moving in. In an article for Nexus Magazine, he would say of this experience:

I had become quite an enthusiastic fisherman with my fishing rod, and had been pulling scores of beautiful reef fish. Joseph was renowned by all in the village as being the best spear fisherman. One time he decided to do some night spear fishing, as it was easy to do at night by torchlight. So I decided that while Joseph was spear fishing, I would throw some lines in and see what kind of fish I caught. I was cleaning fish with Ci-Ci, another good friend of mine, when Joseph came out of the water with his dugout canoe full of fish to add to our already large pile. While we were inspecting his catch, Joseph suddenly shouted for our attention: “There! There! There! The Dragon Snake! The Dragon Snake!” He was pointing to the right, down the beach. As I looked down the beach, I couldn’t believe what I seeing. About a kilometer away there was a very bright, luminous, white object flying slowly over the water.


I remember asking myself whether I was really seeing it. I called out for my wife Miriam to bring my binoculars. After focusing in on the star like, brilliantly lit object, I noticed that it was about 60-foot round and seemed to make no noise. We watched it for a couple of minutes until it submerged itself into the sea. Joseph told me to wait about 10 minutes and I’d see it come back out again—which it did! When it came back out of the water, it was glowing twice as brightly as when it went in. We continued to watch it with my binoculars as it returned to the coast in the direction whence it had come and until it disappeared out of sight over the top of the coconut trees. Somewhat startled by this experience, we went back into the house and sat talking about this “Dragon Snake” until the early hours of the morning. They told me that if you didn’t see it one night, you were quite likely to see it the next. They were right. In fact, over a seven-month period, I lost count of these sightings when they reached the 60 mark.

Although the indigenous people of the islands had long spoken of the Dragon Snake as a living flying creature, Boirayon had a different hypothesis. To him, these were UFOs that the locals, who had no idea of spaceships and extraterrestrials, had explained away into simple terms they could understand. In his hypothesis, these were possible alien craft, and that the fire-spitting was actually beams being emitted by them. Through extensive interviews with the locals it would also dawn on Boirayon that these objects were decidedly malevolent, being blamed on missing people and with many stories of attacking and incinerating people. He would say of his attempts to explain these ideas to the locals and his thoughts on the UFO connection:

While we sat talking about this object, I explained the structure of the Universe to Joseph. I showed them my copy of a Time–Life book called The Universe, with its space-type pictures, and said that these so-called “Dragon Snakes” are what white men call “Unidentified Flying Objects”. They were absolutely amazed, as they had spent their whole life fearing this thing with superstition and having no real understanding of it. Yet, for that matter, I was also a little fearful. This first sighting had completely changed my mind about the existence of extraterrestrials, and a little investigation revealed that this so-called Dragon Snake had been in the area for well over a century. I realistically began thinking in terms of extraterrestrials inhabiting our planet.


My extensive investigation into the presence of extraterrestrials on Guadalcanal and Malaita has revealed that these supposedly “hidden to the eye” aliens have displayed unacceptable and unfriendly behavior towards the Guadalcanal and Malaita people; indeed, there have been several outright abductions and murders. Because of this, they can’t be considered friendly. For example, the grandfather of a good friend of mine was incinerated by one of these UFOs around the early 1900s. Several independent sources have verified this. Countless horrific stories can be heard throughout these islands. I made my way to the two chiefs and respectfully introduced myself. As we were talking, I brought up the topic of the Dragon Snake. My suspicions were right: the chiefs knew a lot about it. One of the chief’s brothers had been killed by it when he was only a little boy. They told me several stories of deaths and abductions, all of which confirmed to me that these UFOs are definitely not friendly. They may be friendly in other places in the world, but certainly not here.

The threatening manner of these objects would become a recurring theme in his writing, featuring heavily in many reports. Things would get even weirder still when he began to realize that the supposed lairs of the “Dragon Snake” were likely some sort of underground UFO bases from which the craft were operating from in the region. In order to investigate this theory, he purchased a topographical map of northwest Guadalcanal Island and began questioning locals on where the Dragon Snake’s “home” was. In the meantime, his friend Joseph told him excitedly that a local fisherman had been attacked by a Dragon Snake at a nearby village and was in the hospital with severe burns to much of his body. Seeing this as a chance to find out more information, Boirayon headed to the hospital with Joseph to talk with the man. He says of what happened:

