Sep 11, 2021 I Paul Seaburn

Yowie Hunter Spots 11-Foot-Tall Creature with Superhuman Speed Near Perth

A well known Yowie hunter who has been chasing Australia’s Bigfoot cousin in Queensland and New South Wales for nearly a decade has moved to the west coast of the country and, wouldn’t you know it, he claims he’s found some of the cryptids around Perth too.

“I recently saw Yowies running at superhuman speeds north of Bullsbrook. I believe there is a population of Yowies all around the outer suburbs, including Mundaring, Serpentine Dam and Lake Gnangara. I think they go to pockets of bush near people and use bush corridors but because they are moving in early hours of morning and are incredibly quick people never see them.”

Jason Heal co-founded of the Yowie Research Group in 2012 and has a collection of audio and video recordings to back up his claims that the Yowie is alive and well, procreating and moving at high speeds in the early hours all over Australia. In 2014, he and co-founder Jason Dunn identified what they said was a “young Yowie” capture on a tree cam in South Queensland (watch it here) looking for apples – also a favorite food of Bigfoot. The pair have videos of many other alleged Yowies on their YouTube page, but none seem to match the speed and size of the ones Heal told Perth Now he encountered in the outback north of Bullsbrook northeast of Perth.

“They are not homo sapiens, they’re not monkeys or apes, but they have a primate face but are more human-like. They vary in size. You can have small ones the size of a child and bigger ones that grow up to 11 feet which have been seen in the Blue Mountains. They will eat anything: berries, plants, kangaroos, snakes, wallabies and road kill.”

Heal is convinced the Yowies are intelligent enough to avoid most humans, but he obviously has a knack for finding them. He believes the creatures have roamed Australia far longer than the Indigenous peoples and that experience has taught them how to hide effectively.

“Watch how it moves side to side the way it lifts its head as it looks at the apples on the rock.
You can see the eyes shine as it concentrates on the apples Taking no notice of the Infrared from the tree camera.”

The Yowies couldn’t hide from Heals night-vision tree cams in Queensland and NSW, so let’s hope he gets some up in Western Australia and gets videos of these 11-foot flashes before they see him first and move out. If you live around Perth and want to beat him to the Yowie, he has a warning:

“There are a lot of people who go missing in the bush and the cases remain unsolved and it is usually put down to a homicide. But I think some of these are the work of Yowies.”

Notes on the Aborigines of New South Wales   Plate 7 A Yaroma rushed out and swallowed the Man 570x602
Old Yowie depiction

Watch out for the government too. Heal believes it knows about the existence of Yowies but keeps it quiet so as to not hurt tourism and camping. Really? Have they heard of all the Bigfoot conferences, festivals and hunts in the U.S.?

As with all cryptids, first-person eyewitness accounts are interesting, videos or photos are better, ‘clear’ videos and photos are much better, and physical evidence beyond footprints is the best proof of their existence. Jason Heal is obviously dedicated to finding Yowies. Let’s hope it pays off.

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