Following some enquiries as to where the fisherman was, we arrived at his bedside. He was covered in bandages from head to toe and was in a great deal of pain, but doped up with pethidine. Joseph began to speak with him in the Guadalcanal language to try to find out exactly what had happened to him. He had been out fishing in his fiberglass boat at about 3.00 am, when he saw the Dragon Snake flying along. In foolishness, he started flashing his torch at it. That was when it flew over to him in an instant and hovered overhead. Panicking, he started the motor and took off to get away from the Dragon Snake, but it followed him as he “zigzagged” his way back to shore. It was during this short pursuit to the beach that it fired some form of light at him but it only partially hit him. A later inspection of his 19-foot fiberglass boat showed traces of scorching upon some of the boat’s interior paint. He said that when he drove his boat up the beach and ran into the bush, the Dragon Snake followed him to where he was hiding behind a tree and hovered above. When he moved around to the other side of the tree, it also went around to the other side. It was then that he literally got down on his knees and began to pray to God with his hands clasped in front of him. With that, the Dragon Snake moved on. After that, he stumbled his way back to his village and was taken to hospital.

As he researched more into the phenomenon, Boirayon not only deduced a promising location for where the UFO base might be located, but he also found that the sightings of these objects seemed to mysteriously congregate towards an area of the coast where there had been a huge battle during World War II. He made several more sightings of UFOs in this area, also noting that the craft seemed to have the ability to vanish into thin air or cloak themselves. He would say of this:

I had initially only gone to the Solomons to enjoy an early, youthful retirement and certainly had not expected to be chasing UFOs. But as a former military man, I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that this UFO was continually coming and going near ships that had been involved in a great battle where thousands of men had lost their lives in the cause of freedom. It seemed as if this UFO was robbing graves. This weighed heavily on my mind for weeks. One night, though, while I was sitting fishing, my indecision changed. I had been watching the UFO submerge into the sea near the wreck of the USS Chicago and then surface again shining more brightly. I had my binoculars fixed well on it when I saw the lights of a ship that was travelling toward my direction. From the trigonometric perspective, the UFO couldn’t see the ship because of the point that was shielding its view. However, I had both the UFO and the ship in my field of view. After about 30 seconds, when the UFO did see the ship it instantly vanished. The UFO didn’t seem to go anywhere; it simply vanished as if it had turned off its lights.


I took my binoculars from my eyes. I was not sure if the craft had instantly accelerated or had somehow cloaked itself. Yet it seemed that the UFO didn’t mind the indigenous people seeing it, but it did mind when someone saw it who would possibly know of its real identity. My subsequent investigation into the UFO’s ability to cloak itself revealed that this characteristic was commonly known by all within the area and had become part of the superstition about the Dragon Snake. There are just too many stories about the Dragon Snake’s sudden “disappearance” to discuss here.

He continued his investigation into the phenomenon, finding that there were many places around the Solomon Islands that seemed to be “bases” for these UFOs, including a mountain he called “Mount Dragon,” and a mysterious reef located off the island of Malaita, and others, of which he says:

There is a 50-meter-diameter, bottomless circular reef in amongst the surrounding 10-meter-deep coral reef a few miles north of Kwoi Island (which is on the border of the Kwaio and Kwara’ae tribes) and south of Namo’ere’ere in central east Malaita. Singalanggu Harbour is slightly further south. UFOs can be seen going in and out of that reef virtually every night. My friends like fishing down this UFO hole during the daytime because it saves them from having to go out into the danger of the ocean and because there’s a plentiful supply of big ocean-type fish that can be caught in its depths. They have let down over 200 meters of 100-pound line and still haven’t been able to hit the bottom. I always think of this hole as having been made by a huge spaceship that hovered above it and shot a big laser into the crust of the Earth, for whatever reason! On mainland Malaita, about three to four miles directly inland from that circular reef entrance is a lake which has two connected entrances/exits. When the boys are out fishing at night, they see the UFOs going in one entrance and coming out the other. A UFO coming out of this lake at dusk incinerated my good friend’s grandfather, and everyone in the area knows about it. The aliens have instilled fear in these people for generations, and many people have gone missing.


In the Kwaio and Kwara’re areas, there are three entrances in their jungle mountains that I know of where these “ball of light”–type UFO vehicles can be seen entering and exiting. It is my belief that these entrances are not individual bases but are all connected, making up one big UFO base under the island. I may be wrong, but I also believe that one of the many reasons why they are there is that, for reasons of their own, they are mining a very rare type of gemstone under this kimberlitic rock volcanic island. The gemstones which my wife’s relatives possess have a far higher specific gravity than that of diamonds, and a refractive index such that when you put the stone in light you see your mirror image in the centre of the stone.

What is going on out there in the Solomon Islands? Why should these forces be drawn here? Why are they so incredibly aggressive and menacing? It is unknown. It is all a pretty strange case of a mostly forgotten little corner of UFO strangeness, melding local lore with UFOs, and we can only wait and see what becomes of all of this.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